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Das Jahr 2016 hat angefangen und auch wir haben ein paar Neuigkeiten:

Vielen dank an unseren Sponsor http://www.netstack.de der heute Nacht alles umgezogen hat und nun offiziell unser Sponsor ist...
Wir freuen uns auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit..

Wir von enzaY.eSports werden dieses Jahr mit einem weiteren Team die eSport szene stürmen..


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What good is big data if you don't have the proper tools to make sense of it? A startup,cheap air jordans, Kyvos Insights,cheap jordans, can transform terabytes of information stored on Hadoop clusters into easy-to-parse data cubes,cheap jordan shoes, the format business analysts prefer.

"We focus on making big data interactive and usable to the business user,cheap jordans for sale," said Ajay Anand,cheap real jordans, Kyvos's vice president of products. "We can do online analytical processing [OLAP] at massive scale."

The Kyvos software can work with any major Hadoop distribution, including those from Cloudera,cheap jordans for sale, Hortonworks and MapR, and the stock distribution from Apache Software. Users can parse the results using Kyvos's own software or third-party programs such as Microsoft Excel or Tableau's data visualization software.

The aim of the software is to format the unstructured data captured by Hadoop into the familiar OLAP patterns that form the basis of much business intelligence software. In particular, the software can merge data from different sources into a single data cube.

A data cube is a multidimensional array of values, often derived from two or more database tables. It's useful for comparing data across different silos, Anand said. For example, a company may want to look at sales figures from different regions to spot trends that aren't evident from examining any one area. All that information can be merged into a single data cube for easy inspection.

The Kyvos software is one of a number of Hadoop-based offerings that tie together the worlds of big data and traditional business intelligence. Apache

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evict them because they committed a lease violation. However,jordans for cheap, if they’ve been good tenants, you probably would prefer to work with them rather than have to find new tenants. It also concerns me that your tenants don’t want you to run a background check on their son, but it may just be that they don’t want him on their lease. You should put the acknowledgment in writing and get both of your tenants’ signatures. Late rent Q: I currently have tenants who have paid their rent late for six months. However, they are now paying on time. Their lease isn’t up for another year,cheap jordan shoes, but can I use their late-payment history as leverage to ask them to leave? I don’t want to constantly act like a collection agency. A: You can ask your tenants to leave, but they do have a binding lease that runs for another year. They violated the lease by paying their rent late,cheap jordans for sale, but when you accepted it you waived your right to file an eviction in that month. However, they may not mind terminating their lease early, since they appear to be having trouble covering their rent. If they don’t want to terminate their lease early, you should wait until they pay their rent late again to ask them to leave. At that time, you could file an eviction,www.bcheapjordans.com, but remember,cheap jordans, if you accept their late payment, you cannot file an eviction that month. Many landlords don’t want to spend money to file an eviction, especially since the tenants have the absolute right to redeem by paying all outstanding rent, plus the cost of eviction. Instead, the next time the rent is late, you could negotiate with your tenants,cheap jordans online, letting them know that you don’t want to file an eviction that will affect their rental history and cost you money. If your tenants agree to terminate the lease early, put that agreement in writing and have both

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programmer and technician are tasked with improving their wayfinding. For instance, if a patch of hallway gets especially sunny for an hour or two a day, the Tug's infrared camera might see that as an obstacle; it's the tech's job to teach the fleet to ignore those hurdles and keep going. What one robot learns, they all learn, and the Aethon team supporting the Tugs gets access to all the data,cheap jordans, helping refine routes for maximum efficiency. ?

And no,cheap-jordan.net, there is no Skynet contingency plan.

The most striking thing about these robots is how clunky and utilitarian they look. A stationary Tug in the hallway looks like your garden-variety trash cart. Of interest to CIOs is that each class of Tug is completely owned by the department that operates it: Housecleaning services is responsible for the guidance,real cheap jordans retro, loading, and scheduling of the linen-hauling robots,cheap jordan shoes, while janitorial staffers deal with the trash-hauling robots. IT only steps in when something's actually wrong.?

Any robot carrying anything sensitive (medical instruments, blood samples) comes with a combination lock to avoid theft, while pharmaceuticals require a fingerprint on the part of a hospital staffer. In fact,cheap jordans free shipping, hospital staff training included getting all 3,cheap real jordans,000 ?employees' and 500 physicians' fingerprints on file for this exact purpose.?

Matt Weinberger

Tug robots carrying pharmaceuticals have biometric locks to prevent drug theft.

The robots aren't where the cool technology ends at UCSF Medical

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seen that explode in the past five or six years. Our CFO and COO are huge proponents. Today,cheap jordans for sale, it's all about having a data-driven perspective."

Indeed,www.bcheapjordans.com, data and analytics permeate every business move that Ford makes,cheap retro jordans, from forecasting the price of commodities to figuring out what consumers want,cheap jordans online, what the company will build, where it should source parts and how to power its lineup of cars and trucks.

Crunching data behind the scenes are some 200 big data and analytics experts from a broad spectrum of disciplines. They work in what Ford calls analytics centers of excellence, which are found in various units of the $134 billion company,cheap-jordan.net, including marketing, research, credit services and others.

