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#378 von entoni3fa7m 14.12.2016 - 11:08
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and selecting the Entire Image option for that tool. Or,cheap jordans free shipping, you can apply the effect to just a portion of a photo by dragging your finger over the part of the image you want to change. You can also enable the Show Strokes feature for the tools that have it,cheap air jordans, which highlights the area of the photo that you're editing. Erasing brush strokes is also simple--tap the Gear icon,real cheap jordans retro, and choose to erase strokes from the selected brush or from all brushes you used on that picture. To remove a single stroke, use your Eraser.

But how do you know when to use which brush--and where to apply it--to make the most out of these cool features? Below,cheap jordans, we break down each brush and describe how to use it to its best advantage.


The first brush on the left is called Repair--it actually looks like a magic wand complete with a star animation. This brush patches up areas of a photo that don't look right by using pixels from the surrounding area to blend it in. This brush technique cannot be applied to the whole image--only to certain spots. For example,cheap jordans for sale, if you snap a landscape and an unwanted object (or passerby) makes its way into the shot, you can use the Repair brush to make it disappear. In Edit mode,cheap-jordan.net, tap your Brushes icon and select the Repair brush. Then, brush or tap the area on the photo you'd like to fix. You'll see the spot start to blend in with its surroundings. Keep tapping or brushing until the spot is blended.

Turn on the Show Brush Stroke feature (if you'd like) by tapping the Gear icon. You can also use the Gear icon to undo your repair strokes if you brushed too generously.

Red Eye

Next in line is the Red Eye brush, which looks like a red

PCs with Intel&#03...ext year Computerworld_1

#377 von ndriaa9qn5v 14.12.2016 - 11:08
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of obscurity (versus 384 bits) to keep the protected data secure. Five thousand bits would be overkill from any good cipher,cheap air jordan shoes, because no one is known to be able to come close to breaking even 3,cheap jordans for sale,000-bit keys from a really good cipher. When you make a million-bit key,cheap retro jordans, you're absolutely saying you don't trust your cipher to be good at smaller key sizes. This paradox is perhaps only understood by cipher enthusiasts,www.bcheapjordans.com, but,cheap jordans free shipping, believe me,cheap real jordans, you'd slay the audience at any crypto convention by repeating this story.

Second, if you were required to use a million-bit key, that means you would?somehow?have to communicate that huge mother from sender to receiver, making that communication at least a megabyte. Suppose you encrypted an email containing a single character. The resulting encrypted blob would be 1MB. That's pretty wasteful.

LG's cheap retro jordans

Allina strike ends, nu...waits - StarTribune.com_1

Chrome user share swel...cord 31% Computerworld_3

#376 von atsonx1lu7f 14.12.2016 - 11:06
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gaining people's trust (Stettheimer)
B (Griskewicz)
Making healthcare computer systems affordable for smaller medical offices:
C (Stettheimer)

B (Griskewicz)
Ensuring that the technology is usable enough for doctors and nurses to work with it easily and productively:
B- (Stettheimer)

B- (Griskewicz)
D (Wilbur)
Sharing data among the various segments of the healthcare industry:
C+ (Stettheimer)

C- (Griskewicz)
A for the technology (Wilbur)

B for the implementations (Wilbur)
C for the adoption of available technology (Wilbur)

To some degree, this is a generational issue. More and more medical professionals,cheap jordans online, like people in other industries,cheap jordans, have grown up with technology or are becoming more comfortable with it.

In the future,cheap air jordan shoes, Spooner says, caregivers will have no choice but to use computers; they'll be viewed as incompetent if they don't.

A bigger problem than getting healthcare professionals to accept technology is that there's been too much emphasis on computers alone,cheap air jordans, and not enough focus on streamlining workflows and providing software that could help doctors make better medical decisions,www.bcheapjordans.com, according to an Institute of Medicine report released last year.

