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as disease, wars, and the continuing influx of English speakers pushed them close to extinction. The last person who spoke Wampanoag as a native language, we are told, died about a century ago.

If you don’t have access to a time machine, though, why should you be interested?

Because Wampanoag is in the news nowadays, being revived as a native language. The revival is being led by Jessie Little Doe Baird,Wholesale human hair weave, who literally followed her dream of fellow Mashpee Indians singing words unknown to her. She sought help from the late Kenneth Hale at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, eventually earning a master’s degree in linguistics there,Wholesale Lace Wigs, and today is a leader in teaching Wampanoag to tribal members.

All this began a decade or so ago. So what’s new? A prize-winning documentary film,Brazilian Virgin Hair, ?s Nutayune?n: We Still Live Here, produced and directed by Anne Makepeace in 2011.

In case you’re wondering, the second part of the title is a translation of the first.

You can see the current status of the Wampanoag “reclamation project” at its website.

It lists English words borrowed from Wampanoag[i]: pumpkin, moccasin, skunk, moose,

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