Since 2007, these analytics experts have contributed mightily to urgent strategic and tactical turnaround decisions, working on projects that ultimately decided issues such as which brands and models to discontinue, where to procure parts and materials,cheap jordans for sale, and how to enable dealers to tweak their inventories to improve sales.


Quarterly financial figures, Ford's stock performance and the company's most recent annual report tell the rest of the story so far. In 2009 -- one year after reporting a record $4.6 billion loss -- Ford posted a profit for the first time in four years. That same year, it launched 25 new vehicle lines and sold 2.3 million cars and trucks in the U.S., becoming the first brand to top the 2 million mark in U.S. sales since 2007. In October, the automaker reported its 17th consecutive profitable quarter.

Opinion How Apple can save MobileMe_6

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The two gears being polished mesh against each other at right angles while spinning as fast as 3,www.cheap-jordan.net,100 rpm, passing the same point of contact about 52 times per second. But Viewpoint was able to incorporate into the controller a real-time computing system from National Instruments (NI) that can analyze the response of the gears about 20 times faster than that, or about a thousand times per second.

"By looking at variations in the rotation speeds, we were able to detect high and low spots in the gears,cheap jordan shoes, and drive a secondary motor to adjust the torque,cheap retro jordans, pushing harder on high spots,cheap real jordans, backing off on low spots," explains Campbell. Therefore it can correct a problem spot as that spot is identified, while the spinning gears are still meshed at that spot.

"In the end we were able to improve lapping time by 30%," since the machine knows exactly when it's finished polishing a gear, rather than relying on averages, Campbell adds.

Real-time v,cheap jordans online. real fast

But while the results were positive, a frequency of a thousand times a second is hardly noteworthy in this age of gigahertz processors. As it turns out, however, real-time computing is not about speed.


"When people talk about real-time computing there are certain common misconceptions, especially that reacting in microseconds or nanoseconds makes the system real-time, and taking five minutes means it is not real-time," says Prashant Dubal,cheap real jordans, senior director of product management at Wind

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Moved Permanently
The document has moved here,cheap jordans for sale.
Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS) Server at blogs.computerworld.com Port 80

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TypeScript, Microsoft's variant of JavaScript, will be upgraded to version 1.5 this week.

Like TypeScript 1.4,cheap jordans online, the new version emphasizes conformance with the ECMAScript 6 specification,cheap jordans online, which serves as the basis for JavaScript. Version 1.5 simplifies the use of modules and supports the experimental Decorators function in ES7,www.bcheapjordans.com, for attaching metadata to classes and functions.

[ Need a JavaScript tool for your dev shop? InfoWorld looks at 17

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to Chicago.” “No, let me on, play for a few seconds I hit a few seconds.”)
(End midfielder Jordan lying almost dehydrated “never seen so tired you will feel Michael let him play is a cruel..” Steve – Cole said.)
(Section III, Jordan received only 2 points.)
(A little rest in the third quarter, in the fourth quarter leash. Pointer with 1 minute, Jordan’s single 11 points, helping the team score bite, 84 to 85.)
(Following the attack, life and death
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through 2015, according to the most recent data from theNational Health Interview Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Obama administration puts the total who have gained coverage under the ACA at 20 million through early 2016. U.S. Approval Ratings Bill Clinton said that the United States approval rating soared 20 percentage points during the time that Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. But analyses of the U.S.s global ratings dont support such a claim. Bill Clinton: Thats why the approval of the United States was 20 points higher when she left the Secretary of States office than when she took it. Hillary Clinton served as the United States secretary of state from January 21, 2009, to February 1, 2013. We asked the Clinton campaign to support this claim, but got no response. But three different international polls show the countrys approval ratings went up during Clintons tenure,jordans for cheap, but then dipped again before the end of her term, according to an analysisby Bloomberg Politics. Weighting the poll data from several different countries by their populations,cheap air jordans, Bloomberg found mixed results. The Toronto-based GlobeScan poll, which asks whether the U.S. is "having a mainly positive or mainly negative influence in the world," found that sentiment improved during the first two years of Clintons tenure, but fell to nearly the point where it was when she took office. The Pew Research Center, which asks, "Do you have a favorable or unfavorable view of the U.S.?" found the favorability rating of the U.S. rose steeply in 2009 and continued to improve through April 2010. But then "net favorability fell steeply, and continued to decline until just after her departure," Bloomberg stated. Gallups U.S.-Global Leadership Project, which asks,real cheap jordans retro, "Do you approve or disapprove of the job performance of the leadership of the United States?" didnt start polling until August 2009, seven months after Secretary Clintons start date. Bloomberg found that from August 2009 until the summer of 2011, the Gallup measure declined and then essentially remained flat for the next two years. None of this supports former President Clintons claim of a 20-point boost in U.S. approval. Furthermore, none of the polls asked specifically about the role of the secretary of State, as opposed to that of her boss, President Obama. Black Male Incarceration Rate Former Attorney General Eric Holder said "1 in 3 black men will be incarcerated in their lifetimes." Thats an outdated projection that assumed the incarceration rate for black males as of 2001 would remain unchanged, when in fact it has declined. Holder: At a time when our justice system is out of balance,cheap jordans online, when 1 in 3 black men will be incarcerated in their lifetimes, and when black defendants in the federal system receive sentences 20 percent longer than their white peers, we need a president who will end this policy of over-incarceration. It is accurate that black defendants in federal courts received sentences that are 19.5 percent longer than white defendants, according to a 2012 report by the Sentencing Commission,www.yourcellan.com, an independent agency within the judicial branch. In writing about the report, the Wall Street Journal said that the "racial gap has widened since the Supreme Court restored judicial discretion in sentencing in 2005." However, Holders statistic for the percentage of black males incarcerated over their lifetimes comes from

