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he was left with no viable alternatives for education.

· A 12-year-old boy named Wyatt was expelled for 180 days in 2012 when a school bus driver saw him playing in the dirt with a knife he had found in an alley near his home.

· A Detroit high school sophomore was suspended in 2007 for bringing a small device to school to shape eyebrows that contained a razor-like blade.

· In March 2013,cheap jordans free shipping, a Farmington Hills high school freshman (see accompanying article) was expelled for 180 days after he and a teacher wrestled over a paper another student had taken from his school folder. He was removed from school in handcuffs and faced assault charges that were vacated in exchange for a no-contest plea in December. He now attends a different school,cheap real jordans. The district superintendent expressed frustration with the zero-tolerance law in that case.

“As sad as that case is,jordans for cheap, it's hardly the worst I've seen,” said David Fancher of the ACLU of Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Education keeps no statewide records on suspensions. It recorded 1,823 expulsions in 2010-2011, 1,893 in 2011-2012 and 1,796 in 2012-2013.

Kyle Guerrant,cheap air jordan shoes, director of the state

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