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By Zareef Minty
Wednesday, May 24, 2017

/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Screen-Shot-2017-05-24-at-2.48.42-PM-201x300.png /wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Screen-Shot-2017-05-24-at-2.49.34-PM-300x232.png
Our media is awash with opinion about youth unemployment and the negative impact this has on our society and on our collective future. But by constantly focusing on the negative, we give legitimacy to this narrative. If our youth believe that “everyone” is unemployed, then it is ok for them to lose faith and join the fray. What we face is not only an unemployment crisis, but also a crisis of hopelessness. It is therefore as much our responsibility to create hope and positivity for our youth as it is to create jobs. This is the main objective of My Future, My Career, to spread a positive message by focusing on tangible opportunities and possibilities available for young people.
My Future, My Career Youth Development programme focuses on youth enablement and is implemented through the creation of innovative educational film content.
Through a series of 14 in-depth educational films, the programme provides valuable information and much needed guidance on more than 115 possible career options. These films are screened in Ster-Kinekor theatres, reaching thousands of Grade 9 – 12 high school learners from disadvantaged communities across South Africa.
Aptly named “Theatres of Learning” participants gain valuable insights in to the academic requirements and personal effort that will be needed to succeed. Most importantly, they will be given the opportunity to see role models that will reinforce their sense of possibility and hope.
The programme will be launched at Tsogo Sun’s The Pivot, located within Montecasino, on 10 May, and will allow sponsors, government, media and other interested parties to interact with one another in order ensure, as well as encourage, the success of the My Future, My Career.
To date, the programme has reached over 200 000 learners nationwide, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and inspiring them to achieve their career aspirations. In addition to this, the programme has also drawn the attention of large organisations such as Kumba Iron Ore, with their Executive Head of Public Affairs, Yvonne Mfolo saying that “We are pleased to be partnering with Primestars Marketing in the national youth career development programme to deliver educational and entrepreneurial empowerment to secondary school learners. We believe this will go a long way in ensuring that the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow have a shot at a better, brighter future”.
WDB Investment Holdings, have also become involved in the programme, and have labelled it as “An innovative and creative way to reach high school learners, and give them some insight into career choices thereby enabling them to realize their future potential”.
Shanda Paine, Group CSI Manager at Tsogo Sun, believes that it is important for corporate South Africa to ensure that disadvantaged youngsters are given support to help them enter the mainstream economy, “And we are proud to partner with Primestars in this innovative programme”.
With a considerable level of support being received from the Department of Basic Education, The Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA), the private and public sectors and the academic fraternity, all echo the common sentiment that career education plays a vital role in developing young leaders and overcoming our country’s challenges of skill shortages, unemployment and poverty.
The programme was launched in cinema on 7 May 2017 and will run at various Ster-Kinekor cinemas across the country on Sunday mornings, with two episodes being aired per screening until 11 June 2017.
While Primestars Marketing may be the catalyst for this exciting and impactful programme, they cannot do it alone. Other organisatons that have made this possible include Regenesys Business School, Old Mutual, AECI, Kulula.com, Gearhouse, Nutrifruit, UTS, Big Bite Media and Proudly South African.

Halle - A carpet of bluebells bursts into flower in Belgium in a wonder of the natural world - but one that is at risk of being trampled by tourists drawn to its beauty.
For two or three weeks in April the ground of the Hallerbos wood just outside the drab capital of Brussels is transformed into a breathtaking sea of shimmering purple.
"The scene is like in a fairy tale, we're still expecting a little elf or witch to appear from nowhere," says Marie-Rose, who is walking through with her husband.
They are among tens of thousands of visitors from as far afield as India, Finland and Japan who flock each year to what had long been one of Belgium's best kept secrets.
At the start of spring the tall beech trees are still bare enough to let enough sunlight reach the forest floor and allow the flowers to bloom.
Huge swathes of the 555ha woodland are covered in millions of the delicate purple flowers for as far as the eye can see.
"This place is unique, the only one like it in Europe, in the world I think," says Adrien, who is taking 360° photos of the forest.
Bluebells have been growing in Hallerbos for centuries, experts say. The forest was largely cut down by the invading German army during World War II but replanted afterwards with beech trees and a few Californian sequoias, and the fresh cover has allowed them to really flourish.
But its growing popularity in recent years comes at a cost.
At the weekends, the sheer numbers coming to visit the forest have forced Belgian authorities to set up special parking lots and shuttle buses, with visitors finding themselves among school parties, groups of tourists and photographers lugging their equipment.
Centuries to grow again
More importantly they set up signs asking visitors to keep off the carpet of flowers and stick to the pathways, with especially vulnerable areas being taped off.
"When there's too much trampling the bluebells disappear and it takes dozens if not hundreds of years for them to grow again," says Bruno Verhelpen, a guide who organises nature walks at Hallerbos.
"The interest in this forest is only going to grow. There are photographers, naturalists, members of the public. So we have had to take measures to limit traffic."
In the next two weeks as the flowers are in full bloom the forest paths will be so busy they will be "like a commercial street in central Brussels".
One of the biggest risks is from people taking selfies in the woods, says Pierre Kestemont, a forest ranger who runs the www.hallerbos.be website.
"A few years ago you'd get a few people taking pictures in the middle of the flowers, sometimes in strange outfits, but it was nothing serious. But now everyone has a smartphone and has turned into a photographer," says Kestemont, who spends up to 12 hours a day cycling around making sure people keep to the paths.
"At the end of each day I can see where they have been walking. You can destroy in a week what nature has taken centuries to create."

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