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gepostet am 22.12.2015 von FunnyMichl
Hallo Community,

Wir von enzaY.eSports suchen aktive Member oder schon bereits bestehende Teams.

Was wir bieten können:
-stetig wachsende Community
-Voiceserver mit 400 Slots
-freundliche und aktive Community

und noch vieles mehr.

Seit ihr interessiert so schreibt uns doch unter info@insane-esports.de oder kommt direkt mal auf unseren TS³ Server: ts.enzay-esports.de

Wir freuen uns auf euch

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Incident response matters

How you respond and the speediness of your response are of utmost importance, writes Nick Selby

By Nick Selby


Oct 28, 2013 8:00 AM









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When the social media management and sharing site Buffer was hacked over the weekend, it seemed like yet another embarrassing hack. "The incursion is no doubt a major black-eye for the upstart Buffer," wrote David Berlind at Programmable Web. "[Buffer CEO Joel] Gascoigne has entered the dreaded damage-control zone that no start-up CEO wants to be a part of."
[Understanding incident...s to make IR work for you]
I think David's post is an absolutely excellent overview of some of the realities and politics faced by developers when dealing with Twitter and Facebook (and by extension, other API providers), and I also think that his post accurately summed up the general risks faced by Buffer and Gascoigne.
I am going to disagree, though, that it was necessarily a black eye.
MORE ON CSO:10 ...y when a disaster strikes
In this incident, Buffer showed that its concept of "radical transparency" – the concept and strategy that leads to the firm placing its revenues and other key...cs online, for all to see – has made the company look sensational.

Obviously, the reports and post-incident audit results aren't in yet, and we could yet find out that Buffer did something really stupid. Its statement of, "We've increased security for how to store Twitter tokens and deployed a fix," goes directly to my Raised Eyebrows Department. Last night I asked for a clarification from Buffer and got back (understandably, since they were hip-deep in the ca-ca) a, "We will get back to you," Tweet.
But even if the firm did something monumentally stupid, it's not necessarily a death-knell. People forgive even monumental stupidity if properly and genuinely apologized for.
In fact, even more serious breaches don't always make the company lose momentum, customers or shareholders. Consider the case of TJX,cheap jordans, which discovered in January 2007 that it had been breached for years,cheap jordans online, lost millions of customer credit card records, and was in violation of laws and industry rules. TJX had done so many things wrong in so many different areas of its IT that it is frankly amazing to me they manage to ever scrape together the brain cells required to get good deals on Roberta Gandolfi anything.
The company's stock price took an initial hit of about a dollar a share but soon recovered, and over the next year — in the face of disclosure after embarrassing disclosure, the stock price rallied and steadily rose.
[Organizations ignore s...iness continuity planning]
TJX had managed to demonstrate two things: first, that it was reasonably working to understand and solve the problem, and second, that its customers loved it. Even though I believe that Buffer's handling of this incident indicated that the company not only dodged a bullet, but may well emerge stronger for it. And they did it without being weasels.
I did cyber incident response full time for a few years and part time for several more, and what I saw this weekend was, for the most part, the kind of action that we always recommend and that never gets taken.
For most incidents, the initial response should be some flavor of the following steps:
Understand, as quickly as possible, that you have an incident, and communicate this to internal and external shareholders. Obviously the decision about exactly who are the stakeholders is highly variable, depending on an incredibly long list of considerations – I wouldn't recommend everyone go public – in many cases that is exactly what not to do. But if the cat is out of the bag (that is, say, if a half-million of your customers are now advertising diet pills in their social media timelines), this decision may have been made for you.
Understand, as quickly as possible, the initial scope of the incident (much of what you learn and assume in these early hours will be wrong, but you should work hard to get the most complete sense of what is happening and what systems are affected — you'll be coming back to this step repeatedly).
Once you have a scope, devise a plan to, in this order, stop the bleeding, secure what you have, and re-assess the scope and breadth of the incident.
Develop an understanding of your available resources as mapped to the plan you've just made, determine the Deltas between what you have and what you need. This requires a brutally honest self-assessment, and almost certainly must be something you've considered in advance; you can develop this awareness after the fact, but you're increasing exponentially the cost of the incident response — put another way, every dollar you spend doing this work in advance is worth $5 when the defecation hits the ventilation.
Work with partners to fill the gaps between what you have and what you need. Rapidly.
Repeat the last four steps until you feel you have positive control.
Continue to communicate what you know, when you know it, to appropriate and approriately growing groups of stakeholders. Don't make promises you can't keep or statements not based on fact, but don't shut up until you have facts if stakeholders are visibly or audibly nervous. "We have had a security incident that we understand has affected ____________, and with our staff and partners we are working quickly to determine the extent of the damage and we will report back regularly with progress," is much better than not saying anything and allowing speculation to fester.
So how did Buffer do against these concepts? Pretty fantastically well.
Soon after they knew they were hacked,cheap jordans for sale, Buffer management and staff took to Twitter and Facebook announcing the problem. Joel Gascoigne wrote a blog post entitled, "Buffer has been ... is what's going on", in which he said in part,
"I wanted to post a quick update and apologize for the awful experience we've caused many of you on your weekend. Buffer was hacked around 2 hours ago, and many of you may have experienced spam posts sent from you via Buffer. I can only understand how angry and disappointed you must be right now.
Not everyone who has signed up for Buffer has been affected, but you may want to check on your accounts. We're working hard to fix this problem right now and we're expecting to have everything back to normal shortly."
Gascoigne promised to update users on Facebook and Twitter. Updates were then made every two hours or so until the firm felt it had control of the situation.
He also added something personal that didn't backpedal in the slightest:
"I am incredibly sorry this has happened and affected you and your company. We're working around the clock right now to get this resolved and we'll continue to post updates on Facebook and Twitter."
[Business continuity an...very planning: The basics]
There are remaining questions. What happened? Why? How? How do we know it's fixed? What steps will they take in future to assure it won't happen again, and who is ensuring they're doing it right? Who's auditing the findings? How does Buffer know that the breach did not include user data? Credit cards? Personal information?
If Buffer continues to be as transparent about what happened as it has been about how much money it makes and its breach, I predict it will be much stronger than ever by this time next year.
Incident response matters.
Nick Selby is a government and law enforcement technology analyst, a Texas police officer, and CEO of StreetCred Software, Inc (a 2013 Code for America Accelerator company). He is also the co-author of Blackhatonomics: An Inside Look at the Economics of Cyber Crime, and technical editor of Investigating Internet Crimes: An Introduction to Solving Crimes in Cyber Space.