Opinion che

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Alden Park tenants call rent strike over 'substandard' conditions

Alan J. Heavens, STAFF WRITER

Updated: Friday, September 16, 2016, 7:38 PM

A living room with fireplace in one of the apartments at Alden Park.

About 40 tenants at the 764-unit Alden Park Manor are withholding their September rent to protest what they call "substandard" conditions at the Wissahickon Avenue apartment complex, which is undergoing renovations by its new owner, L3C Capital Partners of New York.
Alex Rudolph, copresident of the Alden Park Tenants Union, said that "while incremental improvements occur, overall, the units and common areas are grossly neglected."
"Tenants are paying substantial rents and expect professional,jordans for cheap, prompt, and quality repairs and service," Rudolph said, adding that "absentee owners and an absentee management company [Village Green] have made that difficult."
In response, LC3 Capital Partners,real cheap jordans retro, which paid $59 million for the 1920s-era complex in Philadelphia's East Falls section in fall 2015, said it was "systematically addressing all of Alden Parks issues and repairs as part of the renovation project."
"We purchased Alden Park a little over a year ago and have embarked upon a major $60-plus million renovation project to greatly improve the individual apartments and community as a whole in accordance with city guidelines," the owner said.
So far, nearly 250 apartments have been renovated, and "we have already addressed multimillion-dollar repairs to all the roofs and masonry/facade," LC3 Capital Partners said in a statement.

LC3 disputed the number of residents withholding their rent,cheap jordan shoes, saying only four individuals had not paid and identified themselves tenants' union members.
Monthly rents for studio to four-bedroom units range from $925 for a 532-square-foot unit to $3,cheap jordans online,240 for a 2,556-square-foot apartment.
Rudolph said that the tenants' union, which has 100 paid members and a mailing list of 300, had asked to meet with management several times, starting in March, but that LC3 Capital Partners would not meet the resident group's three "preconditions" for a face-to-face.
Those include certification that all fire systems are working correctly and have been checked by the city's Department of Licenses & Inspections, and that the tenants' union has permission to meet and "leaflet" as desired. The third precondition is renewal of the leases of all tenants' union members, Rudolph said.
"We do not want anybody to be punished for organizing in Alden Park," he said, adding that this included union members whose lease renewals were denied within the last month.
Rudolph did say that earlier this month, LC3 Capital Partners chief executive Jonathan Leifer had asked to meet the union's board of directors.

"We started withholding rent on Sept. 1, though a couple of us started before that and more will join Oct. 1,cheap real jordans," Rudolph said. The group is working with the Tenants Union Representative Network "to make sure every `i' is dotted and every `t' is crossed."
LC3 Capital Partners said it had obtained all the required licenses and permits to perform the renovations on the complex's three buildings -- including more than $12 million on new windows -- and operate the property.
"Overall, we believe these renovations will vastly improve the living experience for all residents," the owner said. "Were doing everything we can to make this a wonderful property, and to make our residents feel comfortable in their homes and in our community."

Alan J. Heavens, STAFF WRITER

Read full story: Alden Park tenants call rent strike over 'substandard' conditions




More Coverage:

Historic Alden Park gets updates

Comedy c


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This nuptial season, the wedding gown of her dreams is likely to be lace. Slideshow A lace of her own Advertisment of Gallery: Take the modern princess bride. She's a classic woman drawn to cap-sleeve bodices fashioned from embroidered, allusion lace. But her ball skirts are voluminous - perfect for the dramatic entrance she always wanted. Then there is the garden goddess bride. Her taste is more ethereal - so she picks a two-piece frock fabricated from a thicker, boho-friendly guipure lace that shows a hint of midriff. And let us not forget the I-will-get-married-on-my-own-terms bride. She's betrothed and bold and may choose a corded, stretch-lace jumpsuit or a high-necked, knee-length sheath. Her venues of choice: swank restaurant or City Hall. "There is such a femininity to lace," said José Solis, vice president of design at David's Bridal. "When women put it on, they feel like a bride, whether it's sexy,cheap jordans, modern, classic, or edgy." Chantillys and Alençons are making sweet comebacks at the altar because of the innovative ways they are being styled. Some of the season's gowns, Solis says, are coolly color-blocked. Dresses in David's Bridal Oleg Cassini and Vera Wang collections feature white, ivory, blush, and even gray laces often layered over nude or champagne satin. Add a sweetheart neckline and trumpet skirt, and the silhouette is instantly vintage. The 2016-17 bridal season boasts gowns with vines, blooming flowers, and birds woven into the lace pattern. The dresses may be short and whimsical, but the lace from which they are fashioned tends to be heavier Battenburg or crochet. "We are seeing a lot of success with Bohemian laces as more women are choosing to have their wedding outdoors," said Joanna Dougherty, apparel buyer for BHLDN. Once fluffy pools of chiffon and tulle, dresses with corded lace have become the foundation in the last year and a half of the more casual, great-for-barnyard-and-vineyard venues, Dougherty says. Lace is at its most modern when paired with clean, crisp fabrics. Think a crepe, long-sleeve gown with duchess-cut lace connecting thinly sliced cutouts. Or lace can look regal when infused with crystals on a fitted bodice and paired with a gazar skirt. "This is the look of the future for brides," said Ivy Kaplin, owner of Lovely Bride in Old City. "This is where we are seeing the most innovation with designers." Kate Middleton made lace modern in 2011 when she married Prince William in a demure, Chantilly-sleeve Alexander McQueen. Sleeves caught on, but the embellishment of choice was heavy beading (sometimes paired with lace). Then in fall 2014, Ashlee Simpson married Evan Ross in a quaint, two-piece lace gown by New York salon Houghton Bride, creating a festival-fashion-meets-classic-bride look. Last July, former Hollywood bad girl Nicky Hilton got married in a stunning long-sleeve Valentino gown with a high-neck guipure lace bodice. Hilton appeared angelic. Finally, in February, actress and fashion designer Whitney Port wed Tim Rosenman in a dramatic, high-low waterfall hemline gown. Courtesy of Ashi Studio, of Lebanon, the dress featured long sleeves with allusion lace and embroidered lace appliqués that resembled tattoos. Lace isn't trending just in weddings. It is a staple on the red carpets, thanks to the revival of luxury brands such as Gucci and the continued relevance of Valentino. "It is really what's happening in fashion right now," Solis said, referring to the black-lace Dior Jennifer Lawrence wore to the Academy Awards. "And as bridal takes more of its cues from ready-to-wear, we will continue to see lace emerge in many different and unexpected ways." Lace was first produced on bobbins during the Renaissance and considered a prize fabric because it was both handmade and delicate. "From the very beginning, we see it on cuffs of dresses and on collars, but it was mainly used as decoration," said Marcella Martin, curator of the textile and costume collection at Philadelphia University. "So it wasn't unusual to be a part of a woman's bridal ensemble. The thing about weddings is that, prior to the 19th century, there wasn't a major differentiation between formal wear and wedding attire." Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840 wearing an off-the-shoulder white gown with generous lace detailing on both the bodice and train. "Queen Victoria's wedding was the beginning of many traditions we see today," Martin said. As the 20th century dawned, gowns were mainly white and ecru and were fashioned from satin and rayon as world events - World War I, the Great Depression, then World War II - imposed on people less-formal weddings. (Although veils, for the most part, would be lace-trimmed.) It wasn't until Grace Kelly married in 1956 - in a lace-sleeve gown designed by Helen Rose of MGM Studios - that weddings became lavish affairs again. Lace-trimmed wedding gowns were sweet in the 1970s and so much more in the 1980s. In the late 1990s, Dolce & Gabbana introduced gowns with more lace, but they looked more like slips. By the mid-2000s, full-lace gowns were trending, with brides starting to experiment with slinkier shapes. And today, the varieties in lace gowns are as endless as the brides wearing them. "Women are craving individuality, so they are picking so many nontraditional dresses," Solis said. "But it's the lace that helps them feel like a bride." ewellington@phillynews.com 215-854-2704@ewellingtonphl SPECIAL THANKS TO: The staff at AKA Washington Square for its hospitality and use of its Lincoln Balcony, Ballroom at the Ben, and residential lobby at 834 Chestnut St., 215-629-9900,cheap air jordan shoes, www.stayaka.com. Model: Sabrina Shea, Wilhelmina. Philadelphia. Assistant stylist: Mark Anthony Barksdale. Hair: Cassie LeMunyon,cheap jordans free shipping, Effie Lavda, and Marcella Delvecchio. Makeup: Penni Boughton. All courtesy of Suede Salon & Spa, the Promenade at Sagemore, 500 Route 73, 856-985-0700. GOWNS AND ACCESSORIES: BHLDN,cheap jordans online, www.bhldn.com. Davids Bridal, Great Northeast Plaza, 2201 Cottman Ave., 215-744-9651, www.davidsbridal.com. Egan Rittenhouse, Rittenhouse Hotel, 210 W. Rittenhouse Square, 215-433-1632, www.eganrittenhouse.com. Elizabeth Johns, 46 St. James Place, Ardmore, 610-649-8100, www.elizabethjohns.com, Instagram @elizabethjohnscouture. Lagos, 1735 Walnut St., 215-567-0770, www.lagos.com. Lois A. Wig Boutique, 760 S. Fourth St.,yourcellan.com, 215-922-2119, www.loisawigs.com. Plain Elain Millinery, plainelain.weebly.com, 484-472-3545, Instagram @plainelain. Published: June 19, 2016 ?? 3:01 AM EDT The Philadelphia Inquirer

Attorneys www.yourcella

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For almost six years, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams concealed a mounting heap of booty that included free home improvements, lavish vacations,cheap jordans, cash, and passes to Eagles, Phillies, and 76ers games. There is no doubt that he knew better.When former Attorney General Kathleen Kane killed an investigation of several Philadelphia Democrats who accepted unreported gifts from an undercover informant, Williams successfully prosecuted them for acts similar to what he now blithely dismisses as accepting "gifts" from his "friends."

