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gepostet am 21.12.2015 von FunnyMichl
So nach langen warten ist nun endlich unsere Homepgae da. Sie wird in den kommenden tagen noch gefüllt und bearbeitet!!!

Wir von enzaY.eSports wünschen euch viel spaß wink


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#321 von izaga85a1hn 11.12.2016 - 17:00
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Researchers at the University of Washington are working to reroute brain signals in an effort to give paralyzed people the ability to move their limbs again.

By creating an artificial connection between nerve cells in the brain and muscles, scientists say they are restoring voluntary movement to the once-paralyzed limbs,cheap jordans online, according to a report from the University of Washington in Seattle. The rerouting effectively bypasses damaged nerves in subjects with spinal cord injuries, which generally damage nerves but leave muscles and brain tissue unharmed.

Research that involves making new connections in living brains and even connecting robots to living brains has been gaining a lot of attention in the past year.

Less than a year ago,jordans for cheap, a scientist at the University of Arizona announced that he had successfully connected a moth's brain to a robot. Charles Higgins, an associate professor at the university,cheap air jordans, told Computerworld last year that the research will lead to hybrid computers running both technology and living organic tissue,real cheap jordans retro. He also said that the hybrid systems could be used to make people with spinal cord injuries mobile again,cheap jordans free shipping.

And in January, an international group of scientists successfully used a monkey's brain activit... control a humanoid robot. Miguel Nicolelis, a professor

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When it comes to technical skills, you either have them or you get them. This years salary survey shows that theres demand for a broad range of skills, many of which have been hot for several years (see our jobs report snapshots).

But what else makes for a great IT hire? In their continual struggle to align IT with the business,cheap jordans, IT executives say theyre increasingly looking for staffers who have,cheap jordan shoes, in addition to technical chops, solid business acumen and so-called soft skills,cheap jordans for sale, like strong communication and listening abilities.

Computerworlds most recent hiring and skills survey confirms that,cheap jordans online. Survey respondents said writing and public speaking are two of the most important soft skills they look for when hiring new employees,cheap jordans online.

Classes that teach technical skills are easy to find, but whats the best way to learn soft skills? Heres a look at nine skills employers are looking for,cheap jordans, with IT executives and career experts advice on how to get them.

1. Writing ability. Communication skills are a requisite for IT workers, says Tom Casey, senior vice president and architect of the workforce transformation practice at BSG Concours, a Kingwood, Texas-based consultancy. Many community colleges and online universities offer continuing education courses on business writing, says Robert Keefe, incoming president of the Society for Information Management (SIM) and senior vice president and

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Companies ch

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A federal court in Texas has given preliminary approval to a $4 million settlement of a consumer class-action lawsuit against Heartland Payment Systems Inc,cheap retro jordans. over the massive data breach the payment processor disclosed in January 2009.

Under the proposed settlement,amassdenver.com, Heartland will pay up to $175 to individuals for out-of-pocket expenses stemming from telephone usage or postage costs tied to card cancellations and replacement,cheap jordans online, or for any unreimbursed charges resulting from unauthorized use of their cards.

Victims of identity theft resulting from the Heartland data breach will be eligible for a compensation of up to $10,000. As part of the agreement, Heartland will set aside $2.4 million to fund consumer claims arising from the breach. Any funds that remain unclaimed will be given to a nonprofit consumer privacy organization.

All costs associated with notifying consumers of the settlement will be borne by Heartland. Attorneys representing class members will receive a total of $725,cheap jordans online,000. The named consumer plaintiffs in the case,cheap jordan shoes, meanwhile,real cheap jordans retro, will receive between $100 and $200.

The settlement was approved by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas late last month. The court's approval allows Heartland to notify consumers of the proposed settlement. A final hearing on the reasonableness and adequacy of the settlement is scheduled for December.

News of the approval was first reported by Bankinfosecurity

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HTC had stuck the power buttons on the top edges of its One phones -- a placement that made them tough to reach,cheap jordans online, especially given the height of these devices. The M9 attempts to fix that by moving the power button to the phone's side, which seems like a perfect solution -- until you use it.


The problem is that the power button now sits directly beneath the volume buttons -- and since all three buttons are roughly the same size and shape,cheap jordan shoes, it's tough to tell which you're touching without taking a moment to feel around or look down at the device. (The power button does have a slight texture to it,cheap jordans online, but it's not pronounced enough to be immediately obvious.)