Researchers who visited leading healthcare facilities found that &quot,cheap retro jordans;IT applications appear designed largely to automate tasks or business processes. They are often designed in ways that simply mimic existing paper-based forms and provide little support for the cognitive tasks of clinicians or

Just cheap air jordan ...o becoming a swing state

#375 von rtegam9zs2i 14.12.2016 - 11:00
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width="300" height="250" json="{"targeting":{"URL":"http://www.computerworld.com/article/3004940/desktop-apps/dragon-for-mac-5-despite-bugs-an-upgrade-worth-making.amp.html","zone":"article/desktop-apps","POS":"BTF11","POSITIONDATA":"AMP_article_mobile_IMU12",cheap jordans online,"articleId":"3004940","type":"reviews","typeId":"3","manufacturer":"microsoft",real cheap jordans retro,"templateType":"article-default","categoryIds":[3651],"categorySlugs":["desktop-apps"],"author":"Scot Finnie","page_type":"",cheap jordans,"insiderContent":"false"} }">

Nuance's usual pattern is to release regular small revisions after launch, each of which squashes bugs and improves reliability. I hope that the shortcomings of the Status Window will be rectified shortly in that fashion.

Speech-recognition devotees are just not going to be able to pass up a 15% accuracy improvement and commands that execute lickety-split. Despite some warts in version 5.0.2, Nuance's underlying speech-recognition technology is state of the art. Dragon 5 is the best speech-recognition product available for the Mac.

cheap real jordans,"zone":"article/desktop-apps","POS":"BTF12","POSITIONDATA":"AMP_article_mobile_IMU13","articleId":"3004940","type":"reviews","typeId":"3",cheap air jordans,"manufacturer":"microsoft","templateType":"article-default","categoryIds":[3651],"categorySlugs":["desktop-apps"],cheap jordans free shipping,"author":"Scot


Mozy che

Solar cheap jordan

#374 von urikea5qi9b 14.12.2016 - 10:58
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IT career roadmap: How to become a data scientist

In this month's Career Roadmap, Tom Walsh and Alex Krowitz, both research engineers for workforce management company Kronos, discuss what it takes to be a data scientist -- one of today's hottest and most in-demand IT careers.


