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It took me six years to finish. I taught every term, sometimes two classes, picking up orientation and teacher training gigs in the winter and summers. I thoroughly enjoyed every year there, due to some great colleagues and mentors. That said, every year was hard, precisely because I wanted so badly to prove myself and produce good work. I’m not one who believes that the process must be miserable–in fact,wholesale cheap jordans, I think too many people stay in PhD programs just for inertia’s sake–but I do think that if it’s not *difficult* then something is wrong, either with you or with the program.

@dr.pdg: If you are not sure that you get the point,cheap air jordans, I would suggest that condemning it as “whining” and “sniveling” does not reflect well upon you. I’m all for rigor and critique,cheap jordans for sale, but that was entirely uncalled for. “It made me wonder whether anybody believes he or she had an easy time” is pretty clear–the piece is not about whether one was or was not a “victim,” but rather whether the process is one that facilitates a certain UNDERSTANDING of the experience. Sheesh.
By: benbel28 I fell in love with my dissertation adviser on the day that he insisted on a face-to-face meeting with another professor (who was a known ditherer, but this was unknown to me). I'd been working on a research project for dr. ditherer at a university-affiliated medical school,cheap jordans free shipping, who really thought it would make a dandy dissertation. My adviser's opening comments will stay with me forever: "My job as her adviser is to make sure she's not here in three years. this project won't be appropriate." I'm still grateful, since I was clueless at the time (and ended up getting burned on the project later). Start to finish in 5 years, including the prep grad coursework that it took me to catch up since I didn't have a master's in the discipline. worked full time and got a 4-month sabbatical to work on my dissertation. I'm older, and I did have more resources-- financially and professionally. that helped a lot.

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