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team did their homework and carefully considered all of their options. “We looked into white label and some low-cost brands,cheap air jordans, but the price difference is so small, and overall, the TCO doesn’t add up. We don’t want to spend time building a data center,cheap jordans, we just want to focus on building our business, what we know we are good at,” says Notowidigdo. “That’s why we chose HPE.”

Rama had worked with HPE before and was confident the company could help GO-JEK with its ambitious goals,cheap jordans free shipping. G0-JEK chose HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen9 servers to build their in-house payment solution.

“I established my relationship with HPE a while back, with my other company where we actually built private cloud using the same solution, so I already knew I was comfortable with the product,cheap air jordans,” said Rama.

If you build it, they will come

“It was clear what architecture we wanted,cheap jordan shoes, so we just gave them [HPE] a deadline” said Rama. An established relationship was key for the GO-JEK team. “In Indonesia everything you do is about formed relationship. If we need to expedite something, we can escalate it easier,” said Rama. “Otherwise we would have to re-establish that and build the relationship again, and it's too risky for the stuff that we're trying to do.”

Rama and his team designed the GO-JEK data center to create a private cloud with the security and control they needed for the new payment platform. Critically, each server includes its own hard drives, sometimes as many as ten in a single unit. This was a new architectural model for the team.

“We used to have multiple empty [server] boxes with one gigantic hard drive,cheap-jordan.net,” said Rama. “We don’t like that model because it is very hard to control and there are a lot of limitations. [The new model] is very simple,

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Litan said Apple Pay tokens are not specifically registered as coming from an Apple Pay device by some retailers' new NFC terminals and instead are being treated no differently than if the transaction came from a chip-enabled credit card.

"The Apple token information is not being passed along," she said in an interview. "It's not Apple's fault...It's going to take a while to get the kinks fixed."

Litan said it is somewhat ironic that some retailers are coming forward to say that they accept Apple Pay when many retailers were already using new terminals that accept any NFC mobile payment system, such as the older Google Wallet or Softcard or even a card with an embedded computer chip. (See this guide to


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Thank you

Your message has been sent,cheap jordans free shipping.


There was an error emailing this page,www.cheap-jordan.net.

2012 Salaries: Staff and Entry-level IT Positions

BONUS [/i]

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irony,cheap jordans online...in having cloud announcements in San Francisco: Seattle and the surrounding areas are quickly becoming Cloud City — with Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure are both headquartered in the vicinity,cheap jordans for sale. ,cheap air jordans... I suspect [it's] an attempt to help it build market and mindshare among growing startups.

Notably, still-new CEO Satya Nadella will touch down for the event. He didn’t show up for the recent Windows 10 shindig. I presume that Microsoft rolls out Nadella when they wish to attract more mainstream attention.??

And Barb Darrow notes the competitive timing:

Big cloud events...travel in packs — at least when it comes to those put on by...Amazon,cheap retro jordans, Google and Microsoft. Last March, the three giants counterprogrammed each other’s events. ... And they’re at it again.

News of [Microsoft's] confab comes two months after Google disclosed plans for another Google Platform Live event also in San Francisco on November 4. ... And that,cheap real jordans, of course comes a week before AWS: Reinvent conference in Las Vegas November 11. ... So here we go again.??

But Rod Trent fishes for a complementary angle: [You're fired -Ed,jordans for cheap.]

Microsoft rarely initiates an event like this without some big announcements. I'm told that both Nadella and Guthrie will deliver a sort of

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transportation company,cheap air jordan shoes.

This week,cheap jordans online, the company expects to finish migrating its about 40,cheap jordans for sale,000 employees to Office 365's Exchange Online and Lync Online. At a later phase,cheap-jordan.net, it will switch its intranet and customer-facing portals to SharePoint Online and adopt SkyDrive Pro for cloud storage.

Like many companies,cheap real jordans, BNSF Railway decided to take email and collaboration to the cloud to reduce the time and effort its IT staff spent on maintaining the on-premises systems.

Because railway companies have such specific operations and needs, the company has had to build a lot of custom IT systems, and maintaining and improving those is more important than tussling with email and collaboration servers.

"Historically, it has been a challenge to do the maintenance ourselves," Olsovsky said.

Office 365 is also expected to bring other benefits, like having a significantly larger inbox capacity, and making email and collaboration capabilities more easily and broadly available for its staff since 90% of employees work remotely.