The buttons also barely protrude from the device and are consequently a bit tricky to find with your fingers in the first place. It's a small thing,real cheap jordans retro, relatively speaking, but it's impossible not to notice when you start handling the phone.
Wait. That's IT?!

Hey, I told you -- just some quick surface-level first impressions for now. But fear not: There's so, so, so much more to talk about with the HTC One M9 -- the software, the performance,www.bcheapjordans.com, the stamina, and of course the hotly debated new 20-megapixel rear-facing camera -- and we'll get to all of that before you know it.

Whether we're talking body shape or camera capability,cheap retro jordans, what ultimately matters is what the phone's like to use in the real world -- and that's why I'll be taking the time to live with this U.S. model before putting together

Self-driving re

#317 von aughn60j0jt 11.12.2016 - 16:56
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are backed up - sometimes multiple times,cheap jordans, not just at domestic locations but at international ones as well.

As a result of such measures, Visa has had a total of eight minutes of unplanned downtime in the past five years.

"It takes a very special talent, skill and mind-set to do that," says Thompson,www.cheap-jordan.net, whose goal is to push the eight minutes of downtime down to zero, because "there really is not a single moment any day when we can take our systems down."

Credit card companies have also been especially adept at using technology to detect and manage fraud, says Javelin Strategy's Van Dyke.

Technologies such as neural networking, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition have helped to dramatically reduce the fraud that was once almost considered the cost of doing business at these companies, Litan says.

Credit card fraud today accounts for less than 0.06% of all transactions -- 15 to 18 times lower than the rate was about 10 years ago, says Litan.

The ubiquity of automated teller machines,cheap jordans free shipping, magnetic stripes and tamper-resistant signature strips have all been driven by credit card companies. Similarly, fault-tolerant computing technologies and standards relating to data exchange, consumer-risk rating and fraud detection have benefited enormously from credit card companies, analysts say.


Going forward, expect to see more of the same kind of innovation - but on a much broader scale.

For one thing,amassdenver.com, credit card use is booming. In 2001, credit and debit cards represented 26.4% of all consumer payments in the U.S., up from 18.5% in 1994,cheap jordans for sale, according to Visa's estimates. During the same period,cheap jordans, the use of bank checks for making payments dropped below

#316 von arnes52b3hb 11.12.2016 - 16:55
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design that lets you hang it,cheap air jordans, mount it or stand it on a flat surface. If it weren't so difficult to access the power port,cheap retro jordans, this would be a real winner.

Jam Rewind

The Jam Rewind has an interesting retro design: It looks like an old-fashioned cassette tape,cheap jordans, with its speakers taking the place of the wound tape. But that's the only thing old-fashioned about it.

The 5.8 oz.,cheap jordan shoes, 5-x-0.8-x-2.5-in. device actually has four speakers -- two in front and two in back. The rubberized case has all the control buttons on top: power on/off; volume up and down; skip forward and back. The play/pause button,www.bcheapjordans.com, which also allows you to take and end calls, is located in the center -- which I appreciated. Too many small speakers have the buttons used for answering calls in some out-of-the-way place,cheap real jordans, causing confusion when a call comes in.


Jam Rewind

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#315 von bbons59f4on 11.12.2016 - 16:54
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.amp.html",cheap jordan shoes,"zone":"article/business-intelligence","POS":"BTF15",cheap jordans,"POSITIONDATA":"AMP_article_mobile_IMU16","articleId":"2597816","type":"feature",amassdenver.com,"typeId":"6","templateType":"article-default","categoryIds":[3474],"categorySlugs":["business-intelligence"],"author":"Sharon Machlis","page_type":"","insiderContent":"false"} }">

#The second column of parsed has all the matches of the first group -- in this case, everything before space and two capital letters:

cities$STATE <- parsed[,3]<br>

#Append this as a sheet to our new ExcelToR,cheap air jordans.xlsx spreadsheet:

write.xlsx(cities,cheap jordans, "ExcelToR.xlsx", sheetName = "CityState",cheap jordans for sale, append = TRUE)

Text functions: Search and replace

For Excel's SUBSTITUTE replacing old text with new text, there is base R's:

#314 von adrid00p7dw 11.12.2016 - 16:52
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the company delayed the product until six months after the operating system came out because it opted to remove some originally planned features.

"I would love to have had this product out sooner,www.cheap-jordan.net," Orecklin acknowledged Tuesday about Hyper-V,cheap real jordans, which is currently available in beta as a feature of Windows Server 2008 and will be available in July in full release,cheap jordans for sale.

