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gepostet am 21.12.2015 von FunnyMichl
So nach langen warten ist nun endlich unsere Homepgae da. Sie wird in den kommenden tagen noch gefüllt und bearbeitet!!!

Wir von enzaY.eSports wünschen euch viel spaß wink


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#282 von jerezm4ar9p 06.12.2016 - 17:36
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by MIT professor of mechanical engineering Tom Sheridan,cheap real jordans, Mindell in an interview with MIT's Technology Review,cheap jordan shoes, said the level of automation in any given project can be rated on a scale from one to 10, but a higher level of automation doesn't necessarily lead to greater success.

"The digital computer in Apollo allowed them to make a less automated spacecraft that was closer to the perfect 5," Mindell told the Review. "The sophistication of the computer and the software was used not to push people out, but to give them true control over the landing."

As another example, Mindell cited commercial airliners, which have automated systems such as auto pilot and auto landing,jordans for cheap, but the aircraft still require highly trained pilots to manage those systems and to make critical decisions in real time.

Mindell said "it's reasonable to hope" that vehicles with autonomous features will help to "reduce the workload" of drivers in incremental ways in the future. But total automation,cheap jordan shoes, he said, is not the logical endpoint of vehicle development.
The cult of Tesla and technology

Tesla has a cult-like following among its vehicle owners, who rave about the quality and sophistication of the vehicles' telematics, handling,cheap real jordans, speed and,real cheap jordans retro, yes, Autopilot features.


A Tesla Model S owner posted a video of how he uses Autopilot on his commute each day. The video displays the driver properly using the technology some

Yahoos cheap jordans for sale May

#281 von donnj2mn5x8 06.12.2016 - 16:41
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featured ,amassdenver.comBoris Renski, the always colorful CMO and co-founder of pure-play OpenStack service provider, Mirantis. The thrust of Renski's talk was that while the world is all ready to suggest that Amazon Web Services, the undisputed king of the public cloud, owns the cloud generally,cheap jordans for sale, the revenue that AWS drives,cheap jordan shoes, some $10 billion, is tiny in comparison to total IT spend. The crux of Renski's point was that this is very early days and there is still a massive opportunity for other cloud vendors, and other approaches to delivering the cloud.

All in all,cheap real jordans, the keynote was interesting,www.cheap-jordan.net, and it was good to see some customers also on stage. China Mobile,real cheap jordans retro, Walmart, the Volkswagen Group and AT&T all got some nice stage time. Many of my analyst colleagues at the event expressed disappointment that there was a lack of technical innovation at the event generally -- I actually disagree with that perspective. I have criticized OpenStack in the past for jumping on every new technology band wagon and failing to focus on delivering a credible and stable core service first. My take from this summit was that the foundation is focusing strongly on building the core robustness of the platform rather than clutching at technology straws.

In terms of the newer customer stories on stage, Liveperson was interesting, having changed their monolithic application into 150 discreet microservices running on OpenStack with Docker and Kubernetes on large virtual machines. TCP Cloud demoed its smart city offering that has been implemented in the Czech republic. While it was


#280 von pintog6bv2m 30.11.2016 - 16:45
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There is the inevitable liquid nitro smoke fuming around the tables at Marigold Kitchen. There is foam,cheap jordans, too, my favorite being a cloth-bound cheddar whipped to a pouf inside the miniature hollow of a fingerling potato skin. There are "ham bubbles" that pop over warm demitasses of silky cauliflower and white bean soups. Slideshow Marigold Kitchen: Delectable dishes beyond the razzle-dazzle Advertisment of Gallery: And there are a shocking number of chefs in the kitchen (sometimes 10!) working over nearly 800 little plates on a busy Saturday for the nightly tasting meals at this homey but wildly ambitious 46-seat BYOB in West Philadelphia. Some chefs swing mallets to smash frozen orbs of winter-spiced foam for the warm chocolate soup. Others use syringes to form multicolored, frozen "Dippin' Dots" that, in the mouth,cheap retro jordans, melt to vividly evoke gazpacho, or an autumnal tune of gorgonzola, cider, and bacon. Bubbles, foam, and smoke, of course, are the cliches of molecular gastronomy, the science-driven edge of contemporary cooking that, in my experience, too often distracts young chefs with shiny gadgets when they should just be thinking harder about harmonious plates. Marigold's Robert Halpern wasn't exactly one of those when he arrived here in fall 2009 as owner-chef, taking over from Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov. Halpern's early days were marked by plenty of solid dishes on the à la carte menus. But the Villanova native was still a chem-cooking novice - an unschooled chef who worked distinctly different kitchens at the Moosewood and Coyote Cafes,cheap real jordans, plus an internship at Alinea, and who was still finding his voice with avant-garde tools. He's not necessarily innovating here yet. But four years later, with Marigold recently abandoning a traditional menu for kitchen-directed $85 surprise tastings of 16 (or so) plates, it's clear that diners are in good hands. The 37-year-old and his young but enthusiastic staff have begun to come of age and find a voice. And a meal here finally feels like a destination experience greater than the sum of its culinary tricks. I can still taste the warm rush of liquid corn bursting from a single ravioli at an early October meal, its sweetness tinted with cumin salt. By my winter return, the center was butternut squash, with banana-flavored salt adding an unexpected tropical note. Such surprising tweaks were scattered throughout, like the dark chocolate tuilles that added bittersweet crunch to tiny foie gras cookie sandwiches. Or the pickled jalapeños that sparked against the creamy richness of truffled mac 'n' cheese with peekytoe crab. Or the baguette-flavored ice cream that added a bread element to deconstructed panzanella. The intense labor that goes into transforming so many elements can have a reverse benefit. When an ingredient is left in its relatively natural state, like the Painted Hills filet mignon minced into luscious tartare, its pristine quality makes the dish's wink - a Dijon mustard ice cream - all the more effective. The most memorable course,cheap jordan shoes, though, unfolded before us in a multistage presentation that teased several senses. A jam jar filled with a dried porcini, red chile, a bay leaf, and a Japanese orchid petal was covered tableside in warm mushroom dashi and set to steep. Two aromatic minutes later,real cheap jordans retro, it was poured like a woodsy tea over a bowl of soy-cured hamachi sashimi. With a "forest" of exotic mushrooms perched like a still life on the bowl's rim

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#279 von colinr2ms0n 30.11.2016 - 16:43
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Food writer Carolyn Wyman wrote a regular feature for Philadelphia City Paper that probed the stories behind some of Philadelphia's most popular dishes. Alas, City Paper ceased publication. We're proud to continue Carolyn's fine work here at philly.com/food.


Philly Food Finds: Domingo sundae at the Feliz restaurants




Chef Tim Spinner is the mind behind 95 percent of the dishes at the local Feliz Mexican restaurants

But the restaurants' most famous menu offering was invented by co-owner Brian Sirhal, who handles the business side.

It was 2011 and the partners had just opened Cantina Feliz in Fort Washington, the first of what is now a four-restaurant chain.

"It was at the end of a 20-hour day and I was really hungry," recalled Sirhal. "I grabbed some caramel popcorn we were serving with a pudding and put it on a scoop of churros ice cream." Though "great in its own right," Sirhal thought it might be even better on top of a brownie with whipped cream and caramel sauce.

So he asked his pastry chef to make a brownie and, within a week, this so-called Domingo sundae was on the dessert menu, where it has remained ever since, the one constant and the best-selling sweet at all the subsequent Feliz restaurants.

"It's universally loved by everyone from little kids to the oldest adult,www.yourcellan.com," Sirhal thinks because of the complementary flavors and contrasting textures - "the softness of the ice cream,cheap jordans free shipping, the crunch of the popcorn and the chewiness of the brownie."

There is also the quality of the ingredients: The caramel corn, brownie, and churros ice cream are all made from scratch at the birthplace Cantina. (They source the cajeta goat milk caramel sauce from a Mexican specialty food company.)

The ice cream is particularly labor-intensive - it involves soaking house-made cinnamon-y churros in heavy cream, straining out the pastry and adding ribbons of caramel and chocolate - with a payoff noticeably complex flavor.

The result sells well year-round, not just in summer, as might be expected of an ice cream-based dessert.

The dish also fits the Feliz restaurants' colorful decor and feliz or "happy" names.

Speaking of names and fun, the dessert's name, Domingo, is a play on words. Domingo, in Spanish, means Sunday. It's also slang for a striking or sexy person, something that Sirhal did not know or intend, though, he says, "That does describe me."

Sirhal also created Feliz restaurants bacon and fig guacamole when he added bacon and blue cheese to some guacamole, also originally for his own enjoyment. Although Spinner added the dishs defining figs, and need not fear the loss of the culinary reins.

"As much as I love eating, and cooking at home, I enjoy my business role. I do not go into our kitchens wishing I was sweating over a stove," Sirhal says.

Get it: $5.95-$7 at La Calaca Feliz, 2321 Fairmount Ave., 215-787-9930; Cantina Feliz, 424 S. Bethlehem Pike, Fort Washington, 215-646-1320; Taqueria Feliz, 4410 Main St., Manayunk, 267-331-5874, and Taqueria Feliz,cheap retro jordans, 303 Horsham Rd., Horsham, 215-323-4530, www.felizrestaurants.com.

Make it:

To quote Marvin Gaye, aint nothing like the real thing, baby, especially when its house-made,cheap jordans online, but Brian Sirhal was kind enough to provide instruction for those whod like to make a quick-and-dirty home version of his Domingo sundae.

