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tax cuts. For many on the left,Wholesale brazilian hair, the promise of Candidate Obama gave way to the compromise of President Obama. Consider the jeremiads of Thomas Frank, Chris Hedges, and the perpetually cranky Cornel West. Choose your disappointment: the weaknesses of Obamacare, the inability to shut down Guantánamo,Wholesale Peruvian Virgin Hair Online, the inaction on mounting poverty, the deference toward Wall Street.

Then there was his approach toward higher education. Throughout his presidency, Obama has viewed a college education simply in vocational terms. You see that in his College Scorecard (which assumes that level of pay after graduation is a sufficient measure of an education’s worth). And there was his nasty dig at "art history" majors, when he laid out a job-training proposal in Wisconsin two years ago. Some of us wanted to scream: What about the inherent worth of knowledge — the internal virtues of learning — that the president should be defending? Remember Occidental?

We are the dreaded I-word -- "intellectuals." Back in 2008,Celebrity Lace Wigs, it's safe to say that Barack Obama seemed like

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