Olsovsky is also looking forward to Microsoft's continued integration of the Yammer enterprise social networking tool with SharePoint and with other of its products.

BNSF Railway employees started using Yammer last year on an ad-hoc basis, shortly before Microsoft acquired the company for $1.2 billion, and the product is now being used successfully as a blogging platform at the company, she said.

To express your thoughts on Computerworld content, visit Computerworld's

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and IT organizations are desperate to mitigate the affects of that complexity yet still provide access to systems people need when they need it,cheap jordans," says Forrester analyst David Johnson.

The vast majority of enterprise apps are still Windows-based.
Brett Waldman, IDC analyst

Many applications aren't available on a user's device of choice, like an iPad. "The vast majority of enterprise apps are still Windows-based," says IDC analyst Brett Waldman.

While SaaS apps can help users get work done anywhere with any device since they are browser-accessible, SaaS doesn't entirely solve the problem because so many enterprise apps aren't yet available in SaaS form, Ottaway explains


Lions cheap jordans t...o third straight loss - S


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. We have not even tested the limits yet. I think we could lower power by at least another factor of 10," Pop said.

The nanotube PCM could increase a mobile device's energy efficiency to the point where a smartphone could run for a longer time on a smaller battery, or even to the point where it could be powered without a battery by simply by harvesting its own thermal, mechanical or solar energy, Pop said.

"I think anyone who is dealing with a lot of chargers and plugging things in every night can relate to a cell phone or laptop whose batteries can last for weeks or months,cheap retro jordans," said Pop, who is also affiliated with the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at Illinois.

The researchers noted that batteries today mostly power the display of a smart phone or ultra-portable laptop, though an increasing percentage is dedicated to memory.

"Anytime you're running an app,cheap jordans online, or storing MP3s, or streaming videos,cheap jordans, it's draining the battery," said graduate student Albert Liao, a co-author of the upcoming report. "The memory and the processor are working hard retrieving data. As people use their phones less to place calls and more for computing, improving data storage and retrieval operations is important."

The team said the nanotube PCM could also be used to reduce power consumption on any device run by a battery, including satellites, remote telecommunications equipment,cheap air jordan shoes, as well as a number of scientific and military applications.

Lucas Mearian covers storage, disaster recovery and business continuity,cheap jordans for sale, financial services infrastructure and health care IT for Computerworld[i],cheap jordans for sale. Follow Lucas on Twitter at @lucasmearian,


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The U.S. Navy's plan to award a multibillion outsourcing contract this week ran aground on Capitol Hill for the sixth time in as many months,cheap-jordan.net, after members of the so-called "depot caucus" expressed concern about the megadeal's potential impact on federal jobs at various Naval industrial installations.

Navy officials had planned to award the contract, known as the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (N/MCI) project, by Sept. 30 -- the end of the federal government's fiscal year (see story). The contract,cheap jordans online, which is expected to have a value of at least $12 billion and potentially could be worth up to $16 billion,cheap jordans free shipping, would transfer ownership of the Navy's entire IT infrastructure to a single outsourcing vendor.

However,cheap real jordans, several members of Congress whose districts are home to a large number of Navy supply depots and shipyards raised last-minute questions this week about the effect the contract could have on everything from jobs to control of federal dollars.

"We had hoped to award the N/MCI contract by the end of this fiscal year, but some of the questions from Congress had not been resolved,cheap real jordans," a Navy spokeswoman said today,cheap air jordan shoes, adding that the delay could force the Navy to shorten the test phase for the first portion of the project. The N/MCI installation schedule "will be reduced by one day for each day of delay, which may possibly impact our operational testing phase depending

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Gaudin",cheap jordans online,"page_type":"",jordans for cheap,"insiderContent":"false"} }">

To better study the icing issue, NACA built special wind tunnels designed to put ice on planes. One of the best still exists at the Glenn Research Center in Ohio.

NASA scientists studied what kind of clouds and temperatures would create ice on planes, and created deicing fluid and the means to make it seep out of the airplane wings to keep the ice off them.

"But the most successful [advance] was to move hot air from the engines onto the wings to keep them from icing up," added Barry. "The heated surface is the most widely used one now. Without this, the airline industry, as we now know it,cheap jordans, probably wouldn't exist. They figured out what caused ice and how to avoid it and how to fly through these icing clouds safely."