By Sharon Florentine

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Apr 18, 2016 2:57 AM









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A data scientist is one of the most in-demand, high-profile careers in IT today, but Tom Walsh and Alex Krowitz have been working behind the scenes in the field for years. Walsh, a research engineer and Krowitz, a senior research engineer at cloud workforce management solutions company Kronos, sift through the influx of proprietary and customer data to identify patterns and gain insights based on that data. "We both work in the workforce management and timekeeping division here at Kronos. There are generally two kinds of projects we regularly handle; mining patterns within data to improve our own products is one and the other is taking on specific sets of customer data to gather and deliver insights from that," says Walsh. Crystal ballWhat companies are looking for is ultimately the capability to make predictions based on that data, says Krowitz. Companies use those predictions to help drive everything from marketing strategy to resource allocation,cheap jordans for sale, personnel levels and staffing, or to predict retail sales, he says. "We have products that use machine learning algorithms to help customers with these predictions. We are constantly working to refine those algorithms and make the predictions much more accurate. Customers are looking for help with things like predicting how much business there will be in a retail store, or sales volume per store, or in a hospital they want to predict how many patients will be admitted. Armed with that data, they can better understand the relationships between how many staff members they need for their business, or how to structure their supply chain, for example," Krowitz says. [ Related story: 4 biggest misconceptions about hiring data scientists ]What degrees do data scientists need?
Walsh holds a Ph.D. in machine learning and worked in a series of both academic and industry jobs involving applied machine learning and robotics before coming to Kronos two years ago. Krowitz, who has a master's degree in computer science and a bachelor's degree in physics, he came to Kronos after a stint at a neural networks company.
At least a bachelor's degree is required to become a data scientist, and a master's degree is recommended, but it doesn't have to be a degree specifically in data science, says Professor Sue Metzger, an instructor in management information systems (MIS) at Villanova University. There are a number of industries and areas where a data science focus is useful, she adds. "We offer a master's of science in analytics, and we also have a minor in business analytics or data analytics. We've been pretty aggressive getting into the data science and data analytics space, because we know how applicable this area of focus is for a lot of different careers. If you're going into marketing, you have to get that minor. It's also recommended if you're going to be a programmer," Metzger says. Patrick Circelli, senior technical recruiter and lead technical trainer for IT recruiting and staffing firm Mondo says that data scientists are also in high demand from larger government clients in the Washington, D.C., area and its suburbs.Demand for data scientists grows"There's this growing need, as the data science field evolves, for predictive analysis and explanation. That's one of the largest spaces where we're filling data science roles, but we also see demand in areas like development and design companies, or software companies, especially those that have SaaS or PaaS (platform as a service) offerings that must constantly evolve their products based on user feedback and competitive analysis," Circelli says.An MIS degree is a great foundation for a career in data science because of the focus on sources of data and the incredible reach into related areas like programming and database design,cheap jordans free shipping, Metzger says."If you're thinking about being a data scientist, MIS is a great place to start. MIS [at Villanova] requires a database course and a programming course, among others. We don't expect students to become programmers, but we do expect them to understand the programming process. And a database course, because you can't do good analytics until you understand where your data is coming from. Then, you have to develop some analytics skills, including the ability to model data,cheap-jordan.net, to do statistical analysis, is also important," Metzger says.
[ Related story: IT career roadmap: The journey to digital marketing executive ]Data lost in translation?What's also important is the ability to communicate the results of data analysis and visualization to people who don't have the same level of technical and analytics expertise, Walsh says. "You need to have a unique combination of interests and skills -- the curiosity to want to know what the data's telling you; the hard skills to get that data, to wrangle it into a form where you can analyze it; and the ability to explain in layman's terms the results of the analysis and the context of what that means for business -- you have to repackage the output in a way that's meaningful for someone who has to act on that data," Walsh says. Because insights and predictions gleaned from data are often used as the basis for business decisions and strategy, the need to understand and explain data analyses and to make solid predictions is almost mandatory in data science, more so than in other disciplines, Krowitz says. "Anyone who's at the management level isn't necessarily going to want to understand the intricacies behind the data, they really just want to know why it impacts them, and how to direct business strategy because of the results. So, as a data scientist, you have to understand the business well enough to explain it to someone who's going to make very important decisions based on it," he says. When Walsh and Krowitz themselves are hiring for a data scientist position, there are a few qualities they look for over and above technical skills and relevant background and education."If we're looking at a candidate who has a Ph.D., sure, we look at their education and their work background. We also look at their publication history to see what areas they've focused on and the experiences they've had to see if they'll fit. But we also want someone who loves data and who gets incredibly excited about, say, doing things like data analysis, or working out a particularly tricky business problem," Krowitz says.As the field evolves,cheap air jordans, organizations will continue to demand skilled and passionate data scientists, and will increasingly specialize in those skills, says Mondo's Circelli. "It's so exciting to see the field evolve -- now our clients are looking not just at hiring for general-purpose analytics, but they'll maybe hire a few people: One who solely sets up systems and algorithms to gather the data, and another to do analysis. It's that evolution and shift in demand based on changing needs that's so fascinating to see," Circelli says.

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Sharon Florentine covers IT careers,cheap jordans, women in technology and diversity for CIO com, as well as software, agile, cloud tech, data center and security topics.

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Cybersecurity threats are increasing each year, but businesses report shortage of qualified candidates...

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#373 von utumnu2wd8u 14.12.2016 - 10:56
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width="620" height="465" />

The CAD software from Autodesk enables 3D print designs to be manipulated prior to being uploaded to the Voxel8 3D printer.

Voxel8 is not the first company to enable 3D printed circuit boards. Last year,real cheap jordans retro, a group of Stanford University graduate students created an 3D printer attachment that lays down functioning circuitry right alongside the thermoplastic extruder head of an existing machine,real cheap jordans retro, enabling it to make functioning electronic prototypes.

Stanford's 3D printer head -- called the Rabbit Proto -- is designed to fit onto several different versions of RepRap printers,cheap jordans online.

The Voxel8 3D printer extrudes conductive ink that prints and dries at room temperature.


The Voxel8 3D printer extruding its conductive metal to form circuits. The metal prints and dries at room temperature,cheap air jordans.

After printing a thermoplastic part into which the metal circuits can be laid out,cheap jordans, the machine also allows users to pause the machine in order to install a computer processor,cheap retro jordans, which can then be integrated into the large circuit board once printing resumes.

The Voxel8 Developer's Kit can be pre-ordered Jan. 6. The 3D printer is expected


First cheap jordans for sale Loo

ow cheap jordans online businesses can use Poke

#372 von paynet1vz2e 14.12.2016 - 10:55
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,cheap jordans free shipping

In yet another testament of the awful state of home router security, a group of security researchers uncovered more than 60 vulnerabilities in 22 router models from different vendors, most of which were distributed by ISPs to customers.

