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this high-top design is almost contrary to human physiological structure, you will be issued can not play question, the answer is yes, the designer is not to design a pair of basketball shoes, but can not play basketball, careful observation two pairs of shoes, you will find a common ground, in the upper towering behind,cheap jordan, but hidden a very highly suitable “second upper”, that is,cheap air jordans free shipping_1003, not all high-top design, opened the Air Jordan zipper 28, open vamp, you will be pleased to find, in fact, a pair of Air Jordan 28 is downright’s shoes to help, then on foot, you can very clearly feel wrapped ankle, but did not extend this package to the calf,cheap real jordans,cheap air jordans free shipping_171, upper and Kobe 9 though not turned down,cheap air jordans free shipping_1021, but soft and tenacious material you can fit leg, really play a supporting role or TPU material appeared in the ankle,cheap jordans for sale, so that we are not tall the upper confused, after the real combat on foot, you will find, whether it is Kobe 9 or Air Jordan 28, they are designed never to sacrifice the slightest actual performance.

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