1 homemade or bakery-bought brownie, cut into four, 1-inch squares

1/3 cup Cracker Jack or Fiddle Faddle caramel or butter toffee popcorn with peanuts

2 scoops of cinnamon super-premium ice cream (Bassetts and Little Babys are two brands available locally)

1 tablespoon goat milk caramel or other caramel sauce

Whipped cream

1 teaspoon roasted pepitas (available at nut stores)

1 maraschino cherry
Arrange pieces of brownie on the bottom of a large cereal bowl. Cover with the popcorn. Add ice cream, drizzle with caramel sauce and top with whipped cream. Sprinkle with pepitas and adorn with the cherry. Serves 1.

Published: July 28,cheap jordans for sale, 2016 �� 11:26 PM EDT
| Updated: July 29, 2016 �� 10:57 AM EDT


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Chaka Fattah has never faced a primary challenger as the incumbent in the Second Congressional District.

Now under indictment and due to start trial on federal racketeering charges six days after the April 26 Democratic primary, the U.S. representative is facing three challengers.

Call it a coincidence.

There's more than one in this Democratic race.

Fattah and one challenger, state Rep. Dwight Evans, are black.

The two other Democrats, Ninth Ward Leader Dan Muroff and Lower Merion Township Commissioner Brian Gordon,www.yourcellan.com, are white.

Pennsylvania has 18 congressional districts. The Second District, which includes a lot of Philadelphia and a little of Montgomery County, is the only one where African Americans, at 58 percent, make up a majority.

That prompted the moderator of a debate on Thursday to ask Muroff and Gordon: "Why does it make sense to fill [the seat] with someone who is not African American?"

Muroff and Gordon handled the question in similar fashion, focusing on issues and not ethnicity.

This is how Muroff wrapped up his response: "I want to represent the entire district. Everybody,cheap retro jordans. Not just a select group."

Gordon added: "I think anyone has a right to run,yourcellan.com. And I don't think race should control."

Here is what went unsaid at the debate: There is a continuing effort to bump Gordon from the ballot, which would leave Muroff as the lone white Democrat in the race.

Two voters filed legal objections in state Commonwealth Court on Feb. 23, challenging Gordon's nomination petitions.

Candidates need signatures from 1,000 registered Democrats in the district to qualify for a spot on the primary ballot.

As for coincidences,cheap jordans for sale, a simple Google search showed that Muroff is acquainted with the voters who filed the challenge. And a consultant for Muroff's campaign helped sort through the challenged signatures when the two campaigns met.

It's not uncommon for voters to challenge a candidate on behalf of another candidate in the race,cheap air jordans.

Muroff didn't run from the legal challenge. But he didn't exactly embrace it.

"I'm familiar with it," he offered when asked.

Gordon accused Muroff of using what is often called in local politics "racial math" - white voters support white candidates, black voters support black candidates - to tilt the race in his favor: If he's the only white guy on the ballot, the reasoning goes, he picks up the lion's share of white votes.

"I absolutely believe it was done in order to make Dan Muroff the only white candidate in the Second Congressional District," Gordon said. "And I think it's unseemly to play race-based politics."

Asked about Gordon's accusation, Muroff said, "I haven't thought about it that way."

This all rose up while the challenge was under way, but it settled down on March 18, when a Commonwealth Court judge ruled that Gordon should stay on the ballot.

On Friday, the voters who filed that challenge appealed that ruling to the state Supreme Court.

I asked Larry Otter, the attorney who filed the challenges, whether Muroff was behind the effort.

The lawyer answered: "Who?"

Otter, a veteran of election law cases, has a knack for the nudge-nudge, wink-wink approach to answering such questions.

Last week's debate was a serious, if staid, affair. The race seems ready to liven up from here.

During the debate, Muroff said he got into the race because he wanted to let the voters decide.

Gordon turned that on him Friday, saying, "Rather than letting the voters decide, he is using a cheap political strategy of knocking his opponents in the courtroom rather than at the ballot box."

Muroff, during the debate, said he always expected a "robust primary." Asked what that meant, he said, "A lot of people."

I guess he thinks one less will change the complexion of the race.



More Coverage

Published: March 28, 2016 �� 3:01 AM EDT

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Fox real ch

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Detroit forward Cole Long, left, and Illinois forward Michael Finke (43) chase a loose ball during the second half.(Photo: Heather Coit / Associated Press)
Howard jumped out to the early lead, scoring the game’s first six points.
Let’s just say, the Michigan women’s basketball team didn’t exactly panic.
The Wolverines simply went on a 52-0 run — no, that’s not a typo — en route to a 109-41 victory at Crisler Center on Friday night.
“That stretch in the first quarter and into the second quarter was pretty incredible,” said Michigan coach Kim Barnes Arico, who came from St. John’s — where it often saw dominance like that from the other side. “I was telling my director of operations, I might’ve been on the other side of that one or two times playing Connecticut in my career.
“I’ve never been on the other side of it. That was a breath of fresh air.”
During the run, six players scored, led by junior guard Katelynn Flaherty, who had 17 points and six assists.
Sophomore center Hallie Thome added 12 points, freshman guard Kysre Gondrezick nine points and junior guard Maria Backman five points.
Also getting in on the act were senior guards Siera Thompson (three points, four assists) and Danielle Williams (three points, three assists).
“It was almost as if everything we were shooting was going in,” Arico said. “It looked like kind of a fast-break drill or a warm-up drill.”
For the game, Flaherty scored 24 and Gondrezick 22. Junior guard/forward Jillian Dunston had 13 rebounds.
There was some stout defense, too, led by Thompson.
This was the third consecutive game Michigan has topped the 100-point mark, setting a program record.
During its 3-0 start to the season, Michigan has beaten opponents by an average of 59 points — 101-63 over Oakland, 107-35 over Niagara, and then the Howard rout.
For good measure, in an opening exhibition victory over Wayne State, the Wolverines won by 52.
“We go really deep,” Arico said. “Hopefully, it continues.”
Michigan hosts Western Michigan on Monday before heading to the Paradise Jam in the Virgin Islands later next week,jordans for cheap.
More state women
Michigan State 68, (at) Western Michigan 64 (OT): Taryn McCutcheon had nine points, including a big 3-pointer in overtime,cheap air jordan shoes, to lift Michigan State (5-0). Tori Jankoska scored 17 for the Spartans. Meredith Shipman scored 21 for Western (1-2).
State men
(At) Illinois 89, Detroit Mercy 69: Malcolm Hill led the way for Illinois with 25 points and the Illini took care of business. Illinois (4-0) continued its strong start to the season with another complete game from different players in the opening game of the NIT Season Tip-Off tournament.
The Illini had little trouble scoring, shooting 27 of 52 from the field and 8 of 19 from 3-point range. Friday marked the second straight game the Illini had difficulty shooting from the free-throw line however, finishing 27 of 38.
Tracy Abrams continued to have a strong return to basketball, scoring 15 points and finishing with four rebounds.
Detroit Mercy (1-2) had trouble keeping up with Illinois’ fast offensive pace from the start — the Titans never held a lead,cheap air jordans.
Josh McFolley and Jaleel Hogan both led the way with 16 points for a team that finished shooting 43 percent from the field and 24 percent from beyond the arc.
The Titans fell behind in most categories against the Illini, but Illinois won the rebound battle 39-29,cheap jordan shoes, including 33-25 defensive rebounds.
(At) Oakland 102, Goshen 59: Martez Walker scored 18 of his 21 points in the first half, Sherron Dorsey-Walker added a career-high 20 points and Oakland routed Goshen to open the Great Alaska Shootout.
Up 56-30 at halftime, the Golden Grizzlies (3-0) opened the second half with a 9-1 run in which Dorsey-Walker hit a 3-pointer and continued to pull away. All 11 Golden Grizzlies who played scored at least a field goal and freshman Isaiah Brock (12 points) had his first double-digit game.
Jaevin Cumberland scored a career-high 16 points and Stevie Clark had a career-high 10 assists. Xavier Hill-Mais grabbed a career-high nine rebounds.
The last time Oakland scored 100 or more points was 104 against ETSU on March 29, 2016.
The Golden Grizzlies shot 50 percent from the floor (38 of 76) while holding NAIA member Goshen to 34 percent.
Christian Grider led the Maple Leafs with 19 points in 23 minutes off the bench.
tpaul@detroitnews,cheap jordans free shipping.com
Twitter.com: @tonypaul1984



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Islands. Canadian indie rocker Nick Thorburn is so prolific it's hard to keep up. He came to prominence in the mid-00's with Unicorns and has too many side projects to count. As Islands, he's put out two albums this year, Taste and Should I Remain Here, at Sea?, and has reached his largest audience by composing music for the NPR podcast Serial. Sunday at Arden Gild Hall.

Sahba Motallebi. Los Angeles-based, Iranian-born virtuoso makes melancholy, transfixing sounds on the tar, the lutelike, hourglass-shaped Middle Eastern string instrument thought to be the ancestor of the guitar. Part of the impressive Crossroads Music series in West Philadelphia. Sunday at the Calvary Center.

MELISSA TROTT Islands at Arden Gild Hall on Sunday,real cheap jordans retro.

Terry Allen, "Juarez" and "Lubbock (On Everything)." Allen is the piano-pounding,cheap jordans online, sly songwriter and visual artist closely associated with fellow Lone Star troubadours Joe Ely,cheap jordan shoes, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and Butch Hancock. He has also collaborated with David Byrne. These reissues capture his rambunctious, sardonic genius, particularly on the 1979 double album named after his west Texas hometown. Out now on Paradise of Bachelors.