The researchers performed the manual security review in preparation for their master's thesis in IT security at Universidad Europea de Madrid in Spain. They published details about the vulnerabilities they found Sunday on the Full Disclosure security mailing list,cheap retro jordans.

The flaws, most of which affect more than one router model, could allow attackers to bypass authentication

Bloatware www.cheap-jordan.ne

#371 von irenv8xq4m5 14.12.2016 - 10:48
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OK. I have one word for this Brocade/McData deal: Wow. I can't and won't claim to be the rumor maven,jordans for cheap, but I can say that I was blind-sided this morning of August 8, 2006 at 6:30 am when I checked into email and saw the press release telling me that Brocade intends to buy McData. The companies' two CEOs say they've been quietly discussing such a deal for some time,cheap jordan shoes, but that the ball really got rolling within the last two months. Who knew?

There were no other offers tendered for McData. That fact alone speaks volumes to me. Here's what I think it says: Two major storage networking brands got tired of fighting each other for the attention of OEM partners. The real battle for the hearts and markets of major OEMs like EMC and HP is with Cisco. Without the deal,cheap jordans online, Cisco essentially has the potential to divide and conquer without firing a single shot. Now, Cisco is challenged by a formidable competitor. Ergo,cheap retro jordans, the benefits of such a deal accrue to both McData and Brocade shareholders.?

Wall streeters appear to be greeting the news with a characteristic "please explain to us why this deal makes sense" attitude. What short memories they have. One year ago, they thought Brocade was headed south while McData was riding high. Now that Brocade turned in its best quarterly performance ever, they think the exact opposite. Hey guys, couldn't that be a good reason for this deal?

So,cheap real jordans, this paring has the potential to take more than a few interoperability issues off the table. Wall streeters don't care about that. Storage administrators do. I also think that the potential for multiple synergies that could result from all of the acquisitions made by both companies gets lost in the announcement reverberations. OEMs will definitely care about that.

Welcome the new Brocade with its McData subsidiary. Short term, it's status quo for the product lines of both companies with long-term convergence in the forecast. Sorry, but at this point I can't be more specific. For sure there will be some layoffs, and the Boulder, Colo. economy just took another hit. But, the sense I have is that the executive management teams from both companies are energized for what will now be a title bout with Cisco.

John Webster is senior analyst and founder of research firm Data Mobility Group LLC. He is also the author of numerous articles and white papers on a wide range of topics and is the co-author of the book Inescapable Data: Harnessing the Power of Convergence (IBM Press, 2005). Webster can be reached at jwebster@datamobilitygroup.com,real cheap jordans retro.

To express your thoughts on Computerworld content, visit Computerworld's
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IT cheap jordan shoes Caree

#370 von arref9mx1f9 14.12.2016 - 10:47
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,cheap jordans free shipping

Facebook annoyed and puzzled many people last year when it forced them to download its Messenger app for chats. Its reasons for doing so are now clearer: Messenger is becoming a beast of an app, with its own links to outside businesses and software apart from Facebook's main site.

At the company's F8 developer conference this week in San Francisco, executives pulled back the curtain on the new Messenger. It's now a storefront and a platform for other mobile apps, which can be downloaded from within Messenger and integrated into people's Messenger chats. There are more than 40 outside app partners already aiming to spice up users' conversations with things like personalized GIFs, tools to turn your texts into songs, and even sports animations from ESPN. The apps can be accessed by hitting the "..." button on the Messenger compose screen.

#369 von atelj1lv8z2 14.12.2016 - 10:44
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the forensics firms he suspected able to carry out such an examination, but noted that several major vendors had been very tightlipped of late. "There are only a couple which have not denied that they're working on something," he said. Zdziarski also pointed out the FBI's reference to Sunday,cheap jordans online, which would have been Monday overseas, implying that the forensics firm was not based in the U.S.

In any case, the FBI wanted more time to strike a deal.

