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year of a transparent side window to a black plastic shoes, a pair of old color again let distributing new vitality.
Because it is low to help, so the plastic window design shoes to black so that no longer seemed so white uppers,cheap air jordans free shipping_1000, it can set off a little bit, in fact it would be a new color up.
Shoes Highlights:
Pure / Although a pair from the first year of the redesigned new color shoes,cheap air jordans free shipping_10, but at first glance because it is the relationship between black and white,cheap jordans free shipping, it still is so old school.
Leather / Although there is no use litchi skin or suede, Nubuck special material, but to remaster standard shoe uses a premium grade leather, fine wrinkles tap will appear.
Black / red flame each other is black deployment, tongue,cheap air jordans free shipping_10,cheap air max, side window plastic shoes,cheap jordans for sale, heel, heel and laser Logo Design shark teeth are bottom with black, white and red in between very good form interaction.
Value of the collection: ★★
Tongue black, red lining Crochet, have to say this is a black and white