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in the progress of American literature, and, as far as may depend on well meant endeavors, to aid the general course of learning in the United States.”

In an age such as ours in which immigrants get blamed for not “becoming” Americans as fast, and as consistently, as their predecessors did, the impression prevails that immigrants are the ones not speaking the language as much as howling it. In England, in Canada, in Australia, and other Anglophone habitats, a similar if less vociferous complaint is heard today: immigrants ought to be blamed for the the general decline of civilization and along with it—of course—the standard of our beloved language. Yet it is immigrants who in the end often uphold the language with more pride. For they came from the outside and thus need to prove their true worth. The effect is similar to the convert to a new religion, who through the conversion process? becomes a more knowledgeable, more devout believer than those who were born into the religion. Ironically,charmfemale.com, it is immigrants like Mary Antin,Wholesale Celebrity Lace Wigs, Vladimir Nabokov, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Frank McCourt, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Junot Diaz, to name only a few in the United States, who at once protect and expand the parameters of the language,Wholesale hair extensions, making it more elastic, less constrained. A student of mine

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