To comment on this article and other CSO content, visit our Facebook page or our Twitter stream.


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Why third party cybersecurity matters

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cheap jordans The Crawl - StarTribune.com_1

#299 von entoni3fa7m 10.12.2016 - 15:04
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Friendly Title,real cheap jordans retro.

Since buyers go to Elance and oDesk looking for providers with specific skills, whether it be PHP, quality assurance or Linux, your title should include keywords associated with your core skill. That way, if buyers search for specific skills, you can increase the odds of your profile appearing high up in their search results.

For example,jordans for cheap, software developer Tim Lytle* recently changed his title on oDesk so that it was more specific and contained keywords. Before it was "Internet Technology Consultant." Now it's: "PHP Web Application Developer,real cheap jordans retro, Internet Technology Consultant - Freelance Programmer/Developer, United States."

"After seeing different job postings on oDesk and a list of the candidates bidding on them,www.cheap-jordan.net, I noticed that my title was kind of generic [compared to other bidders]," says Lytle,cheap jordans, 27. "I had no problem getting bids in the past with my old job title,cheap-jordan.net, but it seemed like another thing I could do to boost my profile."

6. Mitigate Buyers' Concerns.

Web application developer Wenneker's Elance profile includes a concise list of five reasons buyers should hire him to develop database-driven web applications. The list, he says, is designed to mitigate buyers' fears about hiring freelance software developers.

"When a buyer is trying to find a programmer, one way to look at it is that they are choosing based on fear," says Wenneker, echoing the wisdom of a mentor. "They're afraid of choosing the wrong person. They're afraid the code will have a lot of bugs. They're afraid the programmer will never be available on the phone. They're afraid the programmer won't make the deadline. If you can

How cheap air jordans Russia

Microsoft real chea

Cornell cheap retro jor

#298 von adiost7ae7d 10.12.2016 - 14:58
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height="250" json="{"targeting":{"URL":"http://www.computerworld.com/article/2985302/apple-ios/apple-s-rapid-ios-9-adoption-shows-the-future-of-it.amp.html","zone":"article-blog/apple-ios","POS":"BTF3","POSITIONDATA":"AMP_article_mobile_IMU4","articleId":"2985302","type":"newsanalysis","typeId":"7","manufacturer":"ibm",cheap retro jordans,"templateType":"article-default","categoryIds":[3144,3042,3675],"categorySlugs":["apple-ios",cheap jordans for sale,"operating-systems","mac-os-x"],"author":"Jonny Evans","page_type":"","insiderContent":"false"} }">

Google+? If you use social media and happen to be a Google+ user, why not join AppleHolic's Kool Aid Corner community and join the conversation as we pursue the spirit of the New Model Apple?