Microsoft is so keen on making management the linchpin of its virtualization strategy that it plans to open up management for other systems,cheap real jordans, such as VMware and XenSource,jordans for cheap, with its Virtual Machine Manager tool,www.bcheapjordans.com, which it released last September. Virtual Machine Manager is part of Microsoft's System Center set of data center management products.

The current release of Virtual Machine Manager supports only Virtual Server, Microsoft's stand-alone virtualization technology. Once it is released simultaneously with the full production release of Hyper-V in July, Virtual Machine Manager will support Hyper-V and VMware ESX virtualization.

The following version of Virtual Machine Manager, the details of which have not yet been discussed publicly, will extend management to XenSource's virtualization product, he said.

Microsoft plans to outline its virtualization strategy further at its Microsoft Management Summit next week, said Orecklin, who hinted Tuesday that a beta of Virtual Machine Manager with support for Hyper-V and VMware ESX will also be available at that time.

Buried amass


#313 von aylor05p0tk 11.12.2016 - 16:52
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In May,www.bcheapjordans.com, President Obama unveiled an ambitious plan to protect the nation's cyber infrastructure that included as its centerpiece a new West Wing-based cybersecurity coordinator. Legitimate criticism abounded over parts of the plan,cheap jordans online, but there was still cause for optimism. At the very least, it seemed like Obama had a firm grasp of the threat at hand.

Also see Cybersecurity...es in the Right Direction

Six months on, I'm not so sure anymore.

Tonight,amassdenver.com, the President will unveil his plans for Afghanistan in a speech at West Point after months of intense debate over how many more troops to send in to turn the tide against a resurgent Taliban. It's a matter of critical importance to be sure. The lives of our troops are on the line, and as a country we seem to have lost our way in the war against Al-Qaida.

But as Obama himself noted during the 2008 presidential race -- when John McCain suggested the campaign be suspended so the candidates could return to Washington to focus solely on the then-unfolding economic meltdown -- presidents have to be able to manage multiple crises at a time,cheap jordans online.

In the case of cybersecurity, Obama is failing to live up to his own words.

See also: 5 Must-Do Cybersecurity Steps for Obama

Six months on,real cheap jordans retro, we're still waiting for Obama to name the cybersecurity

#312 von perry51j8jd 11.12.2016 - 16:51
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,cheap jordan shoes

Salesforce's annual Dreamforce mega-conference kicks off in San Francisco on Tuesday morning,cheap air jordan shoes, and the company will announce a slew of updates to its apps and services.

The company is enhancing its mobile apps,amassdenver.com, launching deeper integrations between Salesforce and Quip and improving its services for processing IoT data.

All of these new features are aimed at leveling up Salesforce's feature set at a time when the company faces fierce competition from tech titans like Microsoft and Oracle,cheap air jordans, along with a fleet of startups.

The Salesforce1 app for iOS will be updated to let managers see how their employees are matching up against their quotas and how sales are stacking up against projections and quotas. In addition,real cheap jordans retro, companies will be able to pay extra for a My Salesforce1 functionality that lets them deploy their own version of the app with their own branding.

The Thunder IoT Cloud, which provides a suite of services for managing a company's connected devices, will be getting a pair of updates that should make it easier to manage a fleet of devices. An IoT Traffic Monitor feature will let businesses get a broad view of what state every device in their fleet is in.

That's important for monitoring the health of large deployments. Companies can use Traffic Monitor to help make sure that deployments work successfully. An IoT Profiles feature, also unveiled Tuesday, will let companies combine streaming data from hardware devices with contextual data from Salesforce.

Here's one way it could work: a Salesforce customer's IoT


#311 von stian99z5qo 11.12.2016 - 16:51
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coming weeks, the commission will set a formula for wholesale roaming charges based on the average cost of terminating a phone call made abroad. The commission is the EU's executive and regulatory body.

The commission originally proposed that each national telecommunications regulator? calculate the average total roaming costs for each operator in its country. However, the new law would impose a maximum wholesale roaming charge set at twice the average termination cost across the EU for local calls made abroad, said Martin Selmayr, commission spokesman on telecom-related issues.

If a?mobile phone user?made an international call while?abroad,real cheap jordans retro, the maximum wholesale price would be three times the average European termination cost, he said.

