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When I read Professor Ruse’s recent Brainstorm post equating the Tea Party with the New Atheists I was overcome by feelings of anger, surprise,Wholesale Virgin Human Hair Wigs, and resentment.

That’s because he beat me to the punch.

I had been test-marketing the exact same analogy in lectures and in drafts over the past month,brazilian hair. With a few caveats (to be discussed below) the equation struck me as plausible and kind of funny in a variety of ways.

In any case, Professor Ruse got there first. To him belongs the glory.

For his efforts, naturally,Lace Wigs, he was subjected to the predictable snark of New Atheist trolls. For those not familiar with their world-view, let me help you understand their central and timeless insight: Unless you as an atheist are willing to disparage all religious people, describe them all as imbeciles and creeps, mock every text and thinker they have ever produced, then you must be some sort of deluded, self-hating, sellout, subverting the rise of the Mighty Atheist Political Juggernaut (about which more anon).

I was prepared to qualify my assessment of Ruse’s suggestion upon reading

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