Williams raked in far more than the nearly $9,000 in gifts that the politicians he prosecuted accepted. Home repairs provided by a New Jersey builder; trips to Key West,cheap jordan shoes, Las Vegas,real cheap jordans retro, San Diego, and Punta Cana; an iPad; a couch; and other gifts that Willams received totaled more than $160,cheap air jordan shoes,000.

The city's ethics law requires public officials to report all gifts worth more than $200 or face civil penalties. Williams' failure to report all he received dates back to 2010. The city's ethics board will lose credibility if he escapes sanction.

While no criminal charges have been lodged against Williams, his actions violate the public's trust. The virtuous reformer Philadelphians thought they elected in 2009 and 2013 now must be seen as just another hypocrite with his hand out.
With Kane's conviction Monday for leaking grand jury information, Williams' ethical lapse is another blow to the public's faith in government. Elected officials, especially those in law enforcement, must adhere to a higher standard.

More Coverage

Published: August 17,cheap air jordans, 2016 �� 2:19 PM EDT

The Philadelphia Inquirer

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Alyssa Aldridge, a junior from Mainland, placed first in the Foot Locker Northeast Regional at Van Cortlandt Park in New York with a time of 17 minutes, 40.3 seconds to secure a spot in the nationals in San Diego. She finished 15 seconds before Jacqueline Gaughan from Exeter, N.H.

She finished short of her personal record, 17:07.58.

Aldridge was noticed in 2014 when she placed second as a freshman at the NJSIAA Cross-Country Meet of Champions with a time of 18:22.00, only 2 seconds behind the first place finisher.

As a sophomore, Aldridge placed first at the 2015 NJSIAA Meet of Champions with a time of 18:07.00, 18 seconds ahead of the next finisher. She became the first student in Mainland history to place first at the Cross-Country Meet of Champions.

Following that accomplishment, she placed sixth at the 2015 Foot Locker Northeast Regional with a time of 17:47.80, only 8 seconds behind the winner.

Just last week,cheap retro jordans, she defended her title in the NJSIAA Cross-Country Meet of Champions with a 17:55.00, Haddonfield's Briana Gess finished second in 18:35.00.

Aldridge will race Dec. 10 at Balboa Park in San Diego against 39 other girls for a chance at the National Championship title.



Published: November 26, 2016 �� 7:37 PM EST

The Philadelphia Inquirer

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The presidential election has permeated everything, and if you think kids aren't paying attention, you're wrong. The terrific Philadelphia students who participate in the Writers Matter program through La Salle University wanted the next president to know what's important to them. Robert Vogel, a professor emeritus involved with the program, shared a sampling. They want attention to schools, and they want attention paid to the violence that permeates their city. "I love the country I live in, but we have got some fixing to do," one student wrote. A few letters follow: A student at E.M. Stanton Elementary School wrote: Our country needs help. The only person that can help us is our next president. There are three things that need fixing. So here are a few ideas that can help our country be a better place. First is our neighborhood schools. Kids are the future and need better education. When kids grow up, they have goals and dreams they want to achieve, and our schools help make that happen. Our schools need better books and technology, because the books we have now are old,cheap retro jordans, dirty, and rusty. Next is racism. We are all the same,jordans for cheap, we have the same body and life. The only thing that is separating us is our skin color. The constitution states, "We the people,yourcellan.com, in order to form a perfect union." How can we do that when we are arguing about our skin tone? Also, its not fair for kids to go through the same thing that their ancestors did. Last is charities. Everybody needs help with a problem they are having. Mostly people and kids that have cancer. You can always help with your free time. Also, when people are off from work for the day. People matter too. You would want somebody to do the same thing for you. I hope the you can address these issues because our country needs help. If you care, you would help. I love the country I live in, but we have got some fixing to do. A student from Wagner Middle School wrote: Dear Mr./Madam President, Will you save our world or let it die, Like a little bird dying before it could fly? Our pain and struggle is hard. We can be a jigsaw and you can put us back together. Mr. Donald Trump, will you knock down ISIS Like you said? Well I don't know,www.yourcellan.com, I think the answer is no. Mrs. Hillary Clinton will you help children with their school? I believe you will, don't make us look like a fool. Our life is hard,cheap jordans online, Be me for one day and see what I see. People are dying for no apparent reason. There are too many news reports, Can't you see!? Can't you at least keep the guns off the streets? I'm so tired and I'm really, really trying. Mr./Madam president will you help people get off the streets, Stop the drugs, Get guns off the streets, And be an honest president? I don't know. You can help our world piece by piece. Make fundraisers for cancer, Give back to people, Or just simply donate. Our world isn't that bad. Sometimes there can be rainbows, animals, And peace. But then there could be a cold and bloody war. However, our planet, our world can change because of you. Dear Mr./Madam President: Let's take that walk to my neighborhood or just a walk. You may see things that you may not like, Or you may see things you want to see. If you see bad .. You must do something about it. If you see good .. You must do everything to keep it that way. Mr./Madam President, our world can sink or float, it's your choice. We will see. Another Wagner student had this to say: Dear Mr./Madam President, There are a lot of things

