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I had just finished doing an event at the Antique Wooden Boat Show in Hessel, just a picture-perfect summer day on the water,cheap air jordans, already about as beautiful as you'd ever want.? But then as I was leaving the show,cheap real jordans, I happened to be walking back to my car on the edge of the highway.?A breeze picked up, and I could see it moving the trees a good mile down the road.?See it, hear it, finally feel it as it reached me.?Then it kept going, and it moved the trees down the road in the other direction.?It was like a full minute of watching the wind's progress.?And the most beautiful thing of all was that the wind was cold.?You know, one of those August winds that lets you know that summer is almost over.? Somehow, that makes it more beautiful, because it means this thing you're seeing is only here for the blink of an eye and then it's gone.

Many Yoopers would love if you moved to the U.P,online air jordan. permanently.?Do you think that could ever happen?

I honestly don't know if I could live there permanently.confusedYou know, meaning winter.)?But I'd love to have a place in Paradise,cheap retro jordans, and of course the ultimate dream would be to actually build a bar/restaurant and call it the Glasgow Inn (where fictional character Alex McKnight hangs out).?That would be perfect

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