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gepostet am 07.01.2016 von FunnyMichl
Das Jahr 2016 hat angefangen und auch wir haben ein paar Neuigkeiten:

Vielen dank an unseren Sponsor http://www.netstack.de der heute Nacht alles umgezogen hat und nun offiziell unser Sponsor ist...
Wir freuen uns auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit..

Wir von enzaY.eSports werden dieses Jahr mit einem weiteren Team die eSport szene stürmen..


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#496 von aaaaa1987 16.11.2017 - 04:49
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#495 von aaaaa1987 16.11.2017 - 04:48
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it is ok

#494 von colinr2ms0n 03.11.2017 - 04:28
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killing field,amassdenver.com.

Always quick to reach for superlatives,cheap retro jordans, US news organisations have dubbed the Route 91 Harvest Festival carnage in America's "sin city" as the "largest mass killing in modern US history". Others dispute this, insisting not only that the definition of "mass killing" is debatable, but also that slaughters in Louisiana in 1873 and in St. Louis in 1917 still reign supreme.

While journalists quibble and contemplate redundant questions like who and why, I suspect that many people inside and outside America have become inured to the ugly, deadly pantomime they've seen unfold so often, in so many cities, to so many innocents. Massacre fatigue set in long ago.?

The familiar ritual goes like this. First comes the dramatic "breaking news" banner and music,cheap retro jordans, instantly followed by speculation about whether a non-white, non-Christian "terrorist" is responsible for the still unravelling mayhem. Then, the tally of slain and injured grows tentatively, but inexorably ultimately to convert the "breaking news" into a "national tragedy".

READ MORE: Las Vegas shooting - What,cheap jordans online, where

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#493 von amedag0ui4u 03.11.2017 - 04:16
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lang="EN-GB"> their coreligionists in Yemen,cheap jordan shoes, the Houthi rebels.

This is likely so that Iran can extend its strategic influence across the Gulf of Aden as well as reinforce its current friendly relations with Oman to secure its interests in the Gulf of Oman,cheap retro jordans.

OPINION: The US had no choice but to involve Iran in Syria talks

With Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah-dominated Lebanon already under its sway,cheap jordans free shipping, Iran's control over critical southern Red Sea and Gulf energy trade routes would mean that it would have almost entirely encircled its regional rival, Saudi Arabia.

In all of the above fronts, Iran has heavily relied upon an veritable army of militant "jihadists",cheap jordans, ranging from the Lebanese Hezbollah organisation who have been fighting in Syria for years, to the dozens of sectarian Iraqi militias such as Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq, to the Fatemiyon Division of tens of thousands of Afghan Shia, some of whom have been given a choice of either being pressed into military service or else facing judicial sentences for drug trafficking - an offence that carries the death penalty

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#492 von oreroc1el5t 03.11.2017 - 02:58
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Cyclone Chapala has tracked west from its position in the Arabian Sea, potentially taking it on a path towards eastern Yemen's war-torn sea port of Mukalla and its population of 300,000 people.

The storm is expected to bring torrential rain, thunderstorms,online air jordan, strong winds and damaging storm surges when it makes landfall on Monday evening.

Mukalla could see up to 500mm of rain from the cyclone - more than seven times its average yearly rainfall of 70mm. Such an amount would cause widespread flooding,cheap jordan shoes, and given the rugged terrain, also lead to flash flooding and landslides.

While Chapala began to weaken on Saturday night after reaching strength equivalent of Category 4 status a day earlier, the cyclone was still packing sustained winds of about 200km/h,cheap jordans for sale,?according to the US navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Center(JTWC).

The JTWC reported that Chapala was expected to continue weakening as it closed in on the coast over the next 36 hours, but it was still on track to make landfall as a major storm with sustained winds of about 130 km/h on Monday evening.


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#491 von atelj1lv8z2 03.11.2017 - 02:25
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By holding parliamentary elections on October 18,cheap jordans online, Egypt completes the third and final phase of the roadmap and, presumably,cheap retro jordans, another transition on the road to democracy, as the military-backed regime claims. The new parliament will draw the lines between the executive and legislative authorities to determine whether they will be blurred or well-defined.

Egypt has been without a parliament since June 2012,cheap jordans for sale, thus,cheap jordans online, allowing General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to wield massive executive and legislative powers.

The elections take place within a climate of?severe repression of fundamental freedoms of expression, assembly, and the press. Sisi's anti-protest law, anti-terrorism law, and NGO laws have thrown real contenders out of the competition.

The most serious opponent, the Muslim Brotherhood, has been under severe regime crackdown; its political party has been banned, and the group?