Got a story? Drop me a line via Twitter or in comments below and let me know. I'd like it if you chose to follow me on Twitter so I can let you know when fresh items are published here first on Computerworld.

cheap jordan shoes,"POSITIONDATA":"AMP_article_mobile_IMU5","articleId":"2985302","type":"newsanalysis","typeId":"7",cheap-jordan.net,"manufacturer":"ibm","templateType":"article-default",cheap jordans,"categoryIds":[3144,3042,3675],"categorySlugs":["apple-ios","operating-systems",real cheap jordans retro,"mac-os-x"],"author":"Jonny

#297 von utumnu2wd8u 10.12.2016 - 14:53
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formatters,cheap air jordans,cheap jordan shoes.

One example of an aggregator is BookBaby,cheap air jordan shoes, which works with self-published authors,cheap jordans free shipping, defined as people who do not have an agent or a signed contract with a publisher (some aggregators work only with agented writers or with publishing houses that have a printed book they want to convert into an e-format). BookBaby will accept content in Word files or as a PDF.

Smashwords,amassdenver.com, another firm that has become well-known as an aggregator and e-book distribution platform,cheap jordans for sale, also works with self-published authors. Smashwords does not accept PDFs but does accept Word files. It then puts your manuscript through its Meatgrinder converter to make the e-book available in different e-formats

AT&T ch

#296 von paynet1vz2e 10.12.2016 - 14:51
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Analysts were uncertain today whether the recent stretch of &quot,cheap retro jordans;go-low" moves by Microsoft means that the company has tweaked its strategy to emphasize services at the expense of devices.

"Occam's razor suggests that this is a response to Chromebooks more than anything," said Ben Thompson,cheap real jordans, an independent analyst who covers technology at his Stratechery website, of the report last week that Microsoft has cut Windows 8.1 licensing fees by 70% for devices that will cost less than $250. "There are very few people who will buy both a Chromebook and a Windows PC, whereas most people will buy both a PC and a tablet."

Chromebooks,cheap jordans online, powered by Google's browser-based Chrome OS, have made inroads into education and business,cheap air jordans, but their overall impact has been disputed. Still, Microsoft sees them as enough of a threat to attack them in its advertising.

Carolina Milanesi,cheap air jordans, on the other hand, was bullish on the idea that Microsoft is explicitly aiming for the lower-priced markets in smartphones,real cheap jordans retro, tablets and PCs -- even if that means diminished revenue for Windows -- in an effort to try to capitalize on its broad portfolio of services.

"From a Windows 8.1 perspective, it does seem that way, that Microsoft's going after the mass market, that it's no longer necessarily about the software but about the ecosystem," said Milanesi, strategic insight director of Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. "We're starting to see a place for that ecosystem [with lower-priced

#295 von atelj1lv8z2 10.12.2016 - 14:44
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#294 von uranj5pw2f4 08.12.2016 - 14:39
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NEAL ST. ANTHONY Business lobbyists as well as transit advocates are pressing Gov. Mark Dayton and House Speaker Kurt Daudt, a Republican whose caucus eschews metro-transit projects,cheap jordans online, to make way for Southwest light rail transit (LRT). Southwest LRT,cheap jordans, running from downtown through Kenwood, and on to Eden Prairie, has ballooned to nearly $2 billion in cost. A group of affluent,cheap-jordan.net, politically powerful neighbors is fighting the train in court. Something more than $140 million already is sunk in planning and related costs. State funding of Southwest LRT was key to the failure of recent negotiations over a $1 billion bonding bill. Daudt won’t OK $145 million in state money that will leverage nearly $900 million in federal funds. The formula is 50 percent local and state and 50 percent federal. The less-controversial,cheap real jordans, arguably more-necessary line that also would link downtown to job-hungry north Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park, a big source of factories, warehouses and blue collar jobs, is the Bottineau Line. However, Southwest LRT already is planned and in the federal queue. If it doesn’t get full local funding commitment this year, federal dollars will go to a system in another city like Dallas or Denver,amassdenver.com, said Steve Cramer, chief executive of the Downtown Council, point man for business groups on the issue. Dayton on Thursday decided to raise the $145 million from the Met Council and metro counties, a move Republicans protested but can’t stop. The better long-term solution to Metro Transit funding is what business leaders and some metro legislators have advocated: raising the transit portion of the metro sales tax from 0.25 percent to 0.5 percent. “I think it should move without state dollars,” Cramer said. “The business community has reached a consensus on this project,cheap jordans free shipping, including