When www.

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Is Curt Schilling heading for a job at Breitbart Media and Trump TV?

Howard Gensler, Daily News Columnist

Updated: Monday, October 24, 2016, 3:01 AM

Curt Schilling poses in a game demonstration room at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in this photo taken June 9, 2011, in Los Angeles.

Curt Schilling, who won over 100 games for the Philadelphia Phillies as a hard-throwing righty, may soon be a radio-talking alt-righty.
Schilling,cheap real jordans, who's been shilling for Donald Trump, has mocked transgenders, compared Muslims to Nazis, said he was going to run against Elizabeth Warren, the popular Massachusetts senator, and last week asked CNN's Jake Tapper why Jews voted for Democrats, is reportedly going to become a political talk radio host for Breitbart Media.

New York magzine said the official announcement will come Monday.
According to New York Mag, the pitch for Schilling has led some, including Tattle, to believe that should Trump lose on Nov. 8, he will form his own TV network, Trump TV, with Breitbart executive chairman Steve Bannon, and possibly former Fox News boss Roger Ailes, if the two are still speaking.
* SI.com reported that Schilling hosted a Donald Trump rally outside Boston City Hall on Saturday and fewer than 20 people showed up.

He'll need more support to beat Elizabeth Warren.
'Boo,cheap jordans online!' hoo: 'Madea' outreaches 'Reacher'
Tyler Perry bested Tom Cruise at the box office this weekend.
Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween opened in the top spot with an estimated $27.6 million, edging Cruise's Jack Reacher: Never Go Back into second place ($23 million) according to studio estimates Sunday.
It's the third best opening for a "Madea" movie, behind Madea Goes to Jail and Madea's Family Reunion and a sign of the character's longstanding appeal to audiences.
"Tyler Perry is a movie star. Tyler Perry is a mogul. The Madea character has provided box office dividends for years. It's a perfect combination, Madea and Halloween right before Halloween," said comScore senior media analyst Paul Dergarabedian.

That timing,cheap jordans free shipping, along with the promising A CinemaScore, should bode well for the film's second weekend over Halloween.
Coming in third this weekend was the horror prequel Ouija: Origin of Evil with $14.1 million - just the latest in a string of highly fruitful and modestly budgeted horror pics this year, including The Conjuring 2, Don't Breathe and Light's Out.
Holdovers The Accountant and The Girl on the Train rounded out the top five with $14 million and $7.3 million.
Less successful was Keeping Up with the Joneses, which launched with a tepid $5.6 million. The film, starring Isla Fisher and Zack Galifianakis as a pair of boring suburbanites intrigued by the arrival of a glamourous new couple played by Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot was savaged by critics.
In limited release, the critically acclaimed coming-of-age drama Moonlight got off to a robust start in four theaters with $414,740 and many sell-out showings. It's a massive result for a film with no big stars and a fairly unknown director in Barry Jenkins.
"That's an Oscar movie to look out for. It's going to be on everyone's Oscar radar now," said Dergarabedian.

* According to the Los Angeles Times, Warner Bros./NPG has announced a 2017 release for a remastered, repackaged edition of Prince's Purple Rain.
Arrangements for the re-release were reportedly made with Prince before he passed away.
The package also will contain a "second album of previously unreleased material."
Prior to that, a new 40-track collection of greatest hits, titled Prince 4Ever,cheap retro jordans, will drop Nov. 22. That set will have an unreleased single, "Moonbeam Levels."
* Billboard.com says Kanye West has threatened to boycott the Grammys if Frank Ocean's Blonde and Endless are not nominated.

As Ocean's label missed the Grammy deadline for submissions,cheap jordan shoes, it is doubtful Ocean will be nominated.
It is unclear whether the label missed the deadline deliberately to keep Kanye away.
-Daily News wire services
contributed to this report.

215-854-5678 @DNTattle

Howard Gensler, Daily News Columnist

Read full story: Is Curt Schilling heading for a job at Breitbart Media and Trump TV?




