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of movement. Even in recent years,cheap jordans_369, Anta acquisition was part of China’s business,cheap real jordans, Fila’s sales have not been much improvement.
Nike and Jordan brand Fila far from the plight, but also the potential risk of the United States is its own brand of “single-handedly cause” of. As the most renowned sports brand,cheap jordans free shipping, Nike, in addition to attention outside the technical design of the product itself, brand keen to “sell” fashion and popular culture.
Since 1990, Nike will rely on “cultural remodeling” approach developed in China. Initially,cheap jordans_822, it will be the West’s understanding of the sport, popular culture elements and the concept of consumption in developed countries, the entire market has not really started to move the motion of China. At the time,cheap jordans,cheap jordans_787, the respected brand concept of individual freedom, greatly cater to China’s first batch of young consumers with the trend of convergence. Nike’s brand image and to bring the cultural identity, so that the brand