Weather satellites

"In terms of impact on humanity, probably weather satellites are another major tech advance," said Barry. "In the old days, weather clobbered us without any warning. Today, we may not know if we're getting two inches or six inches of snow, but we definitely know when a storm is coming."

NASA played a big role in developing weather satellites and still consults on them today.

real cheap jordans retro,"zone":"article/space-technology","POS":"BTF7","POSITIONDATA":"AMP_article_mobile_IMU8","articleId":"2904350","type":"news","typeId":"2",cheap jordans,"templateType":"article-default",cheap air jordan shoes,"categoryIds":[3071],"categorySlugs":["space-technology"],"author":"Sharon

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Google's self-driving vehicle division has joined forces with major carmakers and ride-sharing services to form a coalition to lobby lawmakers and regulators for faster adoption of self-driving car technology.

In all, five companies -- Google's Alphabet,cheap jordans for sale, Ford,cheap-jordan.net, Lyft, Volvo,real cheap jordans retro, and Uber -- formed the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets coalition. Its mission: to spur the federal government to usurp a "patchwork" of state driving laws that could hinder autonomous vehicle acceptance.

The coalition also plans to work with civic organizations, municipalities and businesses,cheap jordans free shipping, "to bring the vision of self-driving vehicles to America's roads and highways."


Tesla's Autopilot ?has automatic steering, lane keeping and automatic lane change.

"Self-driving vehicle technology will make America's roadways safer and less congested," David Strickland,cheap real jordans, the Coalition's counsel and spokesperson, said in a statement. "The best path for this innovation is to have one clear set of federal standards, and the Coalition will work with policymakers to find the right solutions that will facilitate the deployment of self-driving

Metro c

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to include a faster processor and cellular connectivity. Some Samsung smartwatches, such as the Gear S2,cheap real jordans, have already included cellular connections,cheap-jordan.net, instead of requiring a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone.

The disappointments with wearables aired in the Ericsson survey could partly explain why the smartwatch category has been slow to catch on.? Some analysts predicted Apple would sell up to 40 million Apple Watches in the first year, but market research firm IDC said the number was far lower, with just 13 million sold in 2015.

Meanwhile,? Samsung has openly expressed concerns about the category.

“Consumer objections to wearables are very legitimate,cheap jordans online, I can say,” said Jasmeet Sethi, senior researcher at Ericsson ConsumerLab and author of the wearable report on the survey. “They say,amassdenver.com, why should I invest in something which just does sleep and calorie counting when my needs are much more diverse? They see a lack of functionality,cheap jordans, lack of connectivity,cheap retro jordans, inaccurate data and a walled garden approach by vendors, but all four need to come together to ensure that wearables are a success.”

While some wearable apps work across both the Android and Apple Watch platforms, Sethi said vendors need to work harder to create cross-platform functionality.

Even with the reservations found in the survey, Sethi said wearables have a bright future. “The wearables boom will be around 2020, which gives the industry a window of four years to fix what is broken and go beyond health and wellness,” he added.

In the survey, Ericsson asked consumers about

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,cheap real jordans

When Apple jumped into the wearables market last year with the first Apple Watch, it delivered a device that offered a lot of promise,cheap jordans, while at the same confusing and confounding many early adopters.

App loading times were sluggish,cheap jordans online; the UI was wholly unfamiliar to longtime Apple buyers,cheap retro jordans; connectivity was sometimes an issue; and fitness tracking didn't always work as it should. That didn't stop millions of buyers from plunging ahead,cheap jordans online, making the Apple Watch a modest success in a crowded wearables market.

This year's Apple Watch Series 2 -- unveiled last month when the iPhone 7 was previewed -- builds on last year's model and addresses most,real cheap jordans retro, but not all, of the issues early adopters faced. With the inclusion of GPS, a faster system architecture, better water resistance and support for more activity profiles -- including swimming and wheelchair

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,cheap real jordans

The Sony VAIO S Series isn't the most powerful all-purpose laptop, but I like it -- and not just because I have a soft spot for Sony. Although the VAIO S Series offers mediocre general performance and modest graphics speed, it's also light, thin, stylish, and very portable.

Our review model, priced at $1,000 (as of December 14, 2011), sports an Intel Core i5-2430M processor, an AMD Radeon HD 6470M graphics card,cheap retro jordans, and 4GB of RAM. It also has a 640GB hard drive,cheap-jordan.net, a DVD-RW optical drive,www.bcheapjordans.com, and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0. This model runs the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium.