Mars cheap jordans onli

#293 von drick72uu5t 07.12.2016 - 17:48
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,cheap jordans online

Audi, BMW and Daimler have unveiled a partnership with some of the world's largest tech firms to develop the next generation of mobile networks for vehicle communications.

Along with Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm, the German automakers announced the formation of the "5G Automotive Association," which will develop, test and standardize the fifth generation of high-speed wireless communication.


#292 von maine99ei6i 07.12.2016 - 17:44
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?By Jonny Evans

"The nature of rumor is known to all,cheap air jordans.&quot,cheap jordans for sale;


The Apple [AAPL] rumor machine kicks into high gear this weekend, as veteran iWebsite, iLounge, claims a well-sourced rumor: that the iPad 3 ships in March while the iPhone 5 will boast a metal back and LTE support.

[ABOVE: An amusing bit of marketing shows you an iPad surviving a 1,300-foot drop...]

Can I take a little salt with that?


&quot,real cheap jordans retro;It is certain because it is possible," wrote Tertullian way back in c.160AD. And that's the thing about rumor -- as he also wrote, "It is certain because it is impossible,cheap jordans free shipping.&quot,jordans for cheap; Do these directly contrasting phrases offer enough subliminal suggestion that all these rumors could be misconstrued or false?

Let's take a look at the claims,cheap-jordan.net, first for the iPad 3:

The report claims

Inside cheap jordans f... iPad SDK Bigger screens,

#291 von tviak6o3y7y 07.12.2016 - 17:35
Avatar   nicht verfügbar offline zitieren

,cheap jordans free shipping

Zombie-like in its persistence,real cheap jordans retro, talk of a cheaper iPhone again shuffled into view this week,cheap jordans free shipping, with sources as varied as the spotty DigiTimes to the more mainstream Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg claiming Apple will enter the low-price fray this year.

Such a move would be a major strategic shift for the company, and put at risk its biggest money maker: During the last reported quarter, the iPhone accounted for 48% of the company's total revenue.

Some analysts weren't biting on the new speculation,cheap air jordans, perhaps remembering, "Fool me twice, shame on me," while others believed that the smartphone market is different enough today that Apple has to be thinking of going low.

"This will eventually happen, but only when Apple feels that it's the right time and that it is able to do it," said Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research. "But not this year. I don't think they're ready for it now."

Jack Gold,cheap jordans, principal analyst at J. Gold Associates, disagreed. "Things are very different today. Samsung, for one, is kicking butt right now," said Gold. "Apple's share is decreasing,cheap jordan shoes, and they need to counter some of Samsung's momentum."

The latest round of speculation began Tuesday when DigiTimes, an Asian publication with an iffy record of accurate predictions, said supply sources claimed Apple would release a lower-priced iPhone for emerging markets in the second half of 2013. On Wednesday, the


Can real cheap jordans re

OS cheap re

#290 von colon08h9ny 07.12.2016 - 17:08
Avatar   nicht verfügbar offline zitieren

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. -- Ten years ago, Ford 3D-printed perhaps 4,000 prototype parts for its vehicles. Today,cheap jordan shoes, just one of the automaker's five 3D prototyping centers churns out more than 20,cheap jordans online,000 parts annually.

The reason for the explosion in 3D printing (or additive manufacturing) of vehicle parts is twofold: As consumer 3D printers have grown in popularity,cheap jordans free shipping, printer makers have been infused with fresh revenue,cheap air jordans, which has been used to improve industrial machines and processes. And secondly, manufacturers have become proficient at creating prototype parts, so much so that the work can be done in hours instead of the four to six weeks needed with traditional machine tooling processes.