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#490 von arker7a0e8g 03.11.2017 - 00:45
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Officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines prepare for this week's papal visit [Reuters]


Ted Regencia

Manila, Philippines?- On November 27, 1970, just minutes after arriving in Manila, Pope Paul VI escaped an assassination plot?when Bolivian artist Benjamin Mendoza slipped through airport security in a priest's robe and slashed the leader of the Catholic church with a dagger, barely missing his throat.

Almost 25 years later?in 1995,?Pope John Paul II dodged a

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#489 von aughn60j0jt 03.11.2017 - 00:05
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contain three-to-five ingredients,cheap jordan shoes.

The smokiness of the El Peloton de la Muerte mezcal in the Border Patrol ($9) paired successfully with the sweet notes from its maple syrup and Cointreau triple sec. The Bloody Mule ($9), properly served in a copper mug, had surprising depth thanks to the floral Fruitlab ginger liqueur and the clear potato Luksusowa vodka. The Mule's use of blood-orange syrup provided just enough of a twist on a familiar cocktail.

The king of the foursome was the Black Manhattan ($9), whose inclusion of brandied cherries and the Italian digestif Averna Amaro resulted in a deep black cherry flavor. When it crept toward being too sweet, the rightful and true star - Medley Bros. bourbon from Owensboro,cheap retro jordans, Ky. - grounded the cocktail with its bold, woodsy flavor.

The menu never tries to do too much,cheap jordans for sale, and that includes its beer and wine offerings. (Even the food, with its small plates and two entrees,cheap air jordan shoes, lacked excess.) All eight draft options were craft, including Baltimore's Stillwater Brontide porter ($6), Monkton's Millstone Farmgate Cider ($7) and imports like Duchesse de Bourgogne Sour ($cool from Belgium and the classic German pilsner Bitburger ($5). Seven types of white wine and five types of red ($8-$10 per glass) will likely not blow sommeliers away, but like its beer,cheap real jordans, 1157 smartly offers a variety of brands located across

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#488 von irenv8xq4m5 02.11.2017 - 20:13
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civilians would be safe from harm,cheap pandora bracelets?


The need to prioritise civilian protection in Syria could form the basis of a serious discussion about the UN’s role in the country. Before the failure of the ceasefire and its suspension of aid, the UN had been under increasing pressure to explain the imbalance of where its agencies were delivering aid.

In June, the Syria Campaign accused the UN of delivering 99 percent of its aid to government-controlled territories,cheap pandora charms for sale, and called on it to "restore its impartiality".

A wider audit of the UN's approach to the politics of aid in a conflict dominated by the civilianisation of violence is long overdue. This should recognise that aid is being used as a weapon and a source of income,cheap pandora rings for sale.

As a recent European Council on Foreign Relations report explained,cheap pandora bracelets, the "supply of humanitarian aid to besieged areas is a particularly important source of revenue for militias and their business cronies,cheap pandora jewelry for sale, who use their presence on the ground to oversee or block the distribution of goods".

Also as a largely symbolic, but nevertheless important,cheap pandora earrings for sale, part of this

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#487 von atelj1lv8z2 02.11.2017 - 19:56
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they are part of a team and not divided along tribal lines.&quot,cheap pandora bracelets;

It's a big barrier to break down. Tension between South Sudan's two main ethnic groups has been exacerbated by the two-year conflict,cheap pandora charms, which began in December 2013.

It started after President Salva Kiir, who is from the Dinka group,cheap pandora charms for sale, accused his former deputy Riek Machar, a Nuer, of plotting a coup.

At times the fighting was divided along ethnic lines, but after two years,www.realcheappandora.com, those lines have been blurred with shifting alliances and other outbreaks of violence not connected to the rivalry between Machar and Kiir.

READ MORE:?Rebel leaders return to South Sudan pledging peace

Obob's students have been caught up in the violence. Just days after the civil war started,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, one of the most promising fighters, James Kuol,?went missing.


The kickboxing programme has been an outlet for local youths since South Sudan's independence in 2011 [Caitlin McGee/Al Jazeera]

Kuol was considered a rising star in African kickboxing,cheap pandora rings. He?held a world

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#486 von Jam12 30.10.2017 - 22:17
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#485 von urikea5qi9b 26.10.2017 - 05:08
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#484 von 6pt6whaymon 26.10.2017 - 04:58
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external-gallery" data-action="external-gallery" data-target="/pictures/slideshow/2023">
,cheap pandora rings for sale

I was lucky enough to be part of the Strictly Come Dancing class of 2013, Sir Brucie’s final series.

Frankly,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, I couldn’t take my eyes of the master. I was fascinated by this astounding opportunity to watch Sir Brucie work,cheap pandora bracelets, for that is precisely what he did.

