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CS:GO Team 1 Komplett
gepostet am 26.12.2015 von FunnyMichl
Das CS:GO Team 1 ist nun komplett und besteht aus folgenden Kader:

Germany dAnnY H. (Daniel)
Germany sLYS (Tom)
Germany BloodyDevil (Danny)
Germany xeNo (Tobi)
Germany freestyl9r (Pascal)

Nun Jungs, nächstes Jahr heißt es ackern bis Ihr eure Ziele erreicht habt. (erfolgreich spielen).

die enzaY.eSport Community wünscht euch das beste und auf ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2016


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#449 von hvdfhmic 17.12.2016 - 09:34
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actually each shoe designer to do one hundred kinds of colors and then punch out). The exposure of the “What the AJ 1” will be some very classic Air Jordan 1 color pieces together to form the front of your shoes.
For this pair not available for sale on the controversial shoes, most people hold the opposite point of view, the most interesting message “This is gonna be a big sleeper.” (Refers can put on the shelf for a long time) it was also observed that “now those who say that the shoes are ugly when run ahead of the sale. ”
What the series will be transplanted to the idea 1 on Air Jordan, will be styled or is to turn the tide in competition with adidas, we will wait and see!
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AIR JORDAN cultural background –JORDAN 1-JORDAN 10 (2)




#448 von hvdfhmic 17.12.2016 - 09:24
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James——Nike LeBron 13 “Black Lion,” Nike LeBron 13 Black/Gold PE, Nike LeBron 13 Black/Red-White PE, Nike LeBron 13 Navy/Yellow-Wine PE
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Because of love– Air Jordan
Posted on March 27, 2016 by admin
Like many others, as Shi Haifeng 80 it was initially because Jordan and fell in love with basketball, and his obsession for Jordan and persistence is reflected in life bit by bit, whether it is shirts, or shoes, he almost obsessive the state, although his collection shocking, but low-key man with Shi Haifeng few people about his
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#447 von hvdfhmic 17.12.2016 - 09:16
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him to collect sneakers abstract design sneakers embark on a journey.
Stephanie Au – YOUNG & FAST (ER) 16-year-old joined the swim team, but also the length of the pool tournament in Hong Kong record holder 14, the youngest player to represent Hong Kong in the identity of the Beijing Olympics, this is Stephanie Au (Stephanie) first three times into the Olympics. Young and stylish, with more than 20 pairs of Air Max shoes.
KRYSION very young collectors Air Max, age 20 years old but has a lot of precious Air Max shoes, including kidrobot sample, atomos, safari … his first pair of Air Max is the mother bought him, just Liu Xiang, wearing Air Max 360.
The last area is a special open area, invite you to share your Air Max story, but also through some special interactive design, bringing further experience the wonderful world of Air Max.
The machine consists of three devices, each device to simulate the different air pressure through interactive allow
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#446 von hvdfhmic 17.12.2016 - 09:11
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to visit Hong Kong, But! ! ! Our editors from the front to take the early evening, bringing the Air Max Con’s comprehensive coverage, including your immersive! Energy constantly!
Fringe (The Fringe Club) position from Jordan 8 Wellington new concept flagship store not far built 1892 Old Dairy Farm Depot, and has been listed as a historical building in Hong Kong. Since 1984, the Hong Kong Fringe Club will provide this public contemporary art space, rent-free exhibition and performance venue in Hong Kong or overseas artists.
The Hong Kong Air Max Con is divided into four layers, each layer has a plurality of zones, subdivided into eight major projects, sports shoes lovers talk about the heritage of the famous Nike Air unit in technology, design and innovation epic trip. Visitors can create exclusive personal NIKEiD Studio in the Air Max shoes, Air Max up with people face to face (through videos listen to legends nine senior Air Max collectors), to explore the latest products in cooperation HTM HTM Kitchen,
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#445 von hvdfhmic 17.12.2016 - 09:04
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Movers and shakers in the world of brand shoes, still unshakable, is quite influential, the NBA basketball god endorsement JORDAN BRAND Jordan series of shoes. Year output light shoes sit tight, let Jordan retired sports stars richest championship every year. The endless engraved shoes every time you always snatch the purse, is in fact a slightly Jordan series also involving many different areas of sports activities, but also signed a number of sports stars have influence. Now take a look at the Jordan family of brands in addition to basketball shoes, also we had had any shoes in different areas of it.
▼ 1. Climbing shoes
Senior shoes, fans are not familiar with the six generations of Jordan facelift designed AJB 6 hiking shoes, when the Japanese fashion industry is quite red, is a very successful case.
Climbing shoes
Climbing shoes
▼ 2. Football shoes
In fact, many American football star feet the shoes, a closer look at Jordan series basketball shoes are in the
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#444 von bahiau6hz1g 14.12.2016 - 11:08
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PCM MLC chip.jpg" />

IBM's phase-change memory chip uses circuitry that is 90nm wide and could someday challenge NAND flash memory's market dominance.