And time is money,jordans for cheap.


Ford technologist Leron Jones pulls sand molds from a block after a printing. Jones vacuums the excess sand away from the molds (on top). Sand molds for making metal prototype parts used to take up to 10 weeks. Today, it can take about a week to produce hundreds of molds on a single machine.

"Companies like 3D Systems and Stratasys are spending huge amounts of money on development. So not only are machines and materials getting better,cheap jordans, but the process is getting faster and it's helping drive the overall cost down," said Harold

#289 von asser39w0fw 07.12.2016 - 17:02
Avatar   nicht verfügbar offline zitieren

.idge,real cheap jordans retro.jpg" alt="Sony Xperia Z3v Camera" width="620" height="349" layout="responsive" />

Sample images taken with the Xperia Z3v (click either image to view at full-resolution)

Sony makes its share of arbitrary changes to Android

Last but not least, a critical part of any good smartphone experience is the software -- the actual interface with which you interact. Sony's take on Android is by no means perfect, but compared to the way most manufacturers massacre the operating system, it really isn't half-bad.

To be sure,cheap jordan shoes, the company makes its share of arbitrary changes to the user interface -- changes that appear to be made for the very sake of change. I'd certainly rather have

#288 von anice34o5ec 07.12.2016 - 17:01
Avatar   nicht verfügbar offline zitieren

flagging them for fines over their choice of footwear. Gophers 2:05am Intercepted! No. 6 Wisconsin looks to pick off Penn State Wisconsin's defense is getting so picky. Final,cheap jordans for sale, 12/1 State wants more than passion for outdoors in today's conservation o... State DNR says it wants to do a better job of reflecting the community with its new hires. turkey of the year In making 2016 Turkey of the Year selection, it's go bigly or go hom... For now, we take our break for the 2016 Turkey Banquet,www.cheap-jordan.net, and proudly unveil the guest list. Gobble, ... A big production Showtime! Karl-Anthony Towns is ready for his close-up It's Wednesday, Oct. 5. Timberwolves star forward Karl-Anthony Towns got his hair cut less than ... Minnesota mascot mania Who is the best sports mascot in Minnesota? We rank the major player... Minnesota has quite a few sports mascots roaming around this time of year,cheap jordans for sale, so obviously we ranked ... Life and basketball Five at home, on the court: Pitino balances family, basketball Pitino's life revolves around a growing family and basketball scores, news, social media High school news and scores on our Live Blog Get the latest game results,cheap air jordan shoes, news updates, photo and social media on our always-open high school ... Big game challenge Anderson: Bow-hunt for elk in rugged Montana is a challenge at 9,real cheap jordans retro,000... Crew wielding bows and determination takes on rugged public land in Montana podcast: access vikings Access Vikings: The Podcast Check out our weekly Vikings podcast, featuring Michael Rand and Matt Vensel. Conquering concussions After concussions,cheap jordans, ex-Gophers football star Ben Utecht fights not to... With new concussion treatment, Minnesota football star Ben Utecht is determined to remember what's ... Boudreau's journey Bruce Boudreau: A more storied career than most New Wild coach

CES ch


Cloud cheap jordans f

#287 von 2bg7s5uketa 07.12.2016 - 16:57
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Mt. Gox long had problems processing international wire transfers for people who wanted to cash out their bitcoins. On Feb. 7, it halted bitcoin withdrawals while investigating a security flaw called transaction malleability. Bitcoin software experts said Mt. Gox's highly customized code may have exacerbated that issue. Other bitcoin exchanges also temporarily suspended trading. With no explanation, Mt. Gox's website went blank on Feb. 25. It filed for bankruptcy three days later, with Karpeles accepting blame with a bow, a Japanese custom acknowledging failure.

Does this mean other exchanges are vulnerable to the malleability flaw too?

Transaction malleability,cheap jordans free shipping,


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year, which begins Oct. 1. Demand for the visas is expected to be brisk,?with the annual cap of 65,000 standard visas potentially being reached within a day or two. An additional 20,cheap jordans,000 H-1B visas are set aside for workers with advanced degrees from U.S. universities.


A spokesman for the IEEE-USA,cheap real jordans,?the political lobbying arm of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. said the Washington-based professional association would support the Durbin-Grassley legislation. The IEEE-USA has long sought reforms to the H-1B program.