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Todd www.yourcellan.com Richmond Associated Press – Twin Cities_6

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draped side-by-side over griddled bread with ramps, as well as toast rubbed with garlic and tomatoes for the "pan con tomate." Large and meaty flakes of fine Spanish tuna tumble with refreshing celery and radish salad in sherry vinaigrette. Even the citrus-marinated olives here gain a notch of intensity from a light roast that shrivels the skins and concentrates flavors. Turneys most stunning dishes, though, are dressed in squid-ink black. The calamari marinate in ink before getting crisped and are so ebony they look to have been fried in a volcano. But theyre delicate and tender, with a smoky wisp of pimenton Spanish paprika, a squirt of lemon, and garlic chips. With the mussels escabeche, whose vermouth-marinated mollusks are cleverly in a sardine can, squid ink completes the ingenious trompe loeil garnish of faux mussel shells molded and baked around actual shells with a potato-garlic tuile dough. Such sleights of culinary wit are exactly what Turney needs to begin to distinguish her voice in tapas, and begin adding to the dialogue that has long been defined locally by Garces sublimely refined small plates. Jamoneras dishes tend to be a shade larger than small. But mostly, the menu is at risk of being too broad, with a few dishes that were less convincing. Turney occasionally reverts to an old habit of overloading plates like the oyster sliders piled with so much sauce and frisee greens they become mushy; or the octopus, which got lost in the mayo-creaminess of an ill-advised aioli; or even the pigtails,cheap retro jordans, served as indistinguishable shreds of tender meat on toast beneath a mop of cabbage and more aioli. The gambas al ajillo and potato-mashed salt cod were, individually, two strong flavors. Stacked together in the same cazuela, they were a mistake. And there are too many other Spanish flavors yet to explore for Turneys occasional off-route detours to maple-buttered toast topped with mushrooms and foie gras (All, Montréal?) or meguez with lentils and yogurt (Hello,cheap air jordans, Morocco!). And yet, the reach, ambition, and overall execution here already are compelling enough that those details can be easily tweaked as Jamonera continues grow. Terence Lewis has certainly come into his own as one of Phillys most interesting beverage directors, with a fairly priced focus on small-production Spanish wines and, especially,yourcellan.com, his quirky passion for the underappreciated world of sherries, with a list of 46, and growing, that is among the largest in the nation. Servers such as Rachael Barclay,cheap air jordan shoes, meanwhile, do a very impressive job of communicating both the intricacies of those drinks and every detail of Turneys food. And ultimately,cheap real jordans, it is Turneys cooking ever enthusiastic, whether shes embracing Mexican, Italian, or even Indian that is the main attraction. And while I think shes only beginning to find her Spanish groove, there are already so many bold flavors here to love, from the swirl of toasted fideo noodles with Manzanilla-steamed Manila clams and sepia topped with Marcona almonds and parsley, to the bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with oozy Valdeon cheese, to the crock of slow-braised short rib "de Lucio" stew with chorizo and a fried egg, to some beautifully grilled scallops, served beneath melting pats of sea-sweet uni butter over fork-mashed fava beans and mint with chunks of melty braised pork belly. Of course, it all comes back to pig in a restaurant called Jamonera. Though with desserts, Turney and pastry chef Caitlin Howington

Say jordans for cheap Yes to the Dress sta

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that most who leave have stopped feeling that the church is relevant to their lives. That's sad on many levels. I took a non-LDS granddaughter to church once. It was the most boring three hours of her life, I think. Another granddaughter was passionate about church when she was 12. At 18, she keeps telling me it matters, but she doesn't go. This article depressed me; parents and grandparents can do only so much. It's the Harry Potter coddled generation of ear buds and cyber world that still live with mommy and daddy. They need cry rooms and aroma therapy and some of them still need a teddy bear. They even believe that Captain America and Batman are real. The tight jeans are shutting off the blood supply, and I'm sure none of them have signed up for the military and have spent time in a fox hole under fire. Noodle - Listen, I wouldn't know those feelings because I've never been a Mormon. I grew up in California and Massachusetts. I regret that you're bitter...I really am. Just be open to the fact that changing demographics in Utah may NOT be what you think. Living among the Mormons has it's irritations but the culture provides a clean city,cheap jordans free shipping, strong economy (even during downturns), relatively low crime and nice people. If you disagree, move outside of Utah. Trust me, Utah is a great place to live for a lot of reasons that are tied to the dominant religion here...and we LIKE that even though Conference on TV screws up my sports viewing. And I really don't see the LDS Church guilty of what so many critics think is going on. You can't have your cake and eat it to...and those goes our way also,cheap air jordan shoes, not just them. ya know what I mean? Anyway, no bad feelings my friend. I kinda wish you lived in my neighborhood. The LDS folks are fine, non-judgmental folks. Even though I am a Trojan fan... @Shellama: when I use the phrase, if I don't brainwash my kids someone else will, there is a touch of sarcasm. But most of those qualities you list are found in religion almost exclusively. I am an educated person, I came to religion later in life and I was raised in one of the most liberal cities in America,real cheap jordans retro, so I have seen both sides. Secular Humanism has poor results both spiritually and temporally. And an untested belief is a weak one, so we encourage critical thinking to foster strong minds and temper their faith. Giving them religion expands their world view beyond what the world would have them believe, a foundation of virtue upon which to build a life or a sign post back to righteousness if they lose their way. @USAlover, High5 Have you ever felt what it feels like to leave the LDS church? It's not a very pleasant feeling to realize that all your neighbors, some of which you've know for a decade plus,cheap jordans online, really only like you because you went to their church. I honestly thought some of them were my friends, and it became pretty clear, pretty fast, that leaving the church was the end of our "friendship." I'll admit that i'm somewhat bitter about it, but I still try not to judge LDS people because of their religion. Yes the LDS church is responsible for establishing this fine city we live in, but that doesn't mean they own it or get to tell the rest of us how to live. This is America,cheap air jordans, not Vatican City, we don't live in a theocracy. Noodlekaboodle - As a non-member of the LDS faith, when I get impatient with some of the "LDS" issues we face, I always remind myself that Utah is a special place largely because of the LDS Church... and I have their