"What is happening across the industry with multiple competing technologies to NAND flash is the memory that goes into SSDs today will be replaced by something very close to the performance of system memory," Pappas said. "So now,cheap jordans for sale, it's the approximate speed as system memory,cheap retro jordans, but yet it's also non-volatile. So it's a big change in computing architecture."

For example, last year IBM announced a breakthrough in phase-change memory that could lead to the development of solid-state chips that can store as much data as NAND flash technology but with 100 times the performance, better data integrity and vastly longer life spans.

The SNIA Non-Volatile Memory Programming Technical Working Group, which includes representatives of a who's who of hardware and software vendors,cheap real jordans, is working on three specifications. First, the group wants to improve the speed of operating systems by enabling them to recognize when a faster flash medium is available. Second,cheap jordan shoes, it wants to give applications direct access to the flash through the operating system. And third,cheap jordans free shipping, it wants to enable new NVMs to be used as system memory.

"Most significantly,real cheap jordans retro, when you use non-volatile memory in the future, you can use as part of it for your memory hierarchy and not just [mass] storage," Pappas said.

The companies backing the specifications effort include IBM, Dell, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, NetApp, Fujitsu,


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#443 von jerezm4ar9p 14.12.2016 - 11:07
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or four astronauts floating around could have done that,www.cheap-jordan.net, and there's no way we could have built the space station without robotics. Just impossible."

But now that the shuttle fleet has officially been retired,amassdenver.com, where do space robotics go from here? Well, they go much deeper into space,cheap retro jordans, said Roberts.

Robotic probes will be sent to asteroids to pluck up material and send it back to scientists on Earth,cheap jordans, for instance. Robotic rovers will continue to study the surface of Mars,cheap air jordan shoes.

And if humans are sent to back to the moon or to Mars for the first time, robots are likely to proceed them,cheap real jordans, digging for water and setting up an outpost that will keep humans sheltered and safe in a harsh and unfamiliar environment.

"Human-robotic cooperation -- I think it's an area that NASA is studying," Roberts said. "We're looking at roles that robots play, roles that humans play when they're there together with robots, and the roles robots will have after humans leave."

It should be a time of great advancement in robotics. And it will be key to humans moving deeper into outer space, said Roberts.

Actually, the Obama administration's new plan for NASA is for commercial companies to focus on building what essentially will be space taxis, while space engineers focus on things like next-generation heavy-lift engines

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Samsung cheap jordans online Galax

#442 von adiost7ae7d 14.12.2016 - 11:07
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.html">debuted in the company's new Altoona,cheap jordans, Iowa, data center in November and will be deployed at its other facilities over time. But the 6-pack is not limited to the current role or configurations Facebook is using. It's an architecture that will let Facebook assemble any size switch using common building blocks, and others will be able to extend the design into different configurations to suit their needs.


A key feature of the 6-pack is its backplane, the element that links the interface modules to each other so traffic can flow from one port to another inside the switch. Instead of a proprietary interface,cheap jordans online, the backplane uses standard Ethernet, though it carries packets across a printed circuit board instead of on cables or fibers. Using Ethernet will make it easier for third parties to design their own port modules, Corddry said. The backplane is ready for 100-Gigabit Ethernet to meet higher throughput demands in the future,jordans for cheap, he said.

cheap air jordans,"zone":"article/networking","POS":"BTF1","POSITIONDATA":"AMP_article_mobile_IMU2","articleId":"2883115","type":"news","typeId":"2","templateType":"article-default","categoryIds":[3498,cheap jordan shoes,3394,3777,3248,3020],"categorySlugs":["networking","data-center","social-media","open-source-tools",cheap real jordans,"computer-hardware"],"author":"Stephen

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#441 von atsonx1lu7f 14.12.2016 - 11:02
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included,cheap jordan shoes, which is the way that terminal manufacturers are making them,cheap jordans, Duncan said. The NRF has argued that it will cost U.S. merchants up to $35 billion to install new chip card readers,cheap jordans for sale, but it would only cost "a little bit more" for banks to put PINs on new chip cards and to update their systems,cheap jordans for sale, he said.

