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#CreepyGuy behind Cruz laughs off Internet's reaction Meet the #CreepyGuy who stood too-close-for-comfort behind Ted Cruz. CNN's Jeanne Moos has an eyebrow-raising report. Source: CNN #CreepyGuy behind Cruz laughs off Internet's reaction Royals' photo evokes memory of Princess Diana Jack McCullough: I knew I was innocent See Donald Trump's boyhood neighborhood Man tries to escape police on moped Abraham Lincoln's contested convention tactics Heartburn medicine linked to kidney disease Why we buy what we buy How will humans travel to deep space? Sarah Palin rips Bill Nye over climate change Toddler's cute reaction to soldiers Highlights from Milan Design Week 2016 Mom turns worst nightmare into viral warning Chimp escapes from the zoo and then ... Kissing couple is oblivious to an armed robbery Florida woman allergic to herself Photographer captures gator eating gator Woman's obession with chips leads to cancer discovery How Himalayan royals match Duke, Duchess of Cambridge Where are dangerous toxins lurking in your home? Best Travel Gadgets Fake Nessie found in Loch Ness Will and Kate meet the royals of the Himalayas Kobe Bryant exits NBA with style Princess Diana remembered at Taj Mahal Warriors break NBA wins record Painting found in attic may be Caravaggio masterpiece Nashville cop of the year beat up Hillary Clinton's Oldsmobile is for sale Prince William,cheap jordans 1, Duchess Kate feed wildlife on safari HBO's 'Confirmation' causing controversy Political buttons in high demand in 2016 Why cops say you need to know your license plate Basketball court vanishes under players' feet The reason your teen sleeps till noon (2014) President Obama's last White House science fair How driving PSAs have evolved over time 12-year-old's amazing rendition of 'Defying Gravity' State of the Cartoonion: Month before the caucus 120-pound Great Dane gets stuck in tree 'Barbershop' cast share behind-the-scenes laughs Octopus breaks out of aquarium Accidental find worth $136 million? Lost for 9 days, woman writes 'HELP' with sticks Erin Burnett Out Front Meet the #CreepyGuy who stood too-close-for-comfort behind Ted Cruz. CNN's Jeanne Moos has an eyebrow-raising report. Source: CNN Bill Clinton is at rock bottom in the polls when he and his team begin one of the most effective political fight backs in US Presidential Campaign history. George H.W. Bush: Clinton is 'de man!' 1993: Clinton plays the saxophone What presidents think America is Barbara Bush: I love Bill Clinton Best of CNN Digital Videos She swims with sharks before breakfast Smartest bike in the world? What's up with 'Crying Jordan'? Dog's mad dash shuts down Bay Bridge Ditch the rocket, take a balloon to space Stunning new image of our galaxy Driver loses consciousness on highway,cheap jordans 1, but then ... A surfing paradise in the mountains? Sections Privacy guidelines

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