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CS:GO Team 1 Komplett
gepostet am 26.12.2015 von FunnyMichl
Das CS:GO Team 1 ist nun komplett und besteht aus folgenden Kader:

Germany dAnnY H. (Daniel)
Germany sLYS (Tom)
Germany BloodyDevil (Danny)
Germany xeNo (Tobi)
Germany freestyl9r (Pascal)

Nun Jungs, nächstes Jahr heißt es ackern bis Ihr eure Ziele erreicht habt. (erfolgreich spielen).

die enzaY.eSport Community wünscht euch das beste und auf ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2016


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#482 von atsonx1lu7f 14.03.2017 - 13:15
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#481 von hvdfhmic 09.03.2017 - 04:58
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a lot of courage to break players wearing it to play,cheap cheap jordans online jordans_1007, including the then very Sentimental Bibby, Dallas Finley soul,, and “rival” Jordan marksman Miller.
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Air Jordan 13 legendary big cat, trapeze nickname
Posted on March 6, 2016 by admin
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Air Jordan 13, this pair of shoes at the end of the Bulls dynasty in the hearts of every one of them have a special place, not only because it is the first piece

#480 von hvdfhmic 07.03.2017 - 14:25
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#479 von hvdfhmic 07.03.2017 - 14:23
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#478 von hvdfhmic 07.03.2017 - 14:19
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#477 von hvdfhmic 07.03.2017 - 14:13
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This week will mark the formal sale of this new red and white color. This pair of & nbsp; Air Jordan 12 "Alternate" Flu Game replaced black and red color of the black part,cheap cheap jordans jordan, changed to white eye-catching presentation. White and red with a perfect presentation of the Air Jordan 12's hit color aesthetics.

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#476 von hvdfhmic 07.03.2017 - 14:09
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#475 von hvdfhmic 07.03.2017 - 14:00
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Air Jordan 11 Space Jam

Michael Jordan by virtue of their tireless efforts to continue to lead the team to attack the championship, and his influence has already spread to the world. He starred in "Space Jam" has become a generation of classic,cheap jordans for sale,cheap cheap real jorda, but the film also took the shoes shoes fans become competing collection of works.

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#474 von hvdfhmic 07.03.2017 - 13:56
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This shoe is the same as using IPS technology and Zoom Air. But this lining is the use of new TPU lining feels soft to wear very Q,cheap jordans, function, appearance,cheap cheap jor, skills,cheap jordans for sale, Air Jordan this perspective the most important one.

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#473 von hvdfhmic 07.03.2017 - 13:50
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▼ Air Jordan 14 (1998-1999)

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#472 von hvdfhmic 07.03.2017 - 13:45
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▼ Air Jordan 5 (1989-1990)

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#471 von hvdfhmic 07.03.2017 - 13:40
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#470 von hvdfhmic 06.03.2017 - 10:43
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to visit Hong Kong, But! ! ! Our editors from the front to take the early evening, bringing the Air Max Con’s comprehensive coverage, including your immersive! Energy constantly!
Fringe (The Fringe Club) position from Jordan 8 Wellington new concept flagship store not far built 1892 Old Dairy Farm Depot, and has been listed as a historical building in Hong Kong. Since 1984, the Hong Kong Fringe Club will provide this public contemporary art space,cheap real jordans, rent-free exhibition and performance venue in Hong Kong or overseas artists.
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#469 von izaga85a1hn 06.03.2017 - 04:00
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So many people want to be Donald Trump this Carnival season in Austria that some costume shops have run out of wigs mimicking the U.S. president's memorable hairstyle.

Shop owner Manuela Plank,www.amassdenver.com, recognizing a business opportunity,cheap jordans for sale, went to work making her own toupees a la Trump.

Plank thought she was ready to meet demand with the 10 Trump wigs she had stocked for Austria's pre-Lenten season of balls and other masked events. But they were quickly snapped up.

That's when she started snipping,www.amassdenver.com, backcombing, teasing and spraying blond hairpieces to give them the trademark Trump look.

"It all takes quite a bit of time," Plank said as she assessed her latest creation on Monday. "You have to do a lot of back-combing. But you can get it done."