Elizabeth Cook. Native Floridian country singer and Sirius/XM Outlaw Country radio host with a glorious twang in her voice chronicles personal travails on the terrific new Exodus of Venus. With Paul Thorn Thursday at the LeVoy Theatre in Millville,cheap jordans for sale.
"Black America Since MLK" with Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. Harvard professor and PBS host Gates speaks in advance of his new, four-hour series, Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise, which airs on WHYY-TV12 in November. He'll be interviewed by Lehigh prof James Peterson,cheap real jordans, with an emphasis on music's role in King's legacy. Friday at the Penn Museum.

Published: October 21, 2016 �� 1:33 PM EDT

The Philadelphia Inquirer

#275 von oreroc1el5t 30.11.2016 - 16:22
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Ground will be broken Dec. 3 for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple. While it will be the first temple in province of Manitoba, it...
Sun, 20 Nov 2016 06:02:00 MST
"We have to remember that wherever we are the gospel is home," President Dieter F. Uchtdorf told members of the Parleys Creek...
Thu, 03 Nov 2016 12:34:00 MDT
During the Women's session of conference, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf speaks of what faith is,cheap jordan shoes, what it can and cannot do,...
Sat, 01 Oct 2016 09:52:00 MDT
President Thomas S. Monson,cheap air jordan shoes, who has spent his life lifting and encouraging others,real cheap jordans retro, turns 89 on Aug. 21.
Thu, 18 Aug 2016 11:42:00 MDT
Two apostles �� Elder M. Russell Ballard of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Elder Lachlan Mackay of...
Thu, 11 Aug 2016 11:28:00 MDT
Exactly 20 years after he and his wife began their own missionary service, Elder Ronald A. Rasband spoke to new mission...
Thu, 14 Jul 2016 10:28:00 MDT
In an address at England's university of Oxford, Elder Dallin H. Oaks speaks on the complementary functions of religion and...
Thu,yourcellan.com, 16 Jun 2016 12:56:00 MDT
"The gospel has blessed our lives, and the lives of our children. We just try to live simple gospel principles and what the...
Thu, 19 May 2016 12:32:00 MDT
Elder Ronald A. Rasband took spiritual nourishment to Latter-day Saints in the West African nations of Nigeria and Ghana from...
Thu, 31 Mar 2016 15:12:00 MDT
During the past 27 years,www.yourcellan.com, President Russell M. Nelson has fulfilled five assignments to the Philippines, witnessing firsthand...

Penn www.yourcellan.com goes to Harva

Elizabeth chea

#274 von overi3sx0t9 30.11.2016 - 15:52
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More on this

Raleigh, N.C. Ashley Christensen, the brains behind a cluster of Raleigh restaurants that celebrate Southern cooking in new ways, added a new honor this week when she was named to the Rolling Stone list of "Rock Star Chefs of 2016."
Christensen started her empire with Poole's Diner, which opened in 2007 and is widely lauded for its rich macaroni and cheese. She has since added hot spots Beasley's Chicken + Honey, Fox Liquor Bar, Chuck's burgers and Death & Taxes.
She was named the best chef in the Southeast by the James Beard Foundation in 2014 and has been a finalist for the honor multiple times,jordans for cheap. Death & Taxes was one of Southern Living's "best new restaurants in the south" just this past summer and was a Food & Wine top 10 most exciting places to dine.
Rolling Stone wrote that Christensen's New South recipes are "all executed with her signature combination of good humor and razor-sharp instincts."
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A?Delavan man was charged Tuesday with second-degree vehicular manslaughter in connection with the July death of a 22-year-old South Wales surveyor, according to the Erie County Sheriff's Office.
Samuel Pagano, a surveyor who was on the job on July 6?on Route 39 near Savage Road in Sardinia, was allegedly struck at about 4 p.m. by a car driven by Robert Sutherland, 22, according to the sheriff's office.
Sutherland,cheap jordans for sale, who was reportedly driving east on Route 39, allegedly swerved and struck Pagano on the west shoulder of the road, according to the sheriff's office.
Pagano was pronounced dead at the scene.
Sutherland crashed his car nearby, and he was treated for a leg injury,real cheap jordans retro, according to the sheriff's office.
Sutherland was arrested early Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to the charge in Sardinia Town Court on Tuesday evening. He was remanded to?the Erie County Holding Center in lieu of $20,000 bail, Scott Zylka, a spokesman for the Erie County Sheriff's Office, told The Buffalo News.
Sutherland was arrested by Sheriff Timothy Howard's Crash?Investigation Unit.


DN cheap jordans online editorial Making o

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Get a kick out of this: 57 painted fiberglass donkeys are coming to town.


Dems bringing painted donkeys to town for convention




The Democratic National Convention's host committee announced Tuesday that the painted donkeys - representing the 50 states, five U.S. territories, the District of Columbia, and Democrats abroad - will be scattered across Center City to drum up excitement for the convention and draw tourists to different parts of town.

"It did come out of my fertile and overactive mind, but it had some rational basis," said former Gov. Ed Rendell, chair of the host committee, at a news conference announcing the donkeys.

"I thought,cheap real jordans, what a great idea to have 'Donkeys Around Town.' [We] want this to be a great convention for the Democratic Party and its nominee, but we also want to make it a great convention for the people of Philadelphia."

The DNC is partnering with the Mural Arts Program and ArtJawn.com to find 30 local artists for the project. Roe Fabricators, a Chester company, will make all the life-size, 250-pound official Democratic donkeys, using a patented mold.

The convention runs from July 25 to 28 but the donkeys will be on display from July 1 through Sept. 5. The rollout will include a social media campaign and a scavenger hunt to get residents and delegates traveling around to find all 57 donkeys.

Once their job here is done, the donkeys will be given to delegations that want to take them home or auctioned off, with proceeds benefiting the artists.

The statues will be attached to fixed steel bases that can be bolted to the ground. Locations accepting donkeys have agreed to provide some security.

While the donkeys can withstand human weight, they are not to be mounted, organizers said. There will be a "donkey doctor" available in case of repair needs.

The host committee is seeking input from each delegation on what images should grace their home state's animal.

Pennsylvania's donkey, with designs selected by the state's first lady,cheap jordans online, Frances Wolf, is painted with the Liberty Bell,cheap air jordan shoes, an Amish buggy, and the state flower and flag.

On Tuesday, Rendell led a round of "hee-haws" to applaud the people working on the project. He asked a few state trivia questions, and then Pennsylvania Democratic Chairman Marcel L. Groen attempted to explain why the Democrats picked the donkey as a symbol.

"I think the donkey represents stability. The donkey is not flashy. The donkey happens to be a very down-to-earth animal, dependable," Groen said.
Locations for the donkeys will include the top of Liberty Place, Independence Beer Garden,cheap jordans, the Betsy Ross House, the Art Museum, the Central Library of the Free Library of Philadelphia,cheap air jordans, and 30th Street Station. A full list is available at ArtJawn.com.
215-854-5506 @juliaterruso

More Coverage

Published: April 19, 2016 �� 1:29 PM EDT
| Updated: April 20, 2016 �� 1:08 AM EDT

The Philadelphia Inquirer

FactCheck Trumps press conference_2

#272 von adiost7ae7d 29.11.2016 - 13:13
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was filmed in the Hansens' house, were painful. Heather Hansen recalls a day coming home from the grocery store to find Wade, Beers and Chiniquy working on the scene depicting Kennedy's first seizure. "I heard and I saw it, and it just brought back so much emotion for me,cheap real jordans, I had to turn around leave,yourcellan.com," she said, describing the pain and fear that came rushing back to her. "It was like reliving that moment, and it was scary to begin with." For Jason Hansen, writing the book the couple authored together forced him to face the emotion left after his daughter's death. He would write every day, he said, finding it just as difficult as it was cathartic to record Kennedy's life. The couple has occasionally faced criticism as some have suggested they are profiting off their daughter, but Jason Hansen asserts their only mission has been to share her message. "We want her story shared to the world," he said. "Kennedy is not a business plan to Heather and I. She is a business plan to other people who are involved, and that's OK, to the production companies and the publishers and things like that. ? (The story) is doing exactly what we want it to, it has touched lives." '28 daughters' When filming for the movie got underway, the couple never imagined how much the girl playing their daughter on screen would come to mean to them. "(We didn't know) that we would come to love her as much as we do," Heather Hansen said. "She doesn't replace Kennedy, of course,cheap air jordans, because she's Tatum, but we feel like she's another one of our children now. Like we're blessed enough to have another little adopted daughter." Heather Hansen called Chiniquy "as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside," with a kind heart that reminded her even more of her daughter, while her husband said Chiniquy "brought Kennedy with her" whenever she came to their home. Now, Chiniquy moves easily through the Hansen house, scooping up their 9-year-old son, Beau, when he comes running for a hug, then tickling him until he cries "Uncle!" At dinner, Chiniquy sits across from the Hansens' daughter, Anna, 19, and offers a prayer giving thanks for the Hansens and the influence Kennedy has had on all their lives. "I tell people this is my 'fam,' because that's who they are," Chiniquy said. While her dream would be to act full time,jordans for cheap, Chiniquy's immediate plan is studying business marketing at BYU. She started her first semester in August, partway through filming for "Love, Kennedy." Jason Hansen recently stopped by Chiniquy's BYU apartment, delighted to see in her the future he once imagined for his daughter. "I dreamed of seeing Kennedy there, in college," he said. "I was so excited (Chiniquy) started school, and I thought that I just wanted to go over there, hug her, see her apartment, and just experience that." Heather Hansen called Chiniquy a blessing for her family. "We're just grateful Tatum wants to continue a relationship with our family so that we can see those precious moments in her life, that are important to her and will be important to us," she said. During Kennedy's time on the cheerleading squad, the members of her team came and went from the Hansen home daily, visiting to help Kennedy practice or to simply spend time with the childlike girl. Today many are still in contact with the Hansens,cheap jordans for sale, sending messages, updating the couple about their lives,