"Retailers are spending, but banks don't want to invest one cent more in improving their product," Duncan said.

Duncan also criticized the FBI for altering the fraud warning to water down references to PIN technology, contrary to a year-old presidential order affecting federal government payments. "It's interesting that their revised statement ignores the executive order from President Obama to issue new chip cards with PINs," he said.

Duncan referred

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#440 von amblei6fn8q 14.12.2016 - 10:59
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,cheap real jordans

Photon is a futuristic match-three puzzle game designed in the drop-down style of Tetris. Your goal is to clear screens by connecting brightly colored discs with your finger. The app, developed by Bifrost Studios, is free on Google Play but requires an in-app purchase of $0.99 for full functionality. Unfortunately, while Photon is fun and addictive, it suffers from multiple performance issues that its designer needs to address.


Photon features simple, easy-to-learn gameplay that involves using both your finger and your device's accelerometer.

In the game, colored



#439 von rtegam9zs2i 14.12.2016 - 10:58
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The services helped reduce capital and operational costs,cheap jordans, got more applications into the hands of more workers on more devices and allowed for tighter authentication practices, says Patrick Wirtz, innovation manager for Walsh Group.

+ Also on Network World: Microsoft patch Tuesday focuses solely on Windows | Enterprises win as clo...ware vendors duke it out +

Walsh saved $200,cheap jordans for sale,000 in capital costs and lops 20% off operational costs for disaster recovery by using the Office 365 rather than buying more servers to handle recovery and managing them in-house, he says.

Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) brought multi-factor authentication to logins as well as the ability to more effectively assign and revoke rights,real cheap jordans retro, and to allow users to reset their own passwords, he says.

That’s all good,cheap air jordans, but he admits that buying into the cloud services in the first place meant accepting Microsoft’s word about security since Microsoft doesn’t reveal a lot of details about how its cloud is secured. “There is definitely a leap of faith,real cheap jordans retro,” he says.


But Microsoft says it meets a host of security standards and regulations that can be

New cheap real jordans H-1B bill will 'h

#438 von urikea5qi9b 14.12.2016 - 10:54
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that I asked iPhone to remember my VPN password,cheap air jordans, it insisted on asking me for it every time I tried to log in.

Power on

The iPhone tech specs claim battery life of up to eight hours of talk time, six hours of Internet use, seven hours of video playback, 24 hours of audio playback, and 250 hours of standby time. Apple arrived at these figures under testing conditions that may not necessarily reflect your own use.

Macworld is running battery tests of our own, and we'll post the findings once we have them. But Macworld staff have been impressed with the anecdotal results we've seen so far, given the number of tasks you can throw at the iPhone -- often at once.

The AT&T factor

Unlike other

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Samsung cheap real jo

#437 von arreq0ov4h6 14.12.2016 - 10:52
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of shared network drives,cheap air jordan shoes, which eliminates each user having to crawl those repositories.

You search from the interface's simple button bar or open the search dialog box. Here the software's sophistication is quickly apparent. To start,cheap jordans online, your search request can include common syntax,cheap real jordans, such as quote marks around phrases or a plus sign in front of any word or phrase that's required.

Interesting, dtSearch lets you search files that it hasn't indexed. This feature could prove to be a real time saver, say, when you're handed a removable hard disk and have little time to sift through the documents it contains. You can also perform a "combination" search – one that queries both indexed and non-indexed folders. There are many other advanced settings, including phonetic searches and synonyms. In all you get more than 24 indexed,real cheap jordans retro, unindexed,cheap jordans, and full text search options.

Combining these features as needed, I always found the document I wanted,cheap air jordans, in less than one second.

Yet even without the advanced selections, dtSearch's natural language algorithms did a very good job on "plain English" search requests. Here, the software automatically weights terms by their frequency and position in documents.

Like other products in this review, dtSearch highlights hits in native HTML, XML and PDF files in the large preview pane. The software does the same for word processor, database, spreadsheet and e-mail – but it must first convert them to HTML format for display.