"If they liked what they saw, they would need to negotiate a price,cheap jordans for sale," Zdziarski said. The red tape and the pressing April 5 deadline would preclude working with an unknown vendor,cheap jordans for sale, so Zdziarski assumed that the firm was already on the FBI's contractor list, and like all major players in forensics,cheap jordans free shipping, already had a chain-of-custody agreement in place with the U.S. government.

Zdziarski has supported Apple in its battle with the FBI,cheap jordan shoes, and was one of several prominent iOS security experts who added their names to a friend-of-the-court, or amicus, brief filed earlier this month backing the Cupertino,www.cheap-jordan.net, Calif., company's refusal to help the government unlock Farook's iPhone.

It wasn't a surprise, then, that Zdziarski criticized the government after its 180-degree turn. "They said they had exhausted every attempt," he said, when the FBI went to the magistrate and asked that Apple be forced to assist. "But [on Monday] they admitted that they continued to do research. They weren't completely forthcoming."

#368 von amblei6fn8q 13.12.2016 - 14:34
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Associated Press December 1, 2016 — 1:10am Order Reprint TACOMA,cheap air jordans, Wash. — The Latest on an officer shot in Tacoma while responding to a domestic violence call (all times local): 10:45 p.m. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said in a statement that he and his wife Trudi send their thoughts and prayers to the family and loved ones of the Tacoma police officer killed in the line of duty during a domestic violence call. Inslee said Wednesday night that "All of Washington grieves with Tacoma." Also on Wednesday night,cheap jordans, a procession of law enforcement officers from around the region escorted the officer's body from a Tacoma hospital to the county medical examiner's office. Inslee said, "In times of crisis,cheap jordans, we see the service and resolve of law enforcement as they run towards the danger. Tonight an officer was taken from us while serving his community,cheap jordans for sale, and it is a reminder of the sacrifice that these men and women across our state and nation make every day." The crime scene remained active as police believed the shooter was still barricaded in the home where the slaying took place. ___ 9:10 p.m. Authorities say an officer shot multiple times while responding to a domestic violence call has died at a Tacoma hospital. Tacoma Police spokeswoman Loretta Cool says the officer was pronounced dead at the hospital Wednesday evening. "We've suffered a great loss and I think the community has suffered a great loss. I don't know how to put that into words," Cool said. The officer,amassdenver.com, who has not been identified,cheap retro jordans, was shot by a suspect still believed to be barricaded at a Tacoma home with a gun. Police say the scene remained active and the neighborhood was still on lockdown. ___ 7:15 p.m. A police spokeswoman says the officer who was shot while responding to a domestic violence


#367 von oreroc1el5t 13.12.2016 - 14:34
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SID HARTMAN The Chicago Bears might not have a single Pro Bowl-caliber player on their defense,cheap jordans free shipping, but they still held the Vikings to 258 yards in a 20-10 victory that never seemed in doubt. ESPN’s Jon Gruden ,real cheap jordans retro, who coached the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl, said during the telecast that the Vikings offensive line is simply not good. “I don’t think that if the Vikings had Adrian Peterson it would make any difference when it comes to them moving the ball with this kind of blocking,” Gruden said. The inability of the Vikings’ banged-up offensive line to block for either the run or the pass has finally caught up to the team. It started last week at Philadelphia and continued with a loss at Chicago to a Bears team that was 1-6 going into this game. But until the fourth quarter,cheap real jordans, the Vikings had managed only three points,www.cheap-jordan.net, coming when their drive of more than seven minutes at the end of the first half stalled 3 yards short of the goal line. And that score was only possible because Bears defensive end Cornelius Washington ran onto the field and got a 15-yard penalty on a third-down play when the Vikings should have punted following a Sam Bradford fumble. Charles Rex Arbogast, Associated Press Vikings guard Alex Boone sat on the bench after being injured in the second half against the Chicago Bears on Monday. When coach Mike Zimmer was asked by reporters afterward what went wrong, he simply said: “We didn’t make any plays. We didn’t make any plays. They made them all. When there was opportunities to make plays,cheap jordans online, they made plays.” Run game stymied Going into Week 8 the Vikings were last in rushing yards per attempt in the NFL at 2.6 yards per carry. It didn’t get much better at Chicago, where they had to play without injured Jerick McKinnon . Against the Bears,cheap real jordans, they gained 57 yards

Computerworld cheap jordans Vi

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Grab a cigar, my friends: Motorola just added a new member to its Android family.