Inquirer c

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One in a continuing series spotlighting real estate markets in the region's communities. Slideshow Rolling on the River Advertisment of Gallery: Because people who don't live in Riverside often confuse it with nearby Riverton, it's best to add "Cafe Madison" to the geographic explanation. The restaurant at Lafayette and Madison Streets seems to be a destination for many South Jersey residents celebrating special days. Mother's Day brunch was the occasion used to check out this Burlington County community of 8,079, a stop on the RiverLine from Camden to Trenton. After suffering the problems of all postindustrial communities - the loss of jobs and the shifting of shopping to regional malls - Riverside's residential and commercial real estate markets are starting to show some promise. "While growth has been slow for a while, we have seen an uptick in interest by businesses and expect that to continue," says Sandy Sciacca, president of the Riverside Business Association for the last four years and owner of Sciacca's Upholstering & Design Center on Third Street, which her family founded in 1948. Meghan Jack, the township's administrator for the last decade, says Riverside's resurgence has had its "starts and stops," attributable to the economic downturn and the tightening of credit. But with recent movement on three downtown parcels known as the "Golden Triangle," there's an upswing, she says. The Golden Triangle comprises the iconic Keystone Watch Case Co. building at 1 N. Pavilion Ave., just across from the light-rail station, and the sites once occupied by Zurbrugg Memorial Hospital and Taubel Mill. Keystone Watch Case Co. - once the country's largest manufacturer of pocket-watch cases - includes a seven-story office building with a clock tower on an eighth story and a six-story warehouse facility totaling 120,000 square feet. The building will become residential, but Jack wasn't sure whether its units would be for sale or rental. A separate developer is proposing 200 apartments on the mill site. The hospital site, owned by the township, is also targeted for residential development. All plans are awaiting final approval, Jack says. In the first quarter,www.yourcellan.com, home sales in Riverside reached 26, more than twice the number of 2015's January-through-March period, according to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox & Roach Realtors HomExpert Market Report. There were 66 settlements in the last six months, Trend Multiple Listing Service shows. The first quarter's median price of $100,500 was 11.7 percent above the $90,000 recorded in the same period a year earlier, and it took slightly longer - 106 days in 2016 versus 103 the previous year - to sell a house. Twenty sales are pending; there are 73 active listings. Riverside's average property tax in 2014 was $4,842,cheap jordan shoes, according to the state Department of Community Affairs. Older and somewhat larger houses tend to be close to the center of town, but there are a lot of ranchers and smaller homes as you move out into the neighborhoods. The proposed residential construction "will be a big boost to the downtown area," with people being able to walk to stores and restaurants, Sciacca says. While acknowledging that restaurants have brought back a number of communities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, she says, "We are working to get a mix of businesses." RiverLine riders and those who drive in to the marinas will add to the customer base, Sciacca says. As with Riverton and other communities on the New Jersey side of the Delaware, Riverside (originally called "Progress") was intended by 19th-century land broker Samuel Bechtold as a summer getaway for well-to-do Philadelphians. In 1898, Theophilus Zurbrugg moved the watch-case company from Philadelphia into Bechtold's then-vacant hotel, built the office building south of it,cheap jordans, and razed the hotel. He also built rowhouses and detached homes for his employees nearby. Zurbrugg left $250,real cheap jordans retro,000 for a hospital,cheap jordans for sale, Zurbrugg Memorial, that closed in 1995 and was demolished in 2010. In 2006, Riverside adopted a controversial immigration ordinance that led to the departure of large numbers of newcomers, mainly Brazilians. A number of lawsuits were filed against the township. The ordinance, never enforced, was repealed a year later. Riverside by the numbers: Population: 8,079 (2010) Median household income: $76,064 Area: 1.61 square miles Settlements in the last three months: 26 Homes for sale: 73 Average days on market: 106 Median sale price: $100,500 Housing stock: 3,147 units, a variety of styles, sizes and ages. School district: Riverside K-12 SOURCES: U.S. Census Bureau; Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox & Roach Realtors HomExpert Market Report aheavens@phillynews.com 215-854-2472 @alheavens Real Estate Tools Looking for a new home? Search Philadelphia real estate ?Browse Recent Home Sales ?Compare Philadelphia mortgage rates ? Published: May 29, 2016 ?? 3:00 AM EDT The Philadelphia Inquirer


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