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admit I don’t have answers to most of them. But I know that there are great educators working with every age group, from preschool through higher education, who want to rethink how we educate for citizenship (among them are five colleagues of mine at Champlain College, who have published a study on first-year students’ political engagement). And I imagine that some of our best designers,Wholesale human hair weave, engineers, academics, and community leaders would relish the challenge of making the voting process more accessible, and perhaps even more deliberative, while protecting its privacy,Cheap Lace Front Wigs, anonymity, and independence.

That collective challenge of how to develop voters’ capabilities while stoking their desire to participate strikes me as far more consequential—and ultimately a better guide as to where the right of suffrage should begin—than the fundamentally unanswerable question of where the “age of reason” starts,Wholesale hair weave.

It’s easy to forget that the 18-year-old who didn’t bother to leave her college class or job to vote on November 4 has far more experience with not voting than with voting. It was our responsibility, more than hers, to make that “I voted” sticker something she would value wearing. Instead,

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