He worked ferociously at every “spontaneous” gag because he knew precisely how much hard graft it takes to make an aside appear naturally extemporised,cheap pandora bracelets. He worked at every catchphrase until the entire nation felt it in its very DNA.&nbsp,cheap pandora jewelry;

He fine-tuned his dance routines until they seeped into his bones and body like running water. He worked the audience until every doubter became a worshipper.&nbsp,cheap pandora rings for sale;

Unbeknownst to viewers at home,cheap pandora rings for sale, Brucie chose an audience member in his warm-up to every show, drew her from her seat and into his arms and executed an elegant waltz around the floor making her feel lighter than a feather in his arms.

Even more transfixing to watch was his loving relationship with the beautiful wife he called Winnie.&nbsp,cheap pandora earrings;

He hung on her every word. She adored and encouraged him in all he accomplished,cheap pandora rings for sale,cheap pandora jewelry,www.pandoracharmsforcheap.com.

Sir Bruce was a magnificently talented man,cheap pandora bracelets, a titan of television

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#483 von ldinev2hs9v 26.10.2017 - 03:55
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they unveil a commemorative plaque - French President Francois Hollande and mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo lay a wreath of flowers as they unveil a commemorative plaque The new facade of the Bataclan concert hall is seen after months of renovations at the site almost one year after a series of attacks at several sites in Paris - The new facade of the Bataclan concert hall is seen after months of renovations at the site almost one year after a series of attacks at several sites in Paris Bullet holes can be seen in the windows outside Le Carillon in Paris - Bullet holes can be seen in the windows outside Le Carillon in Paris Bullet holes and smashed windows in restaurants and buildings on Rue De La Folie-Mèricourt,cheap pandora bracelets for sale,cheap pandora jewelry, Paris - Bullet holes and smashed windows in restaurants and buildings on Rue De La Folie-Mèricourt,cheap pandora rings for sale,cheap pandora rings for sale, Paris Bullet holes and smashed windows in restaurants and buildings on Rue De La Folie-Mèricourt,cheap pandora jewelry, Paris - Bullet holes and smashed windows in restaurants and buildings on Rue De La Folie-Mèricourt,cheap pandora jewelry for sale,cheap pandora bracelets, Paris Blood and tributes on the left outside Le Carillon bar,cheap pandora charms,cheap pandora charms for sale,cheap pandora jewelry, Paris - Blood and tributes on the left outside Le Carillon bar,cheap pandora jewelry,cheap pandora bracelets, Paris Eagles of Death Metal live at the Bataclan - Eagles of Death Metal live at the Bataclan Eagles of Death Metal live at the Bataclan - Eagles of Death Metal live at the Bataclan Eagles of Death Metal live at the Bataclan - Eagles

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#482 von drick72uu5t 25.10.2017 - 05:06
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But like all TV news operations, from MSNBC to Fox News, there are certain narratives Al Jazeera English favors. And that also helps explain why Baltimore, with its seemingly endless backdrop of boarded-up rowhouses, is a favorite of the channel.
"Their basic approach to narrative is that they favor the interests of what they call the Global South," Seib says,www.cheapjordan1s.com, "which has never been the case with the American and European broadcasting giants in the past. They're sensitive to the idea that they are giving voice to and adopting the outlook of parts of the world that in the past were very much just passive recipients and have been condescended to."
The term Global South is geographic,cheap jordans for sale, using the equator as a dividing line.
"North is the U.S.,cheap air jordan shoes, Western Europe and Russia, for that matter,cheap real jordans," Seib says. "South is black Africa,cheap retro jordans, Latin America and South Asia."
Mohammed el-Nawawy, author of "Al-Jazeera: The Story of the Network That Is Rattling Governments and Redefining Modern Journalism," adds that the channel sees U.S. locations like inner-city Baltimore as just as much a part of the Global South landscape as Asian or African nations that suffered centuries under colonial rule.

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#481 von urikel6iq5t 25.10.2017 - 03:27
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#480 von Dan12j 20.10.2017 - 21:49
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#479 von brown05qz6n 18.10.2017 - 06:42
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style="position: relative;">

10:58: Those starting XI’s will be dropping any moment folks,jordans for cheap. I’ve got a sneaky suspicion Arsene Wenger is going to make nine or ten changes from Thursday’s win over BATE Borisov,cheap jordan shoes.

10:55: Don’t let me be lonely today folks. That might be the neediest thing I’ve ever said…

You can get involved by commenting at the bottom of the page, voting on today’s poll or contacting me on Twitter.

It might be nice for someone other than sex-robots getting in touch on social media,promdressok.com. No that I don’t appreciate their graphic imagery.

Too revealing,www.promdressok.com? Yep. I agree.

10:50: Good morning folks, welcome to our LIVE coverage of Arsenal vs Brighton,cheap air jordan shoes.

First of all, what kind of ungodly hour is this?! Sunday mornings should be reserved for sitting in your pants and eating eating bacon sandwiches.