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Down c

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findings of a paper about the research he co-wrote with fellow research Dinei Florencio.

The research found that about 0.4% of Web users per year give up information to phishing sites, though it is not clear how much money is being lost in those attacks,cheap jordans for sale, he said.

In an interview after his presentation, Herley said the challenge researchers have when determining how often phishing occurs is that compared to the number of people that use e-mail and surf the Web safely,cheap jordans online, phishing is a rare occurrence.

Tracking password reuse between sites is a logical way to try to determine phishing attacks because it mimics what happens when a user falls into a phishing trap, Herley said. When users are successfully phished, they will sign into a phishing site with the typical user name and password they would use if they actually were on the site being faked -- for example,cheap jordans, a Bank of America site. A phisher would immediately reuse that information to sign in to the banking site to gain access to the users account.

Phish Detective sends URL information to servers at Microsoft when users sign in with the same password at two different sites. Some of these sites are legitimate instances of reuse, since many Web users have the same password for more than one Web site they commonly visit. However, some are not,cheap air jordan shoes, and this is the activity used to detect phishing, Herley said.


It was easy to track which re-use seemed legitimate. For example,cheap jordans free shipping, when a user would sign in with the same password at eBay Inc. and then sign in to a Yahoo Mail account,cheap jordan shoes, Herley said. It was also fairly simple to determine when a password was

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,cheap jordan shoes

It's not your average company that can trace its origins back to a 19th-century Russian czar, but then,www.bcheapjordans.com, Sberbank is no average financial institution,cheap air jordans.

Established through a decree by Emperor Nikolai I in 1841,cheap jordans, Sberbank is Russia's oldest bank and has played a long and storied role in the nation's history. Today, with more than 16,000 branches in all 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation -- traversing 11 time zones -- it serves roughly 70 percent of the Russian population.

Therein lie the roots of the bank's very modern challenge.

Whereas once virtually all transactions were conducted in person during office hours and on bank premises,cheap jordans online, the arrival of the Internet turned that pattern on its head. No longer constrained by branch operating schedules or the on-site availability of bank officers,cheap-jordan.net, customer-service demands skyrocketed as consumer expectations extended 24/7.

To wit: Roughly a decade ago, Sberbank had to handle 30 or so transactions per second; today, it's more like 3,000 to 4,000 transactions, said Mikhail Khasin, the bank's senior managing director.

"The problem we faced is one that's common to any tier one bank in the world," Khasin said. "The development of digital channels over the last 10 to 15 years has resulted in a dramatic increase in workload."

'The systems couldn't cope'

Also contributing to the increase is the sheer number of transactions being executed. It's not so much that more money

Dealing www.bcheapjordans.com with VPNs on a Chromebook running Android apps_4

GE launches an IoT-foc...art move Computerworld_1

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by MIT professor of mechanical engineering Tom Sheridan,cheap real jordans, Mindell in an interview with MIT's Technology Review,cheap jordan shoes, said the level of automation in any given project can be rated on a scale from one to 10, but a higher level of automation doesn't necessarily lead to greater success.

"The digital computer in Apollo allowed them to make a less automated spacecraft that was closer to the perfect 5," Mindell told the Review. "The sophistication of the computer and the software was used not to push people out, but to give them true control over the landing."

As another example, Mindell cited commercial airliners, which have automated systems such as auto pilot and auto landing,jordans for cheap, but the aircraft still require highly trained pilots to manage those systems and to make critical decisions in real time.

Mindell said "it's reasonable to hope" that vehicles with autonomous features will help to "reduce the workload" of drivers in incremental ways in the future. But total automation,cheap jordan shoes, he said, is not the logical endpoint of vehicle development.
The cult of Tesla and technology

Tesla has a cult-like following among its vehicle owners, who rave about the quality and sophistication of the vehicles' telematics, handling,cheap real jordans, speed and,real cheap jordans retro, yes, Autopilot features.


A Tesla Model S owner posted a video of how he uses Autopilot on his commute each day. The video displays the driver properly using the technology some

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featured ,amassdenver.comBoris Renski, the always colorful CMO and co-founder of pure-play OpenStack service provider, Mirantis. The thrust of Renski's talk was that while the world is all ready to suggest that Amazon Web Services, the undisputed king of the public cloud, owns the cloud generally,cheap jordans for sale, the revenue that AWS drives,cheap jordan shoes, some $10 billion, is tiny in comparison to total IT spend. The crux of Renski's point was that this is very early days and there is still a massive opportunity for other cloud vendors, and other approaches to delivering the cloud.