In our WorldBench 6 benchmark


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Last night, like millions of people, I watched Lavish Reynolds live stream her boyfriend’s death after he was shot by a police officer.

I’ve been slow to get involved in the protests against police violence. I wasn’t sure how,cheap retro jordans, or with whom, to engage.

When the fight was for marriage equality, there was a clear understanding of the problem,cheap jordans, the solution, and the required course of action. We needed a particular number of votes, plain and simple. It was easy to lend my voice to the campaign.

But of course this wave of shootings is not a neat,cheap real jordans, political campaign; it is a crisis.

The immediate ask is simple: hold cops accountable. Hold them to the same standards of justice that governs the rest of the citizenry. But the long-term question,cheap-jordan.net, How do we stop this from happening?, does not seem so clear or simple.

Why is it that so many cops continue to perceive black men as intrinsically threatening? And how on earth does this perceived threat escalate to deadly force so quickly—no matter how minor the infraction,www.cheap-jordan.net?

Minneapolis, the city I live in,cheap jordans online, is very segregated. That’s true of a lot of American cities, although it’s particularly dramatic here. So is that segregation part of the explanation for police violence? Is it that we can’t see ourselves in one another, because we live our lives apart? Is it that we’re exposed only to our already-familiar fashion and food and slang and books and music—the essential trappings of culture—so that when we encounter someone different we’re afraid?

Because this isn’t just a problem of crooked cops, right? It’s bigger, and worse, than that. The police shootings are evidence of an old racism that’s baked in to our culture. Which means

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have often been called on to help with some support issues, particularly in the enterprise realm, customer support as a developer function is even more critical in the cloud and it moves much faster.

At Microsoft,cheap air jordan shoes, for example,cheap jordan shoes, Azure developers are on call to help customers, says Mark Russinovich, a technical fellow with the Windows Azure group. "It's hard," he says, "to get out of the [boxed software] frame of mind." But that's very much the nature of the beast. For many developers, the speed and constant creative challenge is what makes jobs in the cloud rewarding, but if that pace is not to your taste,cheap jordans, stay away from cloud providers.

How to get noticed by cloud hiring managersIT pros looking to make the leap may be wondering how to prove they're fit for the cloud. Those thinking a pocketful of certifications will help should think again. "Certifications have not caught up,cheap retro jordans," says Russinovich. "When you're developing for the cloud, it is your background and skills that matter."

Russinovich does not make an exception for security certifications, although some other cloud execs believe security credentials are important. On the whole, though, certifications are not a significant hiring factor for the cloud, and as Foote partners has found in its regular surveys, the overall value of certifications in IT has declined for years.

.Net, Ruby, Python, Java,www.cheap-jordan.net, C#, and C++ are among the most sought-after languages for development in the cloud. Expertise with both SQL and NoSQL are in demand,cheap jordans for sale, as well as deep experience with Linux. Knowledge of distributed systems and asynchronous

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Brown",cheap real jordans,"page_type":"","insiderContent":"false"} }">

Far too many devices get labeled simply &quot,cheap jordan shoes;New device&quot,amassdenver.com; during Box's discovery scan.

I installed the Android app on my HTC One M7 and the iOS app on an iPad. Using the Android app bugged me because my phone’s display kept timing out,cheap jordans for sale, and the iOS version drove me crazy for a whole other reason: I use my iPad in landscape mode because it’s in a keyboard dock, but the app can’t rotate out of portrait mode.

When you install it, Box will scan your network and attempt to identify all the devices connected to it. Unfortunately, it’s pretty lousy at this task, too. It labeled the vast majority of the clients on my network as “New device,” with no other information at all.

Within the app, everything gets assigned to one of two categories: Family or Guest. You can assign an Internet speed—low,cheap jordans free shipping, normal, or high—to each device no matter which category it’s in. So you might assign a Roku box high speed to ensure you have a great streaming experience, while something like a NAS box that’s primarily used only on your local network gets shunted down to low speed. But it’s hard to decide what’s appropriate if you don’t know what the device is in the first place.

cheap jordans online.idgesg

Bloatware www.cheap-jordan.ne

Hackers cheap-j

22 real cheap jordans retro top iPhone tips Com

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better experience to our customers while increasing the efficiency of our staff,cheap jordans,” said Kostecki (who is also part of the company’s enterprise innovation team).

