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of therapy, they might have been able to make a success of their relationship.

Travis is fascinated by the ways in which popular psychology,Wholesale Celebrity Lace Wigs, whether talk shows or 12-step programs, shapes our contemporary understanding that all forms of unhappiness,Wholesale hair extensions, disappointment, and failed romantic liaisons are quasi-medical conditions that not only can but should be fixed. What struck me most powerfully in her sharp,Cheap Virgin Human, unsettling piece, however, was the fate of Wuthering Heights and texts like it. Did the advent of "recovery culture" mean that current and future generations might simply be losing the ability to understand authors like Brontë on their own terms? That a Brontëian world in which people cannot be "fixed" — in which fixing, as a human tendency, is not a "thing" and does not exist — might now be inconceivable to most Americans?

At the time, in 2001, this idea terrified me, because my research area is not the present but the past, and to me that past has always been intensely and passionately legible, audible, at times even palpable. Travis’s essay, and my foreboding about how past worlds were becoming incomprehensible to many readers, has come back to me with a vengeance recently.

In my American-literature

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