All in all,cheap real jordans, the keynote was interesting,www.cheap-jordan.net, and it was good to see some customers also on stage. China Mobile,real cheap jordans retro, Walmart, the Volkswagen Group and AT&T all got some nice stage time. Many of my analyst colleagues at the event expressed disappointment that there was a lack of technical innovation at the event generally -- I actually disagree with that perspective. I have criticized OpenStack in the past for jumping on every new technology band wagon and failing to focus on delivering a credible and stable core service first. My take from this summit was that the foundation is focusing strongly on building the core robustness of the platform rather than clutching at technology straws.

In terms of the newer customer stories on stage, Liveperson was interesting, having changed their monolithic application into 150 discreet microservices running on OpenStack with Docker and Kubernetes on large virtual machines. TCP Cloud demoed its smart city offering that has been implemented in the Czech republic. While it was


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There is the inevitable liquid nitro smoke fuming around the tables at Marigold Kitchen. There is foam,cheap jordans, too, my favorite being a cloth-bound cheddar whipped to a pouf inside the miniature hollow of a fingerling potato skin. There are "ham bubbles" that pop over warm demitasses of silky cauliflower and white bean soups. Slideshow Marigold Kitchen: Delectable dishes beyond the razzle-dazzle Advertisment of Gallery: And there are a shocking number of chefs in the kitchen (sometimes 10!) working over nearly 800 little plates on a busy Saturday for the nightly tasting meals at this homey but wildly ambitious 46-seat BYOB in West Philadelphia. Some chefs swing mallets to smash frozen orbs of winter-spiced foam for the warm chocolate soup. Others use syringes to form multicolored, frozen "Dippin' Dots" that, in the mouth,cheap retro jordans, melt to vividly evoke gazpacho, or an autumnal tune of gorgonzola, cider, and bacon. Bubbles, foam, and smoke, of course, are the cliches of molecular gastronomy, the science-driven edge of contemporary cooking that, in my experience, too often distracts young chefs with shiny gadgets when they should just be thinking harder about harmonious plates. Marigold's Robert Halpern wasn't exactly one of those when he arrived here in fall 2009 as owner-chef, taking over from Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov. Halpern's early days were marked by plenty of solid dishes on the &agrave; la carte menus. But the Villanova native was still a chem-cooking novice - an unschooled chef who worked distinctly different kitchens at the Moosewood and Coyote Cafes,cheap real jordans, plus an internship at Alinea, and who was still finding his voice with avant-garde tools. He's not necessarily innovating here yet. But four years later, with Marigold recently abandoning a traditional menu for kitchen-directed $85 surprise tastings of 16 (or so) plates, it's clear that diners are in good hands. The 37-year-old and his young but enthusiastic staff have begun to come of age and find a voice. And a meal here finally feels like a destination experience greater than the sum of its culinary tricks. I can still taste the warm rush of liquid corn bursting from a single ravioli at an early October meal, its sweetness tinted with cumin salt. By my winter return, the center was butternut squash, with banana-flavored salt adding an unexpected tropical note. Such surprising tweaks were scattered throughout, like the dark chocolate tuilles that added bittersweet crunch to tiny foie gras cookie sandwiches. Or the pickled jalape&ntilde;os that sparked against the creamy richness of truffled mac 'n' cheese with peekytoe crab. Or the baguette-flavored ice cream that added a bread element to deconstructed panzanella. The intense labor that goes into transforming so many elements can have a reverse benefit. When an ingredient is left in its relatively natural state, like the Painted Hills filet mignon minced into luscious tartare, its pristine quality makes the dish's wink - a Dijon mustard ice cream - all the more effective. The most memorable course,cheap jordan shoes, though, unfolded before us in a multistage presentation that teased several senses. A jam jar filled with a dried porcini, red chile, a bay leaf, and a Japanese orchid petal was covered tableside in warm mushroom dashi and set to steep. Two aromatic minutes later,real cheap jordans retro, it was poured like a woodsy tea over a bowl of soy-cured hamachi sashimi. With a "forest" of exotic mushrooms perched like a still life on the bowl's rim

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