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It is almost impossible to comprehend the scale of the Grenfell Tower block disaster. as the final death toll has yet to be calculated. My thoughts and prayers go out to them, and my gratitude to those volunteers and neighbours who so selflessly have helped.

The Prime Minister has said there will be a full public inquiry which will look into why this tragedy happened and what lessons can be learned from it,cheap authentic jordans,cheap real jordans.

That is the right thing to do,cheap jordan shoes,,cheap jordans free shipping, but the one thing it will not be able to look at is the way we provide social housing and how that could be improved.

The fate of Europe hangs on various elections over the next year or so. Attention focuses primarily on the imminent vote in the Netherlands and,,cheap jordans,cheap real jordans, more importantly,jordan shoes, on the subsequent one in France in April and May.

Recently, though,, it has looked as though September’s election in Germany could be interesting too,cheap wholesale jordans, as Mrs Merkel’s lead over the Left-leaning SPD, led by Martin Schulz, has been narrowing.

For the first time for many a year,cheap retro jordans,, it is readily possible to contemplate the end of the Merkel era. Could a major political change alter the course of German economic policy?

This would not be before time.

While most of Europe,cheap jordans online,,, including the UK,cheap authentic jordans, is grappling with seemingly intractable problems with the public finances, last week it was revealed that in 2016,cheap jordans for sale,cheap jordans free shipping,jordan shoes, Germany posted a budget surplus of 0.8pc of GDP,cheap jordans online,cheap jordans for sale, the largest since German reunification.

That may sound good but German workers haven’t...