Her shop in the town of Pfaffstaetten, south of Vienna carries over 7,000 costumes,cheap air jordan shoes, including ancient Greek outfits and the lace and ruffles of the Rococo period. But the Trump look is trumping most others.

Plank says that 25 of her Trump wigs are now in circulation within her community of just 3,500 people. Since Carnival extends into early March this year, she is making more.

"I think it's simply because a lot of people are talking about him. And because everybody knows him,cheap jordans free shipping," she said. "And his hairstyle is very distinctive."

While many Austrians go all-out for Carnival,jordans for cheap, Plank says dressing up as Trump carries extra appeal for people who don't have the patience to create elaborate costumes.

"Wig, suit — and done," she says, tucking a stray wisp of plastic hair in place.


Associated Press writer George Jahn contributed from Vienna.

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#468 von 1lc6wzraham 05.03.2017 - 10:33
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target="_blank" name="lpos=embed[espn-more-video]&lid=view[Image]">

As seen in the GoPro video attached to Stratton's helmet, the slope looks like your generic backcountry ski run. Next thing you know,cheap air jordans, it drops off a 150-foot cliff.

"I immediately thought about my cousin, who was [left a] quadriplegic from a car accident and thought,jordans for cheap, 'I'm gonna be paralyzed,'" Stratton told the Washington Post on Wednesday. "And then when I saw how big the cliff was when I was going over the edge, I thought I was dead for sure."

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#467 von ldinev2hs9v 05.03.2017 - 10:31
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#466 von amblei6fn8q 05.03.2017 - 10:19
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courageous conservatives. Said yes we can. 800000. Contributions that jet crews dot org with an average contribution of 67. Dollars. Fact is the power of the grassroots. M. But it's more than that. It's 121000. Volunteers here in the state of Iowa. Okay. It's over 200000. Volunteers. All across this great nation. Okay. You know during the course of this campaign. People of asked tidy and me. Are you time. And I will admit. It is 1618. Hours a day 67 days a week. We are not tired at all. Okay. To the contrary. We are inspired. By each and every one of you. I leap out of bad. Every morning a maze that at a time when our country is in crisis. Every one of us has the opportunity. To stand and lead that we have been put in a place of leadership. For such a time as this. I'm inspired. By the stories apparently. That I see every day. Working men. Like Jerry Dunn Levy from Columbus,www.amassdenver.com,cheap jordans,cheap jordans for sale, Ohio. Okay. Who requested an entire month off his job. To come to Iowa to live at camp crews and a volunteer full time. Okay. When his employer refused to give him the time off. Jerry quit his job in pain anyway. And I love the great state of Iowa. I'm inspired by people like Elliott gays are in Josh Hammer students at the University of Chicago. Who spent their winter break. At camp crews. But they didn't stop there they came back this weekend they hit the phones and they hit the pavement. Campaigning so that students across this country upon graduation. Rather than having mountains of debt. We'll instead


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#465 von hvdfhmic 04.03.2017 - 03:25
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a precious,cheap cheap re, Air Max 95 Emerald described as a gem in any series in any collection are the most dazzling collections.
Beyond the original article as a sneaker, Air Max 95 cultural influence can not be ignored. Into the first year of the four iconic color to explain its widespread tradition, orange, green lake / grape purple, fluorescent yellow and red comet appeared in the shoe, because sometimes greed is also a good thing.
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As of articles published before today, the one hundred pairs of Air Max shoes poll ranking has undergone

#464 von hvdfhmic 01.03.2017 - 09:15
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Time flies between this pair of AIR JORDAN 13 "HE GOT GAME" from the date of birth has been with us through the past 15 years of smoke, even from the last engraved,,cheap jordans free shipping, has five years,,cheap jordans online, we have countless times in the memories of hope, I hope that she can separate the barriers of time, and once again into our line of sight, and now she has come so real,cheap jordans for sale, with our love,cheap cheap jordan shoes jordans_375, we may have been familiar with the appearance ......

"HE GOT GAME" is taken from the name of the movie director

#463 von irenv8xq4m5 26.02.2017 - 07:59
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