Indexing Microsoft Exchange and Outlook e-mail worked well, but there's a caveat with large PST files. First, dtSearch will index live context in your Outlook profile (it also indexes Outlook Express DBX files)

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#436 von donnj2mn5x8 14.12.2016 - 10:49
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height="250" json="{"targeting":{"URL":"http://www.computerworld.com/article/3102065/social-media/make-a-wish-facebook-rolls-out-birthday-videos-to-help-you-celebrate.amp.html","zone":"article-blog/social-media","POS":"BTF1","POSITIONDATA":"AMP_article_mobile_IMU2",cheap air jordan shoes,"articleId":"3102065","type":"newsanalysis","typeId":"7",cheap jordans free shipping,"templateType":"article-default","categoryIds":[3777,3547],"categorySlugs":["social-media",cheap real jordans,"internet"],"author":"Rebecca Linke","page_type":"","insiderContent":"false"} }">

Live video. 360-degree videos. Friendship anniversary videos...the social media giant has been expanding the variety of videos its 1.7 billion users watch...The move could help Facebook attract more video advertising as people turn to their smartphones to watch videos online,cheap real jordans.


“We’re going to become video first”...Mark Zuckerberg said.

Like most Facebook features, some people will love it, some people won't. Morgan Paige, for one,real cheap jordans retro, isn't going to make Facebook's job any easier:

Facebook notifications are great for reminding me about people that I don't care about! I unfriend a lot of people on their birthday.

amassdenver.com.com/mobile_section" width="300" height="250"

Spending c

Post-PC cheap retro jordans Microsoft signs

#435 von emiah45ri0p 11.12.2016 - 17:10
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,cheap air jordans

Salesforce.com is taking steps to combine its acquisitions in social media monitoring and social advertising with its core CRM (customer relationship management) software through a new product called Social.com.

The new product, which was announced Tuesday, takes the social advertising campaign management software Salesforce.com gained through the purchase of Buddy Media and adds integrations with social media data from its Radian6 offering as well as customer information from CRM systems.

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#434 von artin30qn8j 11.12.2016 - 17:07
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http://www.computerwor...k.rss_consumerizationofit Jonny Evans

Needham & Co analyst, Laura Martin, set the cat among the pigeons this week with her latest Apple analysis,cheap jordan shoes, calling it “an arms dealer that dominates the wealthiest segment” of the smartphone industry. It’s an extensive and extremely interesting report,jordans for cheap, and I’ve glanced through it to cherry-pick a few ideas.
Arms dealer,www.cheap-jordan.net?

Martin’s not talking about weaponry,cheap retro jordans, of course. She’s simply pointing out Apple’s dominant position in the emerging global ecosystem for content and intellectual capital distribution.

To read this article i...omment, please click here

http://www,cheap jordans online.computerworld,real cheap jordans retro.com/article/3053900/apple-ios/apple-is-an-arms-dealer-analyst-claims.html#tk.rss_consumerizationofit Katherine Noyes

When Mark Pickett was a captain in the Marines, he knew he couldn't be there to make every decision for his soldiers.

"You can't rehearse every scenario, and there will be times when you can't communicate," he explained. "You want to groom your Marines to be able to rely on themselves and their unit."

It's not so different in the business world in this era of big data.

Now senior director for online analytics and business intelligence at Sears, Pickett has been an early champion of the so-called citizen data scientist movement, by which employees in multiple parts of an organization are empowered with the analytics tools and skills to get the answers they need from their data.

To read this article i...omment, please click here

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Computerworld cheap jordan

A cheap air jordans U.S.

#433 von hered47oq5a 11.12.2016 - 17:04
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Flash memory is inside your smartphone, GPS, MP3 player, digital camera,cheap jordans free shipping, PC and the USB drive on your key chain. Solid-state drives (SSD) using flash memory are replacing hard drives in netbooks and PCs and even some server installations. Needing no batteries or other power to retain data,cheap jordans for sale, flash is convenient and relatively foolproof.


Flash memory is a solid-state chip that maintains stored data without any external power source. It is commonly used in portable electronics and removable storage devices, and to replace computer hard drives.

As with other solid-state technologies, flash memory's history includes rapidly increasing capacity,cheap-jordan.net, ever-smaller physical sizes and continually falling prices.

