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'The Turkish Kurds are much closer to the Syrian Kurds than to the Iraqi Kurds. They speak the same language - Kurmanji. Their villages were artificially divided by the borders imposed in 1921,amassdenver.com. Mustafa Kemal [Ataturk] decided the border would be the railroad because there was no other demarcation. So that meant the villages had to be divided in two.'

- Cengiz Aktar,cheap air jordans, Turkish analyst

Kobane/Ayn al-Arab was founded as a small settlement in 1892 during the Ottoman period. Then called Arab Punar in Turkish, it became a town in 1911 with the construction of a railway station there.

It was soon populated by Armenian refugees fleeing persecution in Turkey in 1915, although many were forcefully moved further south,cheap real jordans, scattered between Qamishli and Deir el-Zor.

The Armenians were followed by Kurds from Anatolia. The Kurdish name for the town, Kobane,cheap jordan shoes, is supposedly a bastardized

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