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Get your nutrients from food, not a bottle
Solving a riddle or puzzle can be an enriching and fun experience. According to the New York Times "recent research suggest that the appeal of puzzles goes far deeper than the dopamine-reward rush of finding a solution. The very idea of doing a puzzle typically shifts the brain into an open, playful state that is itself a pleasing escape." 
When should you complete these brain teasers? According research from the
Northwestern University
found people are more likely to solve puzzles with sudden insight when they are amused, having just seen a short comedy routine.
Joshua Carstens
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22 May, 01:34 PM
An inspection
in loco
was held on Monday in the trial of
two men accused of raping and killing Sinoxolo Mafevuka
in Khayelitsha last year. Watch. 
The men, who are cousins, had previously denied strangling Mafevuka on March 2, 2016, and dumping her body in a communal ablution block in SST Block, Town Two.
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