I'm talking about the new Moto G,cheap real jordans, officially revealed during a press event in Brazil this week. At a glance,cheap jordans online, the Moto G looks pretty similar to the company's flagship

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itemid="http://images,www.bcheapjordans.com.techhive.com/images/article/2016/05/phillip-tsen-100659468-medium,cheap jordans for sale.idge.jpeg">

Phillip Tsen, author of "The PM Executioner" and former IBM global outsourcing manager.

Companies that outsource their IT departments, and then announce job cuts,real cheap jordans retro, will call it a hard decision. To me,www.cheap-jordan.net, it's an easy solution to go offshore. They feel they can achieve business success by holding the service provider accountable to meet all the KPIs [Key Performance Indicators].

That's not the truth. Companies that retain their employees through a recovery retain their competitiveness. Companies that offshore are losing that competitiveness, that loyal employee -- you are losing the stability of a team in the long term.

You put a lot of weight on loyalty,cheap-jordan.net. The premise is that a firm's IT employees will be adaptable and will act in the best interest of the company. You don't think that's true for offshore resources?

Exactly, yes. When you offshore your knowledge, the person that you train will take your technical and business strategy knowledge and work for your competitors when they offshore their stuff. You never get a loyal, stable team offshore. Long-term, you are better off to keep your employees and use offshore for short-term work.

There are some IT departments that outsource the vast majority of their IT work,cheap real jordans, if not all of it. What is the outcome for firms that take this path?

A firm will say IT is not their core business. The drivers may be out-of-date

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giving users another typing option, some people will stick with more traditional laptops instead of using that option. As a result,amassdenver.com, much rides on user acceptance of the iPad's virtual keyboard and whether the tactile feel it offers will overcome any awkwardness.

That said, the iPad has a lot going for it even before launch: the enormous number of applications in the App store,cheap jordans, in concert with iBooks and iTunes and Wi-Fi (and, later,jordans for cheap, 3G) Internet access, should be more than enough to make the iPad a success. While the iPad is obviously not a full-on computing device -- its real purpose is to be a satellite device, like an iPod or an iPhone -- it is what Jobs wants: a computer that is less a computer and more of a household device,cheap retro jordans, a computer that's so completely transparent that the user will be unaware that what he's holding in his hands is a computer at all.

Want to get the latest sports news? Pick up an iPad and launch ESPN's ScoreCenter app. Want to play iTunes through your home entertainment system? Pick up an iPad. Want to read a book, catch up on the news or play videos for friends? iPad. Those are what this tablet was made for: dedicated tasks in full screen. And anyone can use it. Anyone.

That's the real "magic" of the iPad: It changes our notion of computing and puts this digital age within much easier reach of just about anyone who wants to use it. Quite literally,cheap jordan shoes, the iPad is a computer that no one will regard as a computer.

And with that, the computing platform continues its evolution,cheap jordans online, as the three-to-five-pound laptops mobile users have grown accustomed to turn into one-pound-or-less all-purpose screens. When we look back a few years from now, we may see that Apple again steered the course of computing in a new direction

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Steven Waldren,cheap jordan shoes, director of the American Academy of Family Physicians Center for Health Information Technology in Leawood, Kan.,www.cheap-jordan.net, noted that the success of the project will hinge on those details and others such as whether the HHS will give medical practices any money upfront to help offset the cost of acquiring the EHR software.

It will also be important,real cheap jordans retro, Waldren said,cheap retro jordans, to monitor whether private insurers increase their payments to physicians who use EHR systems.

At the Oct. 30 announcement, Leavitt acknowledged that the HHS is eager to have insurance companies join in the incentive effort.

Allan Korn,

Chief Medial Officer,

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Cheetah in 2001, Tiger in 2005, finally Mountain Lion in 2012 -- then California place names starting in 2013 with Mavericks. (Apple's resident funnyman,cheap jordan shoes, Craig Federighi,cheap jordans free shipping, who heads OS X and iOS development,cheap real jordans, joked that year,real cheap jordans retro, "We do not want to be the first software in history to be delayed due to a dwindling supply of cats" when explaining the jump to an in-state naming convention.)

