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Hockey is a name used to refer to a series of two-team games that involve trying to maneuver a puck to get into the goal of the opponent. There are many types of hockey Michael Conforto Authentic Jersey , which are popular in different countries and geographical locations. For instance, field hockey and ice hockey are the most popular forms of hockey we have today. Field hockey is the most popular type of hockey since it can be played in various geographical locations unlike ice hockey which is popular in ice covered locations. Most people refer field hockey to as just hockey.

Hockey originated from a variety of sports that were played using curved sticks in different places of the world. In Ireland at around 1272 BC there were hockey-like games that existed. A game known as Keretizein existed in the ancient Greece at around 600 BC that was similar to hockey. Through the ages, hockey has undergone several developments, to achieve the current generally accepted rules in both field and ice hockey. Some countries treasure hockey as a national sport such as India and Pakistan

hockey sur glace en direct (Ice Hockey) is governed by the International Hockey federation Lucas Duda Authentic Jersey , an international body consisting of 116 members. It is commonly played between similar sexes, although it can be played in between mixed sexes. The game is delicate in the way the whole setting is, and needs practice and caution while playing. The players wear protective attire on their feet to cover them from injury. The goal keeper puts on full body armor as a protective precaution. The players are supposed to exercise due caution in the game and to play a safe and clean game against their opponents.

Ice hockey is normally played on ice, with the skaters using either hard rubber or wooden sticks to shoot the puck in the net of the opponent team. Each of the participating teams consists of six members Neil Walker Authentic Jersey , one member acting as a goalie, while the others play in the field using an appropriate formation. The game is normally fast paced and is played very professionally. Ice hockey is mostly popular in areas such as Europe and North America where there is abundance of natural ice. It first emerged as a seasonal game but was extended to a fulltime game with the development of indoor ice fields. The game has even extended to other ice-free countries with the development of such indoor ice fields. Countries where hockey is popular hold hockey competitions and matches and occasionally participate in a Ligue hockey (hockey league). Ice hockey is governed by the international Hockey Federation, a 66 member team.

LONDON, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Britain's famous radio telescope observatory Jay Bruce Authentic Jersey , Jodrell Bank, was named Thursday as the British government's nomination for a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The observatory in the county of Cheshire, dominated by the iconic Lovell Telescope, is run by the University of Manchester. The nomination will now go forward in January for a final decision by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational Asdrubal Cabrera Authentic Jersey , Scientific and Cultural Organisation).

The observatory has just celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Lovell Telescope, which when it was completed in 1957, was the world's largest telescope with the dish spanning a diameter of more than 76 meters, and is now more powerful than as an icon of science and engineering.

Professor Teresa Anderson David Wright Authentic Jersey , director of Jodrell Bank Discovery Center said: "We have been preparing the case for the World Heritage Site inscription for Jodrell Bank Observatory for some years, so it's absolutely fantastic to reach this milestone. The Lovell Telescope in particular has become an icon for science and engineering, and we look forward to showcasing the rich scientific heritage of this and the wider site on an international stage."

In preparation for inclusion in the World Heritage List, the site is working on a project to create a spectacular new gallery space that will celebrate the 'can do' story of the creation of the new science of radio astronomy.

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell Curtis Granderson Authentic Jersey , President and Vice Chancellor of the University of Manchester, said: "As an institution that is known for its internationally leading research, it is very fitting that our rich heritage in science has received such acclaim."

Professor Tim O'Brien, associate director of the Jodrell Bank Center for Astrophysics Mike Piazza Authentic Jersey , said: "Jodrell Bank is the one remaining radio astronomy site, worldwide which dates from the early days, so it is very important that we protect and celebrate the physical record of our involvement in the creation of a new science."

Professor Michael Garrett, Director of the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics said: "Jodrell Bank has played a leading role in radio astronomy for over 70 years. This rich history is still being written with the execution of state-of-the art astronomical research programs on the Lovell Telescope."

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