Instead, I was up at the crack of dawn, sitting in a train carriage chock-a-block full of Brighton

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#478 von kicksTking 10.10.2017 - 22:15
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A man has been hailed as a hero after catching a young girl whose mother threw her from the window of Grenfell Tower as it burned.
The four-year-old is safe and uninjured after a brave man called Pat, who lives in a low-rise block next to the tower,?caught her “like a rugby ball tucked in his chest” from the fifth floor.
However,cheap jordans online,http://users.atw.hu/downfall-team/index.php?site=forum_topic&topic=6921cheapjordanshoesfreeshipping.com/bolg, witnesses fear the worst for her mother,http://www.saturnotruco.com/foro/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=417018cheapjordanshoesfreeshipping.com/bolg,cheap jordans free shipping, as the flat was engulfed in flames seconds after the small child was thrown out.
Resident Kadelia Woods, 20,http://www.event.kh.ua/search/node/cheapjordanshoesfreeshipping.com/bolg,cheap retro jordans, told The Sun: “The mum had the little girl’s head wrapped in a towel and was holding her out of the window and was screaming for help. The fire was raging like crazy. It was about 2am and the flat was filled with smoke.

Boris Johnson has&nbsp,cheap authentic jordans;accused the statistics watchdog&nbsp,cheap air jordans;of “wilfully distorting” his words in an extraordinary spat over the claim that Britain will gain ,cheap jordan shoes?350 million per week from Brexit,cheap jordans for sale.

The Foreign Secretary engaged in a tit-for-tat public row with Sir David Norgrove, chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, during which each man effectively accused the other of lying.

Last year Sir David rubbished claims made by Mr Johnson during the Leave campaign that Britain would be ?350m per week better off when it left the EU, pointing out that rebates and EU subsidies to the UK meant the net figure was almost ?200m lower.

In an article published for Telegraph, Mr Johnson revisited the claim, saying that: “We will take back control of roughly ?350 million per week. It would be a fine thing... if a lot of that money went on the NHS.”

A front-page article about his essay was headlined: “Boris: Yes, we will take back ?350m from EU for NHS.”

Sir David, who once worked as Margaret Thatcher's private secretary, wrote to the Foreign Secretary today saying he was “surprised and disappointed” that the claim - which was even disowned by the former Ukip leader Nigel Farage after the referendum - had been repeated by him.

He accused him of “a clear misuse of official statistics”. He wrote: “I am surprised and disappointed that you have chosen to repeat the figure of ?350 million per week, in connection with the amount that might be available for extra public spending when we leave the European Union.

“This confuses gross and net contributions. It also assumes that payments currently made to the UK by the EU, including for example for the support of agriculture and scientific research, will not be paid by the UK government when we leave.”

Mr Johnson, apparently rattled, quickly hit back, with his spokesman texting lobby journalists to say: “Boris has spoken to Norgrove and he has made clear that he was complaining about the headlines and not Boris' piece and, in fact, admitted that Boris' wording in the piece was absolutely fine."

Not so, said Sir David. Less than an hour later, a spokesman for the UK Statistics Authority said: "Sir David Norgrove does not believe the issues lie solely with the headlines. He has not changed the conclusion set out in his letter to the Foreign Secretary."

In other words, it was Mr Johnson’s words he had a problem with, not the headline. Within minutes, Mr Johnson’s spokesman was texting again.

“We stand by what we said earlier regarding the call with David Norgrove and the ?350m figure.” Journalists were briefed that Mr Johnson was “pretty angered” by what Sir David had said, “and thinks it’s wrong”.

The Foreign Secretary then fired off a 550-word letter to Sir David, accusing him of a “complete misrepresentation” of his claims about Brexit and urged him to withdraw the criticism.

Where Sir David had been “surprised and disappointed” by Mr Johnson’s claims, Mr Johnson was “surprised and disappointed by your letter”.

He said it was “based on what appeared to be a wilful distortion of the text of my article”.

He said that “taking back control” of ?350m was not the same as saying there would be an extra ?350m available for public spending “and I am amazed that you should impute such a statement to me”.

The letter ends: “If you had any concerns about my article, it would of course have been open to you to address the points with me in private rather than in this way in a public letter. As it is, if you seriously disagree with any of the above, I look forward to hearing your reasoning.”

With each man seemingly determined to have the last word, a spokesman for Sir David said the letter “doesn’t alter his view”.

Hetan Shah, the chief executive of the Royal Statistical Society, said Mr Johnson was playing a "dangerous game" in seeking to "undermine" the independent regulator of public statistics.

He added: "This will not end well."

Labour's Chuka Umunna said: "Yet again Boris's outright lying has been exposed by Britain's statistics watchdog. The ?350m figure was simply wrong during the referendum campaign, and it's wrong now.”

#477 von yaoxuemei 25.09.2017 - 09:44
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