Apple also appends a number to each edition,cheap air jordan shoes, as in OS X 10.9, which was Mavericks,cheap jordan shoes, and 10.10, which is Yosemite. But users know the names more than they recognize the numbers.

Microsoft would be smart to follow Apple's example.

Keep the Windows

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including Maps,cheap jordan shoes, Accounts -- the overarching log-in for all Google properties -- and YouTube before Spagnuolo revealed his exploit-making tool.

"Because of the sensitivity of this vulnerability, I first disclosed it internally in Google, and then privately to Adobe PSIRT," Spagnuolo admitted,jordans for cheap, referring to Adobe's Product Incident Response Team. "A few days before releasing the code and publishing this blog post, I also notified Twitter, eBay,www.bcheapjordans.com, Tumblr and Instagram (emphasis added)."

Twitter has since addressed the issue,real cheap jordans retro, Spagnuolo said in an update to his blog post.

Adobe's update strengthened Flash Player's handling of the kind of malformed .swf files that Rosetta Flash creates. "These updates include additional validation checks to ensure that Flash Player rejects malicious content from vulnerable JSONP callback APIs (CVE-2014-4671),cheap jordans," Adobe said in its security bulletin today.

Spagnuolo also provided steps that website owners can take to block or hinder exploits,cheap jordans online.

Users running browsers that do not automatically update to the latest version of Flash should download and install the appropriate extension version from Adobe's website. Microsoft updated IE10 and IE11 and Google pushed the new Flash to Chrome for Windows and OS X via it's "component update system," a secondary service that delivers very small updates to only parts of Chrome.

"This issue is definitely in the wild with public exploit code," warned Ross Barrett, senior manager of security engineering at Rapid7, in an email. "Flash users should patch immediately."


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to the point. "Don't follow up more than once with them via LinkedIn,cheap air jordans," he says. "LinkedIn sends your message to both their LinkedIn account and the email address they associate with it, so they'll see it in two places." And if you don't receive a timely response, consider reaching out to someone else in HR with a slightly different message, he says.
How to message potential mentors on LinkedIn
If you hope to find a new mentor on LinkedIn, you need to know where to look. LinkedIn's "Groups" and "Advanced Search" features are two good places to start.
You should first search for relevant Groups based on your location,cheap jordan shoes, according to Angove. This can help you find nearby professionals, cultivate relationship, and then seek out the most active users. "These are the people who are already in the mindset of being a mentor — they're already sharing, they're already teaching,jordans for cheap," he says.
Using LinkedIn's Advanced Search feature,cheap real jordans, you can search by industry,cheap retro jordans, title, location and keyword to narrow down results, according to Williams. When you find professionals that fit your criteria, reach out with purposeful messages. "Do you want that person to help you find a job? Make your skill set better?" Angove asks. "Once you identify that,cheap real jordans, craft your message around that goal."

[Related: 5 ways to manage your LinkedIn email]

However, you shouldn't immediately ask people to be your mentor, Williams says. Instead, you should first attempt to establish a rapport. "Introduce yourself and compliment them on their career," she says. "Through several exchanges,

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Microsoft has blamed a drop in its workforce's gender diversity on the thousands of layoffs it made to restructure its phone hardware business.

This year, women made up 26.8% of Microsoft's total workforce,real cheap jordans retro, down from 29% in 2014, the company reported Monday. Microsoft employed 5,701 fewer women this year compared to last, versus 5,cheap real jordans,316 fewer men.

In a blog post discussing the numbers,cheap jordans for sale,?Gwen Houston,cheap real jordans, Microsoft's general manager of diversity and inclusion, said that while the firm made progress on other metrics, the decrease in women resulted from a business decision in the longer-term interest of the company.

"The workforce reductions resulting from the restructure of our phone hardware business ... impacted factory and production facilities outside the U.S. that produce handsets and hardware,cheap air jordans, and a higher percentage of those jobs were held by women," she said.

While the drop in female workers was most prominent in non-technical roles, Microsoft now employs a smaller or equal percentage of women across all its job categories compared to last year.?The percentage of women in leadership roles was unchanged, while the company has fewer women working in technical, retail and factory roles compared to 2014.

Put bluntly, it seems like the phone hardware division that Microsoft acquired from Nokia and then subsequently downsized had a more gender-diverse workforce than its remaining


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