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Preparing for the 2002 finals Kobe Bryant, the zenith of Peter Pan moment, regardless of the ball or break even shot, every action so that people are confident that he is the Michael Jordan of successors.

Riley joked Dwyane Wade is 5cm shorter of Michael Jordan, he was once Jordan Brand's spokesperson.

Flourishing LeBron James naturally a big fan of Michael Jordan, although Nike Basketball has its branch launched a personal brand, and become Nike was founded 44 years ago the first sign of life superstar, but he still can not resist the charm of Jordan Brand.

Ron Artest has given himself renamed World Peace, but the style is still Tucao become the focus of the fans, the face of Michael Jordan is also true, but even the Great ribs severing the trapeze, still is his loyal fans.

Mariah Carey was a "Hero" not only touched Michael Jordan, but also the whole world sing cry, she helped the legend of an era drew to a successful close.

Outsize hip-hop king Jay-z also made no secret of Jordan Brand's favorite
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