#271 von arref9mx1f9 29.11.2016 - 12:28
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Friday," said Jeannine Stone, 40, of Turnersville, who was with son Kyle, 13. She bought Kyle a number of clothing items from Nike and Under Armour that were marked more than half off. Sunrise shopping Meanwhile, Patricia Hobbib of Newtown was one of the early birds who hit the stores before sunrise. She started at Target, then went to Kohl's, both in Langhorne,cheap jordans, all by 4 a.m. Friday. "This is the way to go," Hobbib said, pushing a Kohl's cart filled to the brim with clothes and appliances. "I didn't have to fight for a parking spot or wait in line too long," she said. "There were also less people in the stores." Hobbib also saved big bucks. She spent $677 but saved $1,214, according to her Kohl's receipt. Although roughly half of holiday buying and browsing this year is expected to occur online, the head of the National Retail Federation said stores across the country were crowded Friday. Seasonal online sales got off to a fast pace on Thursday, too, said Matthew Shay, the federation's CEO. "As early as the day before Thanksgiving, retailers rolled out the red carpet for their customers with uniquely timed offers on electronics, apparel,jordans for cheap, sporting goods, toys, and more," Shay said. "The excitement continued into Thursday as reports of long lines outside stores on Thanksgiving and Black Friday were matched by reports of record-breaking online sales. "By the time Cyber Monday wraps up,cheap jordan shoes," Shay said, referring to the Monday after Thanksgiving, "retailers will have closed the books on another successful Thanksgiving weekend. But we know the holiday season is a marathon,yourcellan.com, not a sprint, as there are countless opportunities left for retailers through the end of December." Consumers spent about $1.73 billion online on Thanksgiving, up 25 percent from last year, according to Adobe Systems Inc., a digital marketing firm. Almost 136 million people nationwide are expected to shop online or in bricks-and-mortar stores over the five-day holiday weekend, according to the National Retail Federation. Family traditions Rob and Holly Bennett and their three young children drove from Nazareth in the Lehigh Valley to King of Prussia Mall to visit Santa and buy a Christmas ornament on Black Friday. The trek has been a family tradition for 15 years. The family arrived at 1 p.m. to shop, and went to Grand Lux Cafe for dinner about 4 p.m. They waited about 25 minutes for a table. "With recent world events, I was like, maybe we shouldn't go this year," Holly Bennett said. "But Rob wouldn't have it. He said we couldn't let stuff like that stop us. "We're glad to be here," she continued as they walked to their dinner table. "The weather's great and the mall's full. It's great to see so many people out. It shows we're staying strong [as a nation] and taking a stand against terrorism." Another family kept tradition alive at Willow Grove Park, where Christmas music serenaded shoppers and signs outside stores advertised Black Friday deals. Tony Wright, 68, of Harrisburg,cheap real jordans, and son Mark, 40, of Baltimore, were staying with relatives in Southampton for Thanksgiving. They got to the mall around 9 a.m., and had typed shopping lists in hand, crossing off gifts as they made purchases. They both will do a lot of holiday shopping online, too, but said going to the mall on Black Friday is an ritual for them stretching back at least 35 years. "We spend time together and hang out,"


#270 von 4xf6p1hlill 28.11.2016 - 19:39
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Podcast: Howes on autos in new Trumpworld
Podcast: Howes on autos in new Trumpworld
Howes: Detroit automakers are coming to terms with a Trump presidency – and not just because they have to.
Daniel Howes
UAW learns of Ford news through Trump tweet
UAW learns of Ford news through Trump tweet
The tweets — sent without elaboration or some key leaders’ knowledge — could indicate what’s in store during presidency
Automakers await the Trump effect
Automakers await the Trump effect
Executives in corner offices from Germany to Detroit are cautiously monitoring President-Elect Donald Trump’s team
Ford trims 2017 profit forecast over credit arm
Ford trims 2017 profit forecast over credit arm
Dearborn automaker says Ford Credit pre-tax profit expected to be $300 million less than previous forecast
Howes: Automakers see opportunity in Trump’s Washington
Howes: Automakers see opportunity in Trump’s Washington
Trump’s intention to cut corporate taxes, enforce penalties in trade agreements are music to auto industry ears
Daniel Howes
Intel’s $250M investment latest auto-tech convergence
Intel’s $250M investment latest auto-tech convergence
Intel will invest in startups trying to provide connected-car security and other projects
Compact SUVs are the stars at LA Auto Show
Compact SUVs are the stars at LA Auto Show
Small SUVs from Ford, Jeep,jordans for cheap, Alfa Romeo, Toyota and Mazda to premiere at LA Auto Show
Ford in ‘constant communication’ with Trump team
Ford in ‘constant communication’ with Trump team
Ford CEO Fields says it has no plans to change Mexico production plans
Ford’s small EcoSport SUV to hit U.S. in early ’18
Ford’s small EcoSport SUV to hit U.S. in early ’18
Latest generation of subcompact SUV arrives after a decade of foreign sales
Ford to unveil small EcoSport SUV next week in LA
Ford to unveil small EcoSport SUV next week in LA
The reveal was announced late-Wednesday by DJ Khaled via Snapchat
Trump presidency drives uncertainty into auto industry
Trump presidency drives uncertainty into auto industry
GM, Ford in statements say hope to work with Trump on supporting U.S. economic growth, manufacturing and jobs
Ford invests $195M into new global tech center in India
Ford invests $195M into new global tech center in India
Automaker to hire 3,cheap retro jordans,000 to help staff center focused on product development, mobility offering and business services
Ford China sales in October rise 13.6%
Ford China sales in October rise 13.6%
Ford expects to have best-ever sales in China in 2016
Miked Up 62: The Series Finale
Miked Up 62: The Series Finale
The Mikes reminisce on their 62-podcast run, talk about auto sales, SEMA and fires at two of Detroit’s three automakers.
Canadian auto workers union Unifor completed its contract negotiations over the weekend with the Detroit automakers.
Unifor members ratify agreement with Ford
Canadian auto workers union Unifor completed its contract negotiations over the weekend with the Detroit automakers.
Stop-start systems rolling out on more cars
Stop-start systems rolling out on more cars
IHS Markit predicts 65% of new vehicles sold in the U.S. within five years will have the engine technology
Auto sales fall three straight months for first time since recession
Auto sales fall three straight months for first time since recession
Auto sales fell 5.8 percent in October
Payne: Lincoln Continental takes a back seat to none
Payne: Lincoln Continental takes a back seat to none
Passenger comfort comes first for this luxury offering
Henry Payne
Delayed Ford sales report paints rockier Oct. picture
Delayed Ford sales report paints rockier Oct. picture
Ford sales dropped 11.9% for October, while entire industry fell 5.8%
Unifor union, Ford reach tentative agreement
Unifor union, Ford reach tentative agreement
Union president says workers gained ‘major engine program’; ratification vote begins Saturday
FCA, Ford, GM customize vehicles for 2016 SEMA Show
FCA,cheap jordan shoes, Ford, GM customize vehicles for 2016 SEMA Show
A spare-tire Baja mount is positioned in the rear of the Jeep CJ66.
Detroit Auto Show
Ford employees sent home after HQ evacuated due to fire
Ford employees sent home after HQ evacuated due to fire
Disruption means U.S. monthly sales won’t be reported Tuesday
Man charged with stealing $30K in laptops from Ford
Man charged with stealing $30K in laptops from Ford
Jeffery Griffin was arraigned on several felony charges and received a $25,000 cash bond at arraignment, police said
Wayne County
Miked Up 61: Sen. Gary Peters talks autonomous cars
Miked Up 61: Sen. Gary Peters talks autonomous cars
Sen. Gary Peters on how he's convincing Washington lawmakers to accept and understand autonomous driving technology.
Podcast: Howes on auto sales plateau,www.yourcellan.com, profits
Podcast: Howes on auto sales plateau, profits
Howes: Detroit’s automakers generally are making more money despite slowing auto sales – and that’s likely to continue.
Daniel Howes
Ford 3Q earnings tumble from year ago to $957M
Ford 3Q earnings tumble from year ago to $957M
Dearborn automaker hit with $600 million recall cost during the quarter and Super Duty launch
Rolling out the red carpet for Lincoln’s Continental
Rolling out the red carpet for Lincoln’s Continental
Hushed promotion of luxury brand’s flagship sedan is about to get louder

Gina real cheap jordan...usiness The Guardian_1Ch

NC jor

#269 von 3gt1g0rence 28.11.2016 - 19:38
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Editorial: McCrory's baseless claims of election fraud unfairly demean voters
State voter ID trial to start Sept. 26
Superior Court Judge Michael Morgan says he will decide the case before early voting begins this fall. The outcome could determine whether voters will have to show photo identification at the polls.
First election with voter ID offers lessons,cheap real jordans, anxiety
Although a small portion of those who voted in the March primary ran afoul of new voter ID rules,yourcellan.com, advocates worry that November's election could create bigger problems.
Voter ID
,cheap jordan shoes,
State Board of Elections
: RT
: .@NCSBE waiting on Durham BOE to produce docs before hearing McCrory's recount appeal in
race: https://t.co/n75vXBrET7 #…
: RT
: Confused about today's election stories? Mark and Laura break down Tuesday's action in 6 minutes: https://t.co/APl492CSk3

: RT
: White House: Pres. Obama and Pres.-elect Trump have spoken at least once since their Oval Office meeting.
: RT
: The
live stream of the
hearing is here: https://t.co/CZ6PY3ablb
: NC state board of elections hearing from McCrory Atty Roger Knight re voter challenges. Watch live on… https://t.co/0LvHDgNoBK
: RT
: .@NCSBE takes up matters of law re: elections protests.
: RT
: Outside today'a Board of Elections meeting: (#ncpol
) https://t.co/YWbMAAePCW
: RT
: Moore to remain
,cheap jordans online, denies plans to expand court,cheap jordans for sale, declines comment on
elex: https://t.co/WmPafxJAhj #…

#268 von 1ch8eiborne 28.11.2016 - 19:12
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- J.G.,cheap air jordan shoes, Bensenville, Ill.
A: Increasing the tire pressure will not prevent impact damage to your alloy wheels. It is the height of the standard tire that provides a little more protection to road hazards. The service manager is right. Inflate the tires to the specification found on the sticker attached to the driver's door frame. Of course, the other option is to buy a set of 18-inch wheels and matching tires. Put yours on eBay and some poor pothole-pounding guy may need them and get a deal.