Average termination costs will be recalculated every 18 months by the 25 national regulators. The commission will then publish the EU average, which will be used as a base for all roaming charge calculations.


The formula allows companies to cover the costs they incur when a phone is used abroad, Selmayr said. The commission said?that two or three times the termination cost gives a rough estimate of the total roaming cost incurred during a local or international call. The draft regulation will then allow operators to charge their customers another 20% to 30% -- roughly the profit margin enjoyed by operators on domestic calls at present.

www.cheap-jordan.net.com/mobile_section" width="300" height="250" json="{&quot,cheap jordans online;targeting&quot,cheap air jordans;:{"URL&quot,cheap jordans online;:&quot,cheap real jordans;http://www


Cloud che

#310 von aaron06q9ef 11.12.2016 - 16:50
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must be updated to disable SSL 3.0, but as Barnes noted, site servers must be modified as well.

Google, whose engineers published details of the POODLE attack,jordans for cheap, would not commit to a timeline for disabling SSL 3.0 in Chrome, saying only, "In the coming months,cheap retro jordans, we hope to remove support for SSL 3.0 completely from our client products."

Chrome -- and Google's servers -- have supported a mechanism called SCSV, for TLS Fallback Signaling Cipher Suite Value, since February,cheap-jordan.net, said Bodo M?ller,cheap jordan shoes, one of the three Google security engineers who revealed POODLE, in a blog post. SCSV, which Mozilla will also support in Firefox 34,cheap air jordans, prevents attackers from inducing browsers to use SSL 3.0 as a fallback protocol.

Chrome was updated to version 38 last week, so the next opportunity for turning off SSL 3.0 will be Chrome 39, which could appear as soon as the second half of November, or around the time Firefox 34 ships.

Like Google, Microsoft declined to set a timetable for modifying Windows to back out of SSL 3.0 support. (Internet Explorer relies on the cryptographic code in Windows rather than embedding the functionality in the browser.)

In a security advisory issued Tuesday, Microsoft acknowledged that "all supported versions of Microsoft Windows implement this protocol and are affected by this vulnerability,cheap jordan shoes," but used boilerplate language to describe how it would handle POODLE.

"Microsoft will take the appropriate action to help protect our customers

Despite cheap jor

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http://www,cheap jordan shoes.computerworld,cheap air jordans.com/article/2475237/data-center/tape-versus-disk--the-backup-war-exposed.html#tk,cheap jordan shoes.rss_intelligentstoragenetworking Chris Poelker

I just returned from the spring 2013 Storage Networking World conference (SNW), and I was amazed at how much smaller the conference is now compared to just a few years ago. The vendor booth areas were especially scaled back. The good news is the speakers were all great, and the content was stimulating and thought-provoking as usual, which is important since the storage industry is evolving faster than many other areas of information technology.


With it being a smaller show, one booth that stood out for me was the great Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) booth. The folks from SNIA had the latest SNIA storage dictionary on display and available for free, so I had to grab one.

To read this article i...omment, please click here

http://www,cheap jordans online.computerworld,jordans for cheap.com/article/2475184/data-center/snw--acronyms-and-the-evolution-of-the-storage-industry.html#tk,real cheap jordans retro.rss_intelligentstoragenetworking Chris Poelker

Hey, backup guys. How would you like to finally get some respect and become one of the go-to data management experts for your company?

If you’re a backup person and value your job, you most likely back up all of the most important data for your company. If you have recently implemented dedupe into your backup environment, I think there may be an opportunity to leverage those backups for some useful information. When you combine disk-based backup with data deduplication, the result is a single instance of all the valuable data in the organization. I can’t think of a better, more complete data source for mining.

With the right tools, the backup management team could analyze all kinds of useful information for the benefit of the organization, and the business value would be compelling since the data is already there, and the storage has already been purchased. The recent move away from tape backup to disk-based deduplication solutions for backup makes all this possible.

To read this article i...omment, please click here

Android 4.2 The poise and the polish_2

Miller’s amas

#308 von eenan92h9fr 11.12.2016 - 16:47
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take advantage of either of those offers,cheap jordans free shipping, the company will give you a $100 credit toward the purchase of a future HTC One phone if you want it down the road.
Performance,cheap jordans for sale, storage and stamina

The One M9 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor along with 3GB of RAM. As has been the case with other recent HTC flagships,cheap jordans, performance isn't something you'll have to worry about: The M9 is consistently smooth and snappy,cheap air jordans, and I've yet to experience even the slightest bit of lag anywhere in the system.

