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in the shoes trading , get money, and paste the screenshot of his shop.
Later, once verified,cheap cheap jordans, the original is someone posing as buyers and sellers on Taobao service between him and the real consumers to make a virtual identity,cheap jordans, both sides get money together.
First, crooks posing as buyers to deposit on behalf of cheat rebate!
See this, I think we should be able to understand, this really is the shoes photographed in Taobao shopkeeper, crooks posing as me, to do the link to real buyers, so that buyers shot, liars with their mother not to spend too much of money as an excuse to use the micro-channel transfers, but this has not been played in the past 300 dollars. Later, just say excuse not to buy,cheap jordans online, ask Can reservations,cheap jordans free shipping, but did not pay 500 yuan deposit,cheap cheap jordans, but requires the owner returned from 1800 dollars in funds received.
Such sleight of hand tricks trick is the first time I saw, behind the owner and made some shots!
The second method is to cheat,cheap jordans_27!
Second, crooks posing as sellers

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