Flash memory is a type of electronically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM),cheap retro jordans, memory chips that retain information without requiring power. (This is different from flash RAM, which does need power to retain data.) Regular EEPROM erases content byte by byte; most flash memory erases data in whole blocks, making it suitable for use with applications where large amounts of data require frequent updates. Inside the flash chip,cheap jordans, data is stored in cells protected by floating gates. Tunneling electrons change the gate's electronic charge in "a flash" (hence the name),amassdenver.com, clearing the cell of

Q&A cheap real jordan

Computerworld c

#432 von drick72uu5t 11.12.2016 - 17:03
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candidates,cheap jordans online, Donald Trump, the billionaire developer,cheap jordans online, has emerged as the chief H-1B critic for his party. Like Sanders,cheap jordans free shipping, Trump wants prevailing wages increased. Another candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), is on the cusp of reversing his previously supportive position and is working on reform legislation.

Republican candidates who are seen as H-1B supporters and would likely back an increase in the annual cap on the visas are former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Sen,cheap jordans for sale. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

Hillary Clinton may be more aligned with Rubio and Bush than she is with Sanders on the H-1B issue. While serving as a U.S. senator representing New York, Clinton traveled to Buffalo in 2003 to mark the opening of an office of IT services provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). That was 12 years ago,www.cheap-jordan.net, but the H-1B issue was very much a subject of controversy by then. TCS is one of the largest users of the H-1B visa,cheap air jordan shoes.

The Clinton links to the IT offshore

Inside j

#431 von maine99ei6i 11.12.2016 - 17:03
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Middleware, are licensed to other software developers who then use them in their own products. Such products include Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise, IBM WebSphere Portal, Google Search Appliance, Avira AntiVir for Exchange,cheap retro jordans, Raytheon SureView, Guidance Encase and Veritas Enterprise Vault.

Oracle did not list the third-party products that are affected. However,cheap retro jordans, an advisory from the CERT Coordination Center about several similar vulnerabilities in Oracle OIT that were patched in January comes with a long list of affected products from many large software vendors.

It's not clear how many of those products are also affected by the newly patched seventeen flaws,www.cheap-jordan.net, because some of them might not use all of the vulnerable SDKs or might include other limiting factors.

Oracle assigned a score of 8.6 in the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) to the flaws, which means a high severity rating. However, the score was calculated on the assumption that the affected software passes data received over a network directly to the vulnerable OIT code,cheap jordan shoes, which might not happen in all cases.

Where this is true,cheap real jordans, attackers can exploit the flaws to execute rogue code on systems by sending specifically crafted content to applications using the vulnerable OIT SDKs.


The Cisco researchers confirmed that Microsoft Exchange servers (version 2013 and earlier) are affected if they have the WebReady Document Viewing enabled. According to Microsoft documentation,cheap jordans online, this feature lets users view common file types like .doc, .pdf, .ppt and .xls directly in the Outlook Web App web browser.

OSI cheap jordans free...pping approves Microsoft

Isis cheap jordans fre...ping CTO accuses retaile

#430 von veVon83wg4h 11.12.2016 - 17:03
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new Mi Note is not to be confused with the company's budget friendly line, the Redmi Note,cheap retro jordans, nor the large-screened devices of the same name from...Samsung.

The new phablet, if Lei Jun is to be believed, is set to go head-to-head with Apple's iPhone 6 Plus, at less than half the price. ... Xiaomi claims it has a patent for the rear 13-megapixel camera. ... For the selfie-loving crowd...the front camera uses a 4-megapixel sensor.

Power users...can look forward to the the Mi Note Pro,jordans for cheap, which will be one of the first few phones to sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor. ... It will retail [at] $530.??

So Bogdan Petrovan describes the curved glass for us: [Yes; better,cheap real jordans; good work -Ed.]

The Mi Note sports beautiful glass on both the front and the back. The protective screen glass...edges are slightly curved,real cheap jordans retro, just like on the Note 4 or iPhone 6 Plus. The glass on the back is positively curved however, gently hugging the phone’s sloping side. ... This is the first design with a curved glass back – it sure looks interesting,cheap air jordan shoes, but durability may take a hit.

Other features...include Hi-Fi audio thanks to a ESS audio decoder and fast charging. ... The Mi Note isn’t a budget affair, and that is visible in everything from specs to design.??

Meanwhile,cheap jordan shoes,

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