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Lucy’s lace dress and initial necklace. View this image › Columbia Bonus 2000s points if she also had an initial on her sweater. ID: 8272144 7. Jenna’s work outfit consisting of hair chopsticks and visible bra top. View this image › 6. …And the corresponding cargo pants with side zippers and biker jacket. View this image › 5. Matt’s button-down over a T-shirt and messenger bag. View this image › Columbia All the guys you crushed on in the early 2000s wore this exact outfits. ID: 8272453 4. Lucy’s slip dress, Y necklace and apple martini. View this image › 3. …but even WORSE,cheap jordan shoes, Lucy’s vertical striped pantsuit. View this image › Columbia That. Brown. Color. ID: 8272796 2. And finally, Jenna’s striped babydoll dress,cheap air jordans, giant butterfly necklace and chandelier earrings… Columbia 1. ….And to finish it off, her huge cocktail ring and lucite studded bracelet. View this image › Columbia ALL HAIL THIS ’00s MASTERPIECE. ID: 8272634 https://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/so-many... 30, flirty, and sooooo many spaghetti straps

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