Some reports leading up to the M9's launch suggested heat might be a problem with this phone. I've felt the device get somewhat warm during especially intensive usage,jordans for cheap, but it's never been particularly bothersome or alarming.

Battery life on the M9 is best described as passable. With moderate use, the phone should be able to get you from morning to night most of the time -- but if you tend to use your device a lot during the day, you might see that dreaded "low power" warning before you reach bedtime. I've safely made it through most days with three to four hours of mixed-use screen-on time, but I've often cut it closer than I'd like. The One does not support wireless charging. And the phone's battery is not removable.

The M9 does support Quick Charge 2.0, which allows you to boost your phone's battery by as much as 60% with just half an hour of being plugged in. There's just one caveat: The charger HTC ships with the phone isn't Quick Charge-enabled, so if you want to take advantage of the accelerated charging, you'll have to buy your own Quick Charge accessory,www.bcheapjordans.com. You can find off-brand Qualcomm-certified chargers for

Trump vows to remove m...gally - StarTribune.com_3

Configuring cheap jord...network settings Compute

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,cheap jordans

Google released a new batch of Android patches on Wednesday, fixing more than 100 flaws in Android's own components and in chipset-specific drivers from different manufacturers.

Android's media server component, which handles the processing of video and audio streams and has been a source of many vulnerabilities in the past, is at the forefront of this security update. It accounts for 16 Android vulnerabilities, including seven critical flaws that can allow an attacker to execute code with higher privileges.?

The bugs?can be exploited by sending specifically crafted audio or video files to users' devices via the browser, email or messaging apps. Because of the repeated media server flaws, Google Hangouts and the default

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#306 von 3gt1g0rence 11.12.2016 - 16:44
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The main focus of the U.S. Department of Defense's new Cyber Command will be protecting military networks, not engaging in cyberwarfare,www.cheap-jordan.net, the nominee to head the organization said today. Army Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander,cheap jordans free shipping, faced with questions about the U.S. Cyber Command's role during a Senate hearing, said the Cyber Command would work with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to defend private networks, but his primary role would be to defend the U.S. military's corner of cyberspace. "If confirmed,real cheap jordans retro, my main focus will be on building the capacity, the capability and the critical partnerships required to secure our military's operational networks," Alexander told the Senate Armed Services Committee. "This command is not about efforts to militarize cyberspace. Rather, it is about safeguarding the integrity of our military's critical information systems." Alexander said his main goal will be to "significantly" improve the way the U.S. military defends its networks. Department of Defense networks are probed by outsiders hundreds of thousands of times a day, he told senators. Sen. Joseph Lieberman,cheap jordans for sale, an independent from Connecticut, asked Alexander how serious the attacks on U.S. military networks are. "We saw [the attacks] as very serious," said Alexander, who is also director of the U.S. National Security Agency. "We have been alarmed by the increase,cheap jordan shoes, especially this year, both in the critical infrastructure within the nation and within the Defense Department." Still, some senators asked how far Cyber Command would go to defend the military's networks. Attackers could be in one country and using compromised computers located in a second country to attack Defense Department networks in Afghanistan, said Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.). "What is the ground we have to defend?" Udall said. "That server that's being attacked could be in any number of countries, and the attacker could be based in any number of countries. This raises some very thorny questions, does it not?" Alexander agreed, saying it's sometimes difficult to pinpoint where attacks are coming from. "We are trained for proportional and discriminate [responses], but there are still a number of issues that are out there," he said. Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) questioned what authority Alexander would need to use offensive capabilities against a computer located in a neutral country. Such a scenario would be complicated, Alexander said, but he would seek authority from his superiors if a counterattack was necessary. Cyber Command, announced by Defense Secretary Robert Gates in June 2009 , still needs its role more clearly defined, although some progress is being made, added Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). "I have shared the concerns of Senator Levin and others about ensuring that the role, mission, legal authorities and rules of engagement that Cyber Command will employ are well thought out and understood,cheap-jordan.net," he said.

Encryption cheap air jordan shoes appliances

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of Work.com,cheap air jordans, a human resources application for managing employee performance. But Work.com can easily be added to the edges of a customer's software landscape, versus supplanting a rival product.

While it's not clear Salesforce.com will either develop a robust ERP suite on its own or acquire a vendor who already has one,cheap jordans, in 2013 expect to see the company make some type of move,real cheap jordans retro, even if it's just a strengthening of partner relations. ERP simply takes up too much of the IT budget pie,cheap jordans free shipping, and Salesforce.com will want a bigger slice.

Oracle and others will invest heavily in mobility and mobile middleware: Mobile application deployment options and design became the name of the game in enterprise software this year. SAP has made much of its mobile middleware and device management software, which it acquired through the US$5.8 billion acquisition of Sybase in 2010.

Oracle is hardly lacking in mobile development tools, but it seems likely that it will scoop up a specialized company or three,cheap real jordans, perhaps next year,cheap jordans online, in order to strengthen its position. Don't be surprised if the likes of Hewlett-Packard and IBM do the same.

Oracle will get out of some part of the hardware business: It's no secret that Oracle has struggled with Sun's hardware business following the 2010 acquisition of Sun. Oracle executives have sent a consistent message, however, that the vendor is focused on higher-margin systems like the Exadata database machine

#304 von 1ch8eiborne 11.12.2016 - 16:22
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for storage,amassdenver.com. But what Thomas didn't want to do is get locked into a particular vendor's data replication software.

"If I want to switch colocation providers,cheap jordan shoes, it's easier to migrate a virtual machine and not care about what the underlying storage platform is,cheap jordans for sale," Thomas said.

As with most companies,www.bcheapjordans.com, ARA's data replication scheme for business continuity and disaster recovery is based in its networked storage,cheap jordans online, which features both EMC Symmetrix DMX-4 950 and NetApp 3140 arrays. Replication in those arrays is performed at the block or file level,real cheap jordans retro, meaning data is either mirrored or copied to its offsite recovery facility 20 miles south of its primary data center in Austin. ARA uses both EMC's Symmetrix Remote Data Facility/Asynchronous (SRDF/A) and MirrorView software for data replication.

But when it began virtualizing its server and desktop environment, the strain of additional virtual machines overwhelmed its storage arrays' I/O bandwidth.

The ARA project started as a XenApp installation in which applications were going to be streamed down to Wyse Technology thin clients. "In that rollout, we ran into a number of hurdles that shifted our strategy to go more the VDI route than just the applications streaming route," Thomas said.

But an "unforeseen" explosion of virtual desktops created I/O performance problems. "We got about 70% of the way through the project and are now on hold," he said. Instead of 80% streaming applications and 20% VDI, ARA wound up implementing 80% virtual desktops and 20% streaming apps.

"The predominance of virtual desktops created a strain on our storage arrays we weren't anticipating," Thomas said

Data cheap air jorda

Andy c

#303 von donnaa2ce0y 10.12.2016 - 15:11
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where the network had taken root and cultivated an active user base.??


We find Jon Gold weighing the minuses and pluses:

Orkut joins a long list of...social media projects...Buzz, Wave and Friend Connect...on Google's compost heap. The company, as yet, hasn't been able to make the same impact on social media that it has made in the online advertising and services sectors. Google Plus, is three years old and still struggles for the same relevance as competitors like Facebook and Twitter.??MORE


Before shutting down,cheap jordans online, Richard Nieva starts a backup:

Google touted the growth of Google+, as well as YouTube and Blogger,cheap real jordans, as a reason it decided to shutter Orkut.

,cheap jordans...
The site will officially go dark on September 30. Existing users can export their photos and profile information using a service called Google Takeout,cheap jordan shoes, but new users are no longer able to set up accounts.??


Paulo Golgher bids a kind farewell:

We will shut down Orkut on September 30,cheap jordans online, 2014. Until then, there will be no impact on current Orkut users,cheap real jordans, to give the community time

#302 von amedag0ui4u 10.12.2016 - 15:09
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,cheap jordans online

If you've been following Android for long, you probably have pretty pleasant memories of the original Motorola Droid.

The 2009 device was by no means the first Android phone to come out, but it was arguably the first one that mattered. Up until its arrival, Android was a small-scale project known mostly by techie-type folks (you know, like us). The Droid rocketed into America with a massive marketing campaign that took on the then-untouchable iPhone in a then-unthinkable way -- and boy, did it ever deliver.

Suddenly, Android (or "Droid," at least) was a household name. Suddenly, Android device sales were something worth watching. Suddenly, Android itself was a gold mine waiting to be tapped.

As one strikingly handsome prophet wrote at the time:

In the grand picture, the Motorola

HBOs cheap air jordans The Night Of is gra

Horrible cheap-jordan.net

Apples cheap real j

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