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But let’s just say that this president — or some hypothetical president in the future — is functionally illiterate. What difference would it make, really? We live in a world where the chief executive can dictate his tweets; where he can get news and analysis from television rather than from books or magazines; where audiobooks and podcasts can replace text; where we respect the extemporaneous speaker far above the one reading off the teleprompter. And plenty of highly literate people promulgate views that most of us find abhorrent. (Steve Bannon,Brazilian Straight Virgin Hair, for what it’s worth, is supposedly a voracious reader.)

Yes, lack of literacy still carries a stigma, one that experts on dyslexia, for instance, work hard to combat. And as social psychologists have shown, the presence of stigma not only discourages the afflicted person from seeking help; it also correlates with personality traits that might get in the way of honest,Wholesale Brazilian Virgin Hair, effective leadership. As Jennifer Crocker and Brenda Major argue in “Social Stigma and Self-Esteem: the Self-Protective Properties of Stigma,” members of stigmatized groups, contrary to received opinion, often have surprisingly high self-esteem. Why? Because they attribute negative feedback to prejudice against people like them and devalue those dimensions in which their group fares poorly (while overvaluing dimensions where they excel). It is not hard to imagine cases where criticism of the sitting president is perceived as prejudice against “people like him” and where the criteria where the president fares poorly — for instance, a basic knowledge of history or of the balance of powers in our government — are devalued in favor of criteria like toughness or the ability to draw large crowds. And such protective measures would, in and of themselves, inure the president to important course corrections or knowledge acquisition.

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