“By putting readily available data and information in the palm of our adjusters’ hands on iPadPro,cheap jordans online, we’re not only boosting the productivity of our field adjusters, but also changing the way they engage with our customers. Adjusters have quick,www.bcheapjordans.com, simple access to all the information they need while in the field, so they can make on-the-spot decisions and better inform customers about their claims.”

Naturally, IBM is keen to portay the Amica relationship as a poster child for the iOS enterprise. “Amica is an example of digital transformation in action, empowering employee to work in ways not previously possible,” said Naghshineh. “We've seen repeatedly that IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps not only help companies boost customer service, but are also a powerful tool to attract and retain top-tier talent.”

“We see this as an opportunity to increase engagement among our field adjusters, as well as attract new talent that is accustomed to using the latest technologies,” explained Kostecki. “We’re providing them with a mobile experience at work that mirrors the one they expect as consumers.”
Good practice

Is it working? It is early days in the project,cheap jordans for sale, but Kostecki seems keen on what he’s seen so far. Anecdotally at least his teams seem pleased at the way in which the solution will save time.

The insurer has plainly picked up good advice on deployment,cheap air jordans, introducing an enterprise-wide social networking site in which its employees can learn more about the app,cheap jordans for sale, ask questions and help each other. That’s precisely the kind of support all the digital transformation analysts

FAQ www.bcheap

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,cheap jordans for sale

A SpaceX cargo mission launch that had been scheduled for Monday afternoon has been scrubbed because of a helium leak on a rocket,cheap air jordan shoes.

NASA announced that the SpaceX mission, which is set to ferry supplies,www.cheap-jordan.net, scientific experiments and even a pair of legs for the humanoid robot working on the International Space Station, has been delayed.

The space agency blamed the scrubbed mission on a helium leak in the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The earliest that the Dragon cargo spacecraft can lift off now would be Friday at 3:25 p.m,cheap jordans free shipping. ET if the issue can be resolved.

The Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon spacecraft atop it are still on the launch pad at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

The Dragon cargo craft is loaded with about 5,000 pounds of equipment bound for the space station and its crew of six astronauts. When it launches, it will be third commercial resupply mission to the orbital laboratory for SpaceX,cheap real jordans.

While it was the problem with the Falcon 9 rocket that delayed today's launch,real cheap jordans retro, there also is a problem on the space station.

The space agency reported that a backup

Don't cheap jordans

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.gov team will continue to look for ways to improve the site,cheap jordan shoes, she said.

Since mid-October,cheap jordans for sale, a tech team has made more than 400 bug fixes and software improvements to the site,cheap jordans online, including about 50 over the past weekend, Zients said.

The team has installed dedicated hardware to improve the registration throughput and the site's core database, according to a report issued by CMS Sunday. The hardware upgrades have repaired "the system's on-ramp," Zients said.

The website's up time for the past week was higher than 95 percent,www.cheap-jordan.net, compared to just 43 percent for the week ending Nov. 2,cheap jordans free shipping, the report said. The site's up time has been 92 percent or higher for the past three weeks. A rapid response team has been able to fix most major problems within an hour during recent weeks, Zients said.

"We needed to get the team working with the speed and urgency of a high-performing private-sector tech company," he said.

In addition,cheap jordan shoes, the page response time has dropped from an average of eight seconds late October to less than one second now, and the page error rate has dropped from 6 percent in October to .75 percent now, the report said.

The website should now be able to handle 50,000 concurrent users, Zients said. At peak times when the traffic exceeds that number, the site now has a queuing system that allows users to receive an email telling them when to come back for a faster experience.

HealthCare.gov was a central piece of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare. The law's goal is to allow U.S. residents without health insurance

NetApp cheap jorda

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one Node.js request runs too slowly,real cheap jordans retro, everything slows down. There's only one thread in Node.js,cheap jordans for sale, and it will get to your event when it's good and ready. It may look superfast,cheap jordan shoes, but underneath it uses the same architecture as a one-window post office in the week before Christmas.

There have been decades of work devoted to building smart operating systems that can juggle many different processes at the same time,cheap air jordans. Why go back in time to the ’60s when computers could handle only one thread,cheap real jordans?

Where Node wins: Momentum

Yes, all of our grandparents' lessons about thrift are true. Waste not; want not. It can be painful to watch Silicon Valley’s foolish devotion to the “new” and “disruptive,” but sometimes cleaning out the cruft makes the most sense. Yes, Java can keep

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