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Q: I have a 2013 Chevrolet Traverse. We purchased it new and have 60,www.yourcellan.com,000 miles on it. All services have been done on schedule at the dealer. The problem is that the battery-charge indicator is on discharge most of the time and it doesn't matter what speed I am traveling. Nobody in the service department can give me an answer as to why this is happening. I question everyone I can whenever I am there for service. The battery and the alternator always test good. Hope you have an idea what the problem could be.

Additionally comments that are long, have multiple paragraph breaks, include code, or include hyperlinks may not be posted.
A: We did an internet search and came up empty for add-on lights specifically for your make and model. We did find some "universal" kits, but they would probably require you to make custom modifications. If ground clearance is an issue, check out the new, low-profile LED lights.
Answer: This sounds like a classic case of bad sway bar links. We would replace the original links with improved aftermarket links. We usually have good luck with Moog suspension parts.

- P.B., Frankfort, Ill.
A: Since the battery and charging system repeatedly test OK, we have a hunch there may be a problem with the gauge or the wiring to the gauge. That could include any poor or corroded connections.

Published: November 20, 2016 — 3:01 AM EST

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Question: I own a 2006 Honda Element. A few months back I began to notice a rattle noise coming from the bottom rear of the car. I have taken it in to get serviced a couple of times,cheap jordans free shipping, yet they cannot find anything wrong. The car has been functioning perfectly well, although this rattle will not seem to go away. The rattling is not consistent, but I hear it whenever I drive. If you have any idea or thoughts behind this and can let me know, that would be greatly appreciated.

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- C.W., Berlin, Conn.
Q: I have a 2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition and, unlike the 2013 Camry I owned, it does not have fog lights. Do you know of an aftermarket solution to this issue since it is very difficult seeing low in rainy and foggy conditions and the car came with low-profile tires. It's a great car but fog lights are needed. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
Q: I have a car with 20-inch cast-aluminum wheels and low-profile tires. I have broken two wheels and needless to say, they are very expensive. My dealer's service manager tells me that I should use the tire pressure (32-36 psi) that is listed for my car even though the car was originally designed with 18-inch wheels and full-size tires. I find this hard to believe. Shouldn't the pressure be greater to keep the wheel from impacting potholes and cracking?
- T.R., Media, Pa.

Karen che


#267 von rtegam9zs2i 28.11.2016 - 18:26
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But there’s work to be done. A lot of work. And it won’t be easy.
Since the NFL expanded to a 16-game schedule in 1978, I don’t know how many teams have been first place after Week 12 and gone on to lose all of their remaining games. Probably not many, maybe not any, but this town hasn’t forgotten the 2013 Lions.
Detroit Lions' Darius Slay and Rafael Bush celebrate Slay's interception late in the fourth quarter that led to the winning field goal.(Photo: Daniel Mears, Detroit News)
Those Lions were flawed, but had come off their best performance of the season, dismantling the Packers on Thanksgiving, 40-10, to move to 7-5 on the year. Both the Packers and Bears were crumbling due to injuries and it looked like the Lions just had to coast to the finish line.
A link has been posted to your Facebook feed.
Lions' Darius Slay runs off the field after Detroit beat the Minnesota Vikings in the final minute of the fourth quarter on a Slay interception, 16-13, at Ford Field in Detroit, on Nov. 24, 2016. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/afd876f8862c93c599a63817fcb35920e68cebca/c=33-0-1035-1336&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156024520053166-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1956.jpg
Lions' Darius Slay intercepts a pass intended for Vikings' Adam Thielen late in the fourth quarter, which led to the game winning field goal. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/1314215670999833bab166dc6e32d53842ba3d9a/c=0-224-2790-2322&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156024677460193-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1735.jpg
Lions kicker Matt Prater is mobbed by teammates including, Khyri Thornton after kicking the game-winning 40-yard field goal at the end of the fourth. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/bd2ec875ce2952f6bcd751c00c153993c52726a7/c=132-0-4520-3299&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037212449558-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0240.jpg
The Lions Cheerleaders make their way onto the field for the annual Thanksgiving Detroit Lions game. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/ccb62fd570077d547b871cfc628e198e3d0aeb93/c=182-0-1960-2370&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155994628318336-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0259.jpg
Game day captain actor Tim Allen comes back to the sidelines after the coin toss,cheap air jordan shoes. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/65fdc526cd4d51ff60f9f54861afa4f700147228/c=147-0-3253-2335&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156190600327812-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings706.jpg
Before the game, Lions players stand for a moment of silence for Wayne State Police officer Collin Rose who died Wednesday after injuries sustained from being shot in the line of duty. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/6d1dc57a04e1f7f0685e21fce829f2f430fcf799/c=155-0-3201-2290&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155994657490897-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0333.jpg
Aretha Franklin waves to the crowd after singing the National Anthem before the game. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/3eff20cb595b6d31fc2a7a1762ecb9f148bb0bda/c=331-184-2270-1642&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156036810897836-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0299.jpg
The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin performs the National Anthem before Detroit takes on the Minnesota Vikings. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/e194522a76114201be9d69017b89620814a70ed4/c=32-0-3256-2424&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156190602355825-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings723.jpg
The Lions cheerleaders during the national anthem. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/7013004675b710f29bff780d56c93e477927d51f/c=0-13-2530-3386&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156190563511576-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings733.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford in the huddle in the first quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/584fcffd01501a98ac562135adc07391003fc354/c=0-162-3394-2714&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156190565695590-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings798.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford looks to pass in the first quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/16a365e5a990529d080956de0c0df7776b126f43/c=320-0-3233-2190&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156194507060855-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings896.jpg
Lions' Glover Quin (27) and A'Shawn Robinson join Haloti Ngata (92), who recovers the ball in the first quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/95a33cbf435abb98aa8696c55b89f6d02d451cdb/c=0-7-1688-1276&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155994534716536-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0596.jpg
Lions' Darius Slay breaks up a pass intended for Vikings' Laquon Treadwell that was tipped and Lions' Glover Quin recovered running it down the field, but officials ruled it pass interference call and it was called back in the first quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/66ca3cce8ae54501dd92508db8bc05d31952f204/c=40-0-1499-1097&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155994526136371-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0501.jpg
Lions' Ziggy Ansah grabs Vikings' quarterback Sam Bradford's arm, forcing a fumble that Lions' Haloti Ngata recovered. Officials ruled that Bradford's arm was going forward so it was an incomplete pass in the first quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/3331fae1bc1c20c59686f6203ba5e5310b0b325d/c=0-114-3672-2875&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155995021445896-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0950.jpg
Detroit Lions' Andre Roberts goes up and pulls down a catch in front of Minnesota Vikings' Xavier Rhodes in the second quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/c9a52a66a1fe44a31400c5f6e3c0503305f0be73/c=0-31-2251-1723&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155994571689247-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0468.jpg
Lions' Tavon Wilson pulls down Vikings' Jerick McKinnon in the first quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/541b58492d2b9d67cec3526f98da61c0888099e4/c=53-0-2163-2813&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155994672779191-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0376.jpg
Lions running back Theo Riddick works up the field in the first quarter Thursday against the Vikings. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/2ff755019b2649b66b98e1b1ba951c377e1201be/c=220-0-2770-3400&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156194513768898-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings932.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford passes in the first quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/3eb7734644cf91aabd1bcac0c9b1e2362855e1ac/c=0-29-2219-1697&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155994658114909-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0826.jpg
On a play initially ruled pass interference, Lions' head coach Jim Caldwell threw the challenge flag, and after review the Lions' A'Sahwn Robinson tipped Vikings' Sam Bradford pass in the second quarter. No interference was called. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/2037b5a9faa3485aa8a669f53885714b5c1bfa28/c=137-0-2125-2651&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155994713651977-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0781.jpg
Vikings' Trae Waynes breaks up a pass intended for Lions' Marvin Jones Jr. in the end zone in the second quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/4d21945cd596e4e771e5e5d8c90dea0492c67d23/c=0-86-3391-2636&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156197369367203-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings659.jpg
Vikings cornerback Trae Waynes breaks up a pass intended for Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones, Jr. in the second quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/4f9dd8a8e15614f79488f234128a3020e65e80af/c=0-68-3316-2561&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155994799765633-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0910.jpg
Vikings' Adam Thielen pulls in a reception, but it is knocked out by Lions' Tahir Whitehead with the Lions recovering in the second quarter. It was ruled incomplete by the officials. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/e83caa0d6ca7e3ac3588c95627673b40eb4597bf/c=48-0-3436-2547&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155994883383241-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0915.jpg
Vikings' Adam Thielen pulls in a reception, but it is knocked out by Lions' Tahir Whitehead, with the Lions recovering in the second quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/62eb29f6e47f505632ee71ecffc2d4121278ea42/c=239-0-4855-3471&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037026649985-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0799.jpg
A Lions fan forecasts a possible Detroit future; "playoff bound" after Detroit beats Minnesota to take sole possession of first place in the division. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/694b6de9b44978bc7a001b76891af29dbbcce0fb/c=298-0-4860-3430&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156036873611042-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0877.jpg
Lions fans were having fun, even though most of the game was a bit lacking in offense but eventually they were rewarded with another Detroit victory. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/260758a1a5b133a55cc76d99389af16c30a9efb4/c=0-24-3400-2580&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156197353143099-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings963.jpg
Lions wide receiver Golden Tate runs for a first down in the second quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/ec9d4873b649bb0e28d6a4e25a55a0ca6bf39f3e/c=0-251-3400-2807&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156197361255151-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings969.jpg
Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo (34) pulls down Lions wide receiver Golden Tate in the second quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/e3bee912b62e41aa11a1d68d07a6f3de325e1bac/c=0-236-3392-2786&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156197368119195-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings980.jpg
Lions wide receiver Golden Tate reacts after getting a first down in the second quarter,cheap jordan shoes. 
Robin Buckson,cheap jordans free shipping, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/172af8710d19efba75390c3d954ae2d42e858c3d/c=37-0-3363-2501&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156197384811302-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings1017.jpg
Lions linebacker Josh Bynes tries to tackle Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon (21) in the second quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/0f4d026c75ad34bcd5e7bbb932e2d3441bdd8430/c=36-0-1924-2517&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156036844438481-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1031.jpg
Lions Cheerleaders perform in between quarters to the delight of the crowd. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/7a846dd57e9af8dcdbc3caa88a41cffa5696d9c4/c=0-140-3712-5089&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156036922127975-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1100.jpg
The Ford Field crowd gives WWII Army Sergeant Don Bloomfield a huge standing ovation as he is introduced as the last Michigan survivor of Pearl Harbor. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/0a3edc9d485ce8e5d3f0fb664811c49223c3a228/c=482-0-3079-1953&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037688272048-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings516.jpg
Andy Grammer starts his halftime show performance by lying on the field surrounded by cheerleaders. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/d2d2477535cf42afb980dfcec897846aaffbb53b/c=202-0-3365-2378&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037699660121-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings563.jpg
Andy Grammer performs with dancers and singers and the Lions drum line, shown here, during the halftime show. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/db8c3af8db9cb7a0a5d5b56f64bc68a07f14ef28/c=103-0-3298-2402&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037752544460-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings610.jpg
Andy Grammer performs with dancers and singers and the Lions cheerleaders during the halftime show. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/fce9476854cdb7e797bc40d4f6fa2a2f9a0d7148/c=191-0-3209-2269&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037718068239-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings580.jpg
Andy Grammer performs with dancers and singers during the halftime show. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/bb79ca335ca2bd50b0c9a84f3c019f9e0bfc95fe/c=0-0-1348-1797&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156036905903663-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1167.jpg
Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon gets away from Lions Ezekiel Ansah for a gain in the third quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/3d60d6ef111965d403c14f47a6d8f7545ab39643/c=36-0-2777-2061&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037030862066-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1218.jpg
Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford watches as Lions Tavon Wilson brings down Minnesota running back Matt Asiata in the third quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/a3eae3cc020ecea520efbf0aeab8837627b803b2/c=0-40-3205-2450&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037145056262-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1251.jpg
Vikings Cordarrelle Patterson finds running room after a reception for a long first down in the third quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/00d05e93429fd946ed62446726eb2931be108fe3/c=0-6-3400-2562&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156200962850238-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings100.jpg
These fans dressed up as their respective teams' mascots,yourcellan.com, seen here in the third quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/cdc95701ce2dcf0497b5f3360e4ea2a6ac6a6fa5/c=51-0-3014-2228&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156200921041970-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings117.jpg
Vikings safety Anthony Harris trips up Lions wide receiver Andre Roberts (12) on a punt return in the third quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/8c33df8b43b837be26a841dd724bc0fef7d61326/c=159-0-3241-2317&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156200912461915-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings126.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford calls a play in the third quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/4932c61553fee94d515e89e0e9ce35d7d18d500e/c=202-0-2460-1698&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037030550060-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1312.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford gets dragged down for a sack by Vikings Anthony Barr in the fourth quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/35faa408714687c5becfa71a5f983cbea2d9760a/c=0-0-1257-1676&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156036993577349-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1325.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford gets dragged down for a sack by Vikings Anthony Barr and Danielle Hunter in the fourth quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/45a8dda3cf13c70a6be6aca54a3fceb0946b3248/c=96-0-1798-1280&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037073762891-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1361.jpg
Lions Matthew Stafford throws in the fourth quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/b908af8f378c97ea61fc59c9fb6fd46b3b1c23d6/c=64-0-2439-1786&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037203557387-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1371.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford runs for a first down in the fourth quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/6b5eab96dc7c82ac3dc33a0164c2a5eaf70b538f/c=0-0-2492-1874&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037188425096-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1509.jpg
Lions Josh Bynes pulls down Vikings' Jerick McKinnon in the fourth quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/14311621254fbf9abe30e3ba394248c86a46a220/c=42-0-2945-2183&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037237098032-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1523.jpg
Lions Theo Riddick breaks through the Vikings defense on a drive in the fourth quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/6795142d51a509f64daac29f47afc3ad1c72996b/c=46-0-1299-1671&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037154728448-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1543.jpg
Lions Matt Stafford throws a completion to Marvin Jones Jr. late in the fourth quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/e2e3fe1e5e92c41f09ab2148f41565d472e81c00/c=86-0-1941-1395&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037248330248-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1545.jpg
Lions Matt Stafford gets hit by Vikings' Danielle Hunter after throwing a completion to Marvin Jones Jr. late in the fourth quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/ee9188e849abd951869f6bd11e21ad13ed612cea/c=136-0-2053-2556&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037336315940-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1553.jpg
Lions Marvin Jones Jr. heads down field after a reception late in the fourth quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/cf91c4504f21253a99aeba8298ed5319190785db/c=25-0-1797-2363&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037344740102-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1564.jpg
Lions Anquan Boldin makes a reception along the sidelines in the fourth quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/e62cce30105a054002d93cadf6f6af6b7bcbfe6b/c=62-0-2259-1652&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037334911913-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings1663.jpg
Vikings quarter back Sam Bradford walks back to the huddle after a first down was overturned on a penalty late in the fourth quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/3a22613bdcc7feeed802ae85ef26bc48c268240a/c=0-29-3400-2585&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156200968934277-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings185.jpg
Lions linebacker Tahir Whitehead wraps up Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/eff1abec4e015ddb35b912b23fcf4df05a7803dd/c=1-191-3145-2555&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037625403645-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings201.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford scrambles away from Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr (55) in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/880ca63889e3113e1b6d30e54d06c6d9592289eb/c=0-362-3394-2914&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037635543710-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings208.jpg
Vikings linebackers Anthony Barr (55) and Audie Cole (57) try to drag down Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford by the jersey in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/77b285be8bd5a1097d58b54813fc45e51e972115/c=105-0-2655-3400&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037614015572-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings226.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford talks with the officials after a play was whistled dead in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/a64c50bcf70740089a5e39d8139d5e56cda97b46/c=2-0-3319-2494&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156200944286119-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings247.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford reacts after talking with the officials after a play was whistled dead in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/2ac56196891ef768e94182f9cc3126442c2b574c/c=0-28-3400-2584&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156200961758231-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings271.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) hands off to running back Theo Riddick in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/6999fae46895da3c86861e7e84f709d327ec2536/c=0-17-3400-2573&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037667055912-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings413.jpg
Lions kicker Matt Prater kicks a 48-yard field goal to tie the game in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/a938c8b4f7aeecef9f0e73c657778b2b988314ed/c=0-0-3394-2552&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037616511588-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings290.jpg
Lions' Tahir Whitehead pushes Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph, right, out of bounds in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/69d661f2b433cfb62ecf95f0671f060d1cb20487/c=0-0-3233-2431&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037632423690-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings343.jpg
Fans make some noise late in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/31528a2fbff84297be3955196d6f42ce29eaf3fb/c=121-0-1528-1876&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156024567322075-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings2009.jpg
Detroit Lions' Darius Slay and Rafael Bush celebrate Slay's interception late in the fourth quarter that led to the winning field goal. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/255c3f2db795fdf5f401c8f126219a0a38a555ba/c=139-0-3261-2347&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037699660121-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings346.jpg
Fans make some noise late in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/6b8e521d10c6adc0b9e0e9dc511458ca19884efa/c=108-0-2192-1567&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156024593842585-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings2020.jpg
Lions kicker Matt Prater sends the game winning field goal, held by punter Sam Martin, to beat the Vikings 16-13 at the end of the fourth quarter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/819b18ff13fae5b5a21bdae0efdeeba533244e12/c=0-69-3400-2625&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156028130118589-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings433.jpg
Lions kicker Matt Prater kicks the game-winning, 40-yard field goal in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/3efe7282ff03b30c2d777e51a618e4045968ed5c/c=61-0-3339-2465&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156028146966913-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings434.jpg
Lions kicker Matt Prater kicks the game-winning, 40 yard field goal in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/e4a87488b0ae64a5933cd9bae371e5524f2aee62/c=0-146-3400-2702&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156028160851180-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings442.jpg
Lions kicker Matt Prater (5) and Don Mulbach (4cool celebrate after Prater's game-winning, 40 yard field goal in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/6b2130f800d574a61fd2ffb471dd20290ed68299/c=39-0-1367-1770&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155859108348545-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0173.jpg
The Queen of Soul, Detroit's own Aretha Franklin, with Willie Wilkerson, Jr., out on the field for a sound check and waving to the crowd before she sings the national anthem before the Lions take on the Vikings on Thanksgiving Day. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/e3388acd0d78cb1896985584eb2189f450c3103d/c=100-0-2955-3806&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155859525344564-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0206.jpg
The Queen of Soul, Detroit's own Aretha Franklin out on the field for a sound check and waving to the crowd before she sings the National Anthem before the Lions take on the Vikings on Thanksgiving Day. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/b58b7a12a862fcbd8010d6daadecab037ad846f0/c=2-0-3397-2553&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037682188009-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings429.jpg
Fans make some noise late in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/da5158a5907a991fe017b1fdbff55474e52fa759/c=6-0-3471-2605&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155839979416688-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0078.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph talk on the field before Detroit takes on the Minnesota Vikings. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/7a1be209aad09239c7ebf322d4d541a5ffe3e879/c=85-0-2928-3791&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636156037687648044-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings465.jpg
Fans make some noise late in the fourth quarter. 
Robin Buckson, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/6315ec5cfb8e8be5728ae5f3b877083ecaf46156/c=149-0-4213-3056&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155839897515113-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0061.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford warms up in front of offensive coordinator Jim Cooter on the field early Thursday morning. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/65c93e864ab2352141c2fc984a3bbd1a4af61514/c=313-9-2758-1848&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155839998761060-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0085.jpg
Lions quarterbacks Matthew Stafford and Dan Orlovsky warm up before the game. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/8b5c6327f73c92988367f15cea1b9bbb03684a7d/c=150-0-2515-1778&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155840092362860-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0123.jpg
Lions fans watch the warm-ups before Detroit takes on Minnesota. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/b5bfa85d48760b7942b60326927bfcf9dde8e609/c=156-0-3403-2441&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155854247008150-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings024.jpgBuy Photo
From left, Mark Pichler, his wife, Kim Pichler, and son, Chris Pichler, 21, take in a little of the America's Thanksgiving Day parade before the Lions game. 
Robin Buckson, The Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/80b926b09d483683a1c1f2d5aedca2ac18aa62ec/c=190-0-3209-2270&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155854266976278-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings004.jpgBuy Photo
Troy native Angie Jauregui chats with her husband, Ryan Jauregui, at the America's Thanksgiving Day Parade before they go to the Lions game. Both are U.S. Navy pilots living in Nevada. 
Robin Buckson, The Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/78eb41d4eb47ee61b5eaa6e8859f4bd885517526/c=0-0-2607-3476&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155840216229242-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0097.jpg
A Lions fans shows his support of Lions offensive coordinator Jim Cooter. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/d6d2f837f4756df89e4c524dee973c824c20a58d/c=107-0-2275-2891&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155839888934948-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0019.jpg
Gabe Lipar, 11, wearing his Travis Swanson jersey, watches the warm-ups before Detroit takes on the Vikings. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/24f12f18403d25e9de5a5462db5a412418eb26b2/c=152-0-2286-2845&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155839911399380-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0010.jpg
Lions corner back Darius Slay pulls down the ball during drills at warm-up. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/cc98d69210ad730707dc8be5ffed015e972f8939/c=322-160-2645-1906&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155839909839350-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0042.jpg
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and offensive coordinator Jim Cooter on the field early Thursday morning. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/768514255b69f770b8949e3eac91f2801e317ced/c=5-0-2555-3400&r=1083&c=0-0-1080-1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155854243108125-2016-1124-rb-lions-vikings028.jpgBuy Photo
A variety of flags flying in a tailgate area before the game. 
Robin Buckson, The Detroit NewsFullscreenhttp://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/ccff307ba14bc2e1f2139e9e82911d9cda0c76fa/c=50-0-2288-1683&r=x1443&c=1920x1440/local/-/media/2016/11/24/DetroitNews/DetroitNews/636155844690395282-2016-1124-dm-lions-vikings0155.jpg
Colin Wilson, Jonny Baxter, Joe Baxter and Gary Baxter show their turkey pride, or maybe their Lions pride, as Detroit takes on the Minnesota Vikings on Thanksgiving Day at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan on November 24, 2016. 
Daniel Mears, Detroit NewsFullscreenLike this topic? You may also like these photo galleries:ReplayAutoplayShow ThumbnailsShow CaptionsLast SlideNext Slide




Instead, Detroit dropped its final four games, allowing Green Bay to crawl into the playoffs with an 8-7-1 record. It’s the only time in NFC North history the division champion hasn’t won at least 10.
It’s not going to be easy.
FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInLions 16, Vikings 13 FullscreenPosted!
But a win in New Orleans, that would do wonders for the Lions. You see, the Vikings are hosting Cowboys, the hottest team in the league, next Thursday. There’s an opening to put this thing away early.
By the end of next Sunday, the Lions could have a three-game lead in the division, by virtue of the tie-breaker from sweeping the Vikings. And while nothing is a given, a game against the crumbling Bears at Ford Field the following week could reduce the Lions’ magic number to one in short order.
Wojo: First-place Lions keep defying the odds
“We don’t talk about those things,” Caldwell said after Sunday’s 16-13 win over the Minnesota Vikings. “We don’t look at them. That’s your guys’ job. You guys do a good job with that stuff and keep doing a good job. I’m going to try to keep my guys away from it.
Twitter: @justin_rogers
Caldwell can’t look ahead. The players can’t look ahead. But we can, and if the Lions can travel south and knock off the Saints next week, Ford Field can start warming up the printing presses for the first batch of playoff tickets since the building opened in 2000.
The Saints’ strength, a prolific passing attack, is Detroit’s weakness. Even with recent improvements, the defense is still last in opposing passer efficiency.
Detroit — Jim Caldwell won’t look ahead. He can’t. As the Detroit Lions coach has pointed out, multiple times, there are no awards, no trophies handed out for being in first place of the division after Week 12.
Like the current version, the 2013 squad held a one-game lead in the division along with a critical tie-breaker after sweeping the season series from the second place Chicago Bears.
The Lions can’t take the foot off the gas and Caldwell and crew has undoubtedly already begun preparing for the New Orleans Saints, a 4-6 team that has been on the wrong side of the razor-thin margins that make the NFL so exciting. Five of their six losses have been by a combined 15 points.
“We’ve got to focus on getting better,” Caldwell said. ?“You just don’t have time to look down the road. There’s a lot of teams that have been probably at this point and have lost every one after this one as well and I think that’s the thing that you have to make sure (doesn’t happen). There’re no guarantees, so we’ve got to keep trying to get better.”
http://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/d37b7ba37e824e1c384c641e61c0a699d510b37c/r=540/http/videos.detnews.com/brightcove/http/52815481001/201611/2543/52815481001_5223845420001_5223807258001-vs.jpgSkip AdAd Loading,real cheap jordans retro...x
That information isn’t meant to sour the mood with this current team, a group that’s won six of seven and seems incapable of being rattled, regardless the circumstances in the fourth quarter. This has been a fun season, a joyous season, to this point. It should be embraced and celebrated.
The Lions have opened up a two-game lead in the NFC North after upending the Vikings in dramatic fashion.

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Philly.com comments are intended to be civil, friendly conversations. Please treat other participants with respect and in a way that you would want to be treated. You are responsible for what you say. And please, stay on topic. If you see an objectionable post,cheap jordans free shipping, please report it to us using the "Report Abuse" option.

Additionally comments that are long, have multiple paragraph breaks, include code,yourcellan.com, or include hyperlinks may not be posted.

Q: I know it's an age-old debate, but now I really have to decide which is more important: the TV and my family, or the fireplace. My family room has built-in shelves above the fireplace for a TV, and the whole great room is oriented in this direction. I love how I can watch the TV from the kitchen, but the giant TV my husband just bought won't fit in the section above the fireplace. The only place the new TV will fit is in front of a picture window that looks out into the backyard. So he wants to make a movie room upstairs, and I'm afraid my whole family will abandon me for the nice TV. What should I do?
- C.
A: Oh, wow, you really do have a priority issue here, and it's not about the TV and the fireplace. It's about the TV and family time. I'm not opposed to movie rooms and nice setups for TV watching. I enjoy them. I'm also in favor of quality time with friends and family, and hope you can find a way to balance that with the TV, no matter where it is.
Have you thought about leaving your current TV in place and letting your husband build a movie room for special shows the entire family enjoys, or for game-day parties? This could create better family time for everyone, because you'd be there, too, on the sofa with the kids instead of in the kitchen.
There are plenty of ways to arrange a family room to enjoy both a fireplace and a TV. Think creatively. Instead of the upstairs movie room, is it possible to swap your dining table for the TV arrangement? I love dining in front of fireplaces, and you could put a nice art piece or mirror above the fireplace instead of a TV.

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herself speak by satellite until very late (the Journal actually ran a photo of Bill Clinton speaking for its early edition, then swapped it for one of Hillary on the big screen). And, too, there were photos of Bill during his notable, if not necessarily memorable address. As Post Editor Marty Baron also notes,cheap jordans, “numerous senior-level women were directly involved in conceiving the front page and selecting the photos. Moreover, it was reviewed by other top-level women in our news meeting. No one expressed a concern.” Oh, reader James Devitt sends along a copy of the New York Daily News cover the morning after Obama was first nominated eight years ago. Yes, theres a single image...of Bill Clinton. “MY MAN BAM ― Clinton wows crowd on night of historic vote nominating Obama.” Even Bloomberg covers Michael Bloomberg BREAKING NEWS: Michael Bloomberg does exist, Bloomberg News itself confirmed late Wednesday,www.yourcellan.com, discarding a policy of self-censorship regarding reporting on its boss. (Update: After this story was published, a reporter for Bloomberg News reached out to Poynter citing thousands of articles he had written about Michael Bloomberg. This post has been edited to reflect this input.) Yes, some things in life are apparently unavoidable, including rising college tuitions, Russian internet hacking, and,cheap jordans free shipping, now, Michael Bloomberg. The high-quality financial news goliath he created isnt big on mentioning him. Your average 9th grader would be hard-pressed to write a 500-word paper on his 12 years as New York mayor based solely on Bloomberg News coverage. Ditto if he were interested in exploring Bloombergs having mulled a presidential run this year. When he decided to back Hillary Clinton, he even gave the exclusive to The New York Times, prompting Bloomberg News to offer a brief dispatch that attributed the matter to The New York Times. But the legacy of American freedom so deeply associated with Philadelphia has clearly moved editors to admirable, red-white-and-blue full disclosure
maps, books and artefacts Published: How we made the Night Sun audiovisual web app How do you turn a physical audiovisual installation into a digital app? Composer Richard Birkin explains how he took Night Sun online Published: How we made the Show and Tell circus app for children with autism The Show and Tell app uses social storytelling to capture the unpredictability of circus for a very literal audience Published: How we made The War Poetry of Wilfred Owen app for iPad The one-man team behind the first world war app on bringing Owen’s words to life and the decision to use female narrators Published: How we made the Centenary Connections first world war app From frontline pets to the gun that fired the first British shell, this app is a treasure trove of first world war stories and artefacts Published: How we made the Live/Revive/Lament opera performance app Always asked to turn off your phone at a performance? This app must be used during the show, as a key piece of the narrative Published: How we made kscope, an image-sharing app for university applicants The app turns your smartphone into a kaleidoscope,jordans for cheap, allowing students to transform everyday scenes into abstract works of art Published: How we made Lumo Deliveries Inc The makers of the management sim on putting players first and why more games should take inspiration from art and design Published: How we made the Curiator iPhone app The co-founders of the online art platform explain how they fit the world's largest collaborative collection into people's pockets Published: How we made Performr, the art cruising app Grindr and Tinder have transformed dating, so could an app that allows artists and audiences to hook up change the way we interact with art? Published: How we made White,cheap retro jordans, the theatre app for children Described as a stage-inspired digital toy for very young children, White creates a world from the play on which it is based Published: How we made Radiohead's PolyFauna app for iOS and Android The creative

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My books usually come from an edit of the work of a particular time. Or they are special projects. Most of them are pretty conventional. Big but not too big. I hadnt thought about doing anything else until one day when the German publisher Benedikt Taschen came to me and said he wanted to publish my pictures in a limited-edition volume like the one he had made in 1999 with Helmut Newton. Helmuts book was called Sumo. Benedikt said that Sumo was literally the biggest book,real cheap jordans retro, size-wise,cheap jordans free shipping, published in the 20th century.
I was intrigued. I had just finished making a special edition of very large prints, so I was feeling more open to this idea than I might have been in the past. Seeing those big prints had been a revelation. As I thought more about what Benedikt was suggesting, I realized that not only would it not be like any of my other books but … it wasnt really a book at all. It was more like an installation. A piece of sculpture. But what photographs would work in it? There should be some unifying thread. And what happened when I began looking at pictures that I had pinned to a wall was that “performance” emerged as a theme. As I added more pictures, “power” and “money” also emerged, but I lightened up on them. The book became playful. Performance and role-playing were the constants.
Sorting this all out took longer than Benedikt and I had planned,cheap air jordans, and in the meantime he published another big limited-edition book of photographs: Sebasti?o Salgados Genesis, which came out last year. So my book is the third “sumo” book. It is over two and a half feet tall and weighs 57 pounds. Marc Newson designed a table for it. I like the idea that you can leave the book open to a page and let it stand on the table for days and then change it. Its a collection of prints, although there are rhymes in the pagination. There are riffs. The first two pictures in the book, the color portrait of Queen Elizabeth made at Buckingham Palace in 2007 and the black-and-white photograph of Richard Nixons helicopter lifting off from the White House lawn after Nixon had resigned as president, in 1974,cheap jordans for sale, were placed where they are because I began thinking of them as bookends for my entire career. The Nixon picture is something of an anomaly in the book because it wasnt staged. Reality is often stranger than fiction. Thats always in the back of my mind. My set-up pictures are loosely based on some kind of reality. I borrow elements from real life.
The pictures from my book Pilgrimage, which have no people in them, might seem strange choices to put in this book, but to me they are portraits. The people are gone now,cheap jordans, but their presence resonates. The picture of Elviss TV set with the bullet hole in it is placed near a portrait of Donald Trump. Theres something about power and anger going on there. Virginia Woolfs stained and scarred writing desk is near Joan Didions portrait. That desk says something about art. Art is messy. And its hard.
Adapted from Annie Leibovitz, by Annie Leibovitz, to be published this month by Taschen; ? 2014 by the author.

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and toasts a helluva run. Facebook data stumble “Facebook Inc. said it has uncovered several more flawed measurements related to how consumers interact with content, raising more questions about the metrics marketers lean on to decide whether to buy ads on the social media network.” (The Wall Street Journal) The power of fake news “In the final three months of the U.S. presidential campaign, the top-performing fake election news stories on Facebook generated more engagement than the top stories from major news outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, NBC News, and others, a BuzzFeed News analysis has found.” (Buzzfeed) “During these critical months of the campaign, 20 top-performing false election stories from hoax sites and hyperpartisan blogs generated 8,711,000 shares, reactions and comments on Facebook.” Add this yesterday: “The President-elect’s supporters are threatening to boycott Pepsi over fabricated statements circulating on social media. Twitter users, many citing debunked news articles, claim PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi told Trump fans to ‘take their business elsewhere.’” It never happened. (CNN Money) NRA unceasing Rachel Maddow was right last night, wondering what will ever make the NRA happy. They endorsed Donald Trump and he won. They backed lots of Republican candidates and the GOP now controls Congress. You’d thinking they’d be breaking out the champagne. No. Gloom and doom pervades its leader’s latest video outreach,jordans for cheap, Our Time Is Now. Wayne LaPierre rails against “more than 300 Obama appointed anti-gun judges,” warns of the “very real challenges members face” and urges the same resolve and sense of “urgency” the loyalists have always displayed. One assumes total sincerity. It can’t possibly by a means of guarding against complacency when they’ve essentially just won the political Powerball. Trump and the press “pool” It’s a bit early to be getting dyspeptic, but 15 journalism groups are nervous that a new Trump administration
as Dick Cheney and George W. Bush in a SNL skit in 2009, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey By Dana Edelson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images (Fey and Poehler,cheap air jordan shoes, Hammond and Ferrell); Courtesy of NBC (Hammond and McKinnon). For much of its history, people have been saying S.N.L. is in dire straits, heading for the last roundup, or at the very least on a dizzy downward slope. It has weathered countless disruptions, departures, and declarations of its demise and kept bobbing back up. Now it has to do it all over again. That’s part of S.N.L.’s history and its peculiar relationship with its constituency. Anyone wondering if there’ll be a 50th-anniversary special,cheap jordan shoes, however,cheap jordans online, won’t have to wait a decade for the answer. It’ll become clearer and clearer in the season that is just about to begin. James Andrew Miller is the co-author of the best-selling oral history, Live from New York: The Complete, Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live, the paperback of which will be published October 6. He tweets at @JimMiller. Exclusive Backstage Photos From 40 Years of Saturday Night Live Portraits of Gilda Radner as Baba Wawa and John Belushi as Samurai Futaba, hand tinted by S.N.L.’s longtime photographer, Edie Baskin. By Edie Baskin/Courtesy of S.N.L. Dan Aykroyd takes a call backstage while dressed as Beldar Conehead. By Edie Baskin/Courtesy of S.N.L. Chevy Chase in a wig and prosthetic nose, 1977. By Edie Baskin/Courtesy of S.N.L. Land Shark takes a bite out of John Belushi while Gilda Radner sits idly by. By Edie Baskin/Courtesy of S.N.L. “Nerds” Bill Murray and Gilda Radner take in the view, 1978. By Edie Baskin/Courtesy of S.N.L. Writer Erin Maroney,real cheap jordans retro, Chris Farley, Ryan Shiraki, and Billy Baldwin backstage during the 1990s. By Edie Baskin/Courtesy of S.N.L. The fabled “van down by the river,” home of iconic motivational speaker Matt Foley, played by Chris Farley. By Edie Baskin/Courtesy of S.N.L. Party time! Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar, coming